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Written December 11th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Recruiting Hotbed

Ken weighs in on the Ohio/Mich*gan recruiting battles-

Last week, there was an article of Massillon Washington H.S. student Gareon Conley committing to Ohio State. This comes after the lad decommitted from TSUN. Of course, this led to some back-and-forth in the comments, generally on the theme of “Ohio H.S. players who commit to play football at TSUN“. I decided to do some brief research to find out if it is ‘Much Ado About Nothing‘, or MAAN.

I thought I’d see if there were something in the profile of Ohio players going to University of Michigan (Michigan).  I used Rivals as my source and used the past six years as reference. I based the research on; number of players in Michigan’s signing class, number of players from Ohio, and how many of these Ohio H.S. players were offered by Ohio State. I used the signing classes of 2012-2007, inclusive.

For fun, because this is for fun, I compared Ohio H.S. players that signees with Michigan, that signed with Ohio State and those that had ‘cross-offers’. A cross-offer is where a high school player had offers from Michigan and Ohio State, but chose one or the other.

Below is a brief table, with notes, on the safari through Rivals:

The first three columns should be fairly self-explanatory; number of signees during the period, number of signees from Ohio and the percentage of Ohio signees to total signees.

Summary comments:

  • Almost 27% of Michigan’s signees were from Ohio while over 55% of Ohio State’s were from Ohio.
  • ŸFive of Michigan’s 37 Ohioans also had offers from Ohio State, but chose to go to Michigan. Conversely, thirty-two, or 86% of the Ohioans did not have an offer from Ohio State. More on that later.
  • ŸOf the 71 Ohioans signed by Ohio State, 26 (36%) also had offers from Michigan.
  • ŸOf the 31 players with dual Michigan/Ohio State offers, 26 (84%) chose to sign with Ohio State. Clearly, if you had an Ohio State offer, you were likely to sign with the Buckeyes. By a large margin.

During this signing period (2012-2007), I wanted to look at relative Rivals ratings between Michigan and Ohio State signees from Ohio. At first blush the rating difference, Michigan-3.3 stars and Ohio State -3.6 stars seems pretty inconsequential. As expected, combined 4-star and 3-star signees comprised the vast bulk for each university; 92% for Michigan and 93% for Ohio State. Peeling the onion reveals something a bit different. The table below shows the Rivals rankings and number of signees ranked for 2012-2007.

The number of 4* and 3* signees by Ohio State (35, 31 respectively) are fairly well divided. Meanwhile, Michigan’s signees (11, 23) are weighted to the lower end.

It’s quite possible that Michigan and Ohio State’s offers to Ohio high schoolers could be judged on type of talent coming out of high school and each university’s needs. It’s also quite possible, if not more likely, that the ‘not as good players’, based on Rivals rankings, did not get offers from Ohio State, but did Michigan.

Silver Bullet Points Takes A Meeting

Written May 30th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Somehow, we managed to avoid burning our eyebrows off during Monday’s festival of lighter fluid and are still able to get you thought hump day with the scoop across college sports.

Buckeye 411

  • You're gonna' want to jot this down

    Vested Interest- Hopefully you were able to check out our Monday series honoring Coach Tressel, particularly the articles from those who knew him on and off the field. What we missed, though, was the words of the man himself. Luckily, though, Doug Lesmerisis gave us an article tonight that did just that, as Tressel reflects on the last 12 months of change in his life. As you can imagine, though, there’s a lot of “Senator Speak”- polite words, nothing revealing… and to be honest, it made me miss him even more.
  • Say Seis- Today, the good folks at Athlon emailed us to let us know that they were releasing their pre-season rankings, and the Buckeyes came in at number six. Not in the conference, in the country. Sweeter still? A certain group of “Sun and blue” folks find themselves at number seven.  Check out the totality of Athlon’s coverage, and feel free to forward it to any mitten state friends you might have.
  • Getting Rank- Speaking of arbitrary numbers, Rivals updated their top 100 recruits in the country this morning, and lo and behold the Buckeyes find themselves with 4 in the top 50 and three in the top 20. Other B1G schools have two top 50 recruits combined, and no other school has three in the top 20.  Not that there’s not room for growth, but that’s yet another handy thing to send north via the interwebs.
  • That Being Said- All of you knuckleheads who have taken it upon yourself to act more childish than the young adults who do stupid things from their unformed prefrontal cortex… knock it the hell off.  You are SOOOOO not helping.
  • That Being Said, Part Deux- Illinois HS standout and rumored OSU lean Ethan Pocic gave his verbal to LSU today. You know what they say about the grass being tastier and all that.
  • Where Credit Is Due- Hats off to the Ohio State men’s tennis doubles pairing and women’s crew boat for winning national titles last weekend. I would have led with this earlier, but everyone knows that OSU is a tennis and crew school.
  • Speaking Of Boats- This news allows me to be among the last to link to this.

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