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Purdue (6-6, 3-5 Big Ten) vs. Oklahoma St (7-5, 5-4 Big 12)

Tuesday, January 1st, 12:00 EST, ESPNU Television

Wide receivers coach Pat Higgins will lead the Purdue Boilermakers into the Heart of Dallas Bowl to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys on January 1st. How in the world Purdue wound up in a New Years Day bowl game is beyond anyone’s comprehension, but I guess stranger things have happened.


We all know the Boilermaker story: Head Coach Danny Hope and his mustache were sent packing back on November 25th and former Buckeye assistant and Kent State head coach Darrell Hazell has assumed the post and will take control of the program on January 2nd. They come into the game with Robert Marve calling the signals of an offense that is inept at best yet somehow took the Buckeyes to overtime. Kawan Short is a legit star on the Purdue defensive line and is someone worth watching.


Oklahoma State comes into the game at 7-5 and if not for Mike Gundy’s team dropping its final two games and three of its final five, they would likely be in a much more prestigious bowl. Not that the Heart of Dallas isn’t prestigious and rich in tradition with it’s “Ticket City dot com Bowl” background, but I digress… Ok State comes in with a prolific passing attack led by quarterback J. W. Walsh and receiver Josh Stewart. An interesting stat: The Cowboys scored fewer than 30 points in just one game while going over 50 points four times.

We all witnessed the Purdue debacle in Ohio Stadium that resulted in Kenny Guiton leading a game tying touchdown drive that resulted in an overtime win. For some reason I don’t think that would happen twice. Oklahoma State can put up points, but they do it in the Big 12 where seemingly nobody believes in defense. An Ok State vs Ohio State game might have looked like “MACtion” on the scoreboard until the Silver Bullets settle in and adjust- although the last time they met it was pretty one sided.

On paper this looks like a Cowboy win all the way. But for some reason, every single BBC writer has selected Purdue (editors note… everyone but Jason selected TBPU). I trust their reasoning was similar to mine: The team responds knowing that new head coach Darrell Hazell is watching with a close eye and, again, who in the Big 12 plays any type of defense?

Let’s hope the Big Ten can score a win and kickoff New Years day on a good note!

Across The Web: Purdue

Written October 19th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Against our better sensibilities, we’ve turned once again to the gentlemen at Boiled Sports for a nice fireside chat about this week’s matchup. Not only are they experts on all things Black and Gold, but they also make a very very tasty s’more… win/win, as far as we’re concerned.


What is it about playing the Buckeyes that makes Purdue play that much better? Any chance we can get that voodoo doll back anytime soon?

No one finds it stranger than us that Purdue has often seemed to compete well with the Buckeyes, even when Purdue’s not very good. From Holy Buckeye to 2009, when Purdue isn’t getting bludgeoned by an angry Bucks team in C-bus, they’re usually putting a serious scare into them (see aforementioned 2002) or outright upsetting them (see 2000, 2004, 2009). Purdue oddly plays better against good OSU teams than it does against mediocre Wisconsin teams and middling Michigan teams. It makes about as much sense as it sounds, so we don’t have an explanation. But it’s worth remembering that those years I called out all required nearly superhuman efforts… in 2000 it was an unbelievable Drew Brees comeback, in 2004 it was a hobbled Kyle Orton comeback and in 2009 it was Ryan Kerrigan just deciding that he was an NFLer and he was going to manhandle and frighten Terrelle Pryor all day. Will any of those kinds of efforts happen Saturday? It’s always possible, but… no.

Someone said earlier in the year that Purdue is the Portland Trailblazers of the B1G, with Hummel, Marve, Bolden and now Mostert all suffering knee injuries over the past two years.  It’s not quite Iowa’s luck with running backs, but what’s going on in West Lafayette?

We’ve asked that many times, usually while crying and unable to sleep at 3 AM. Some can just be chalked up to bad luck – but what a lot of us find more alarming is how many recurrences of blown ACLs are happening. It’s an engineering school, after all, so shouldn’t somebody be able to figure out how to repair these things correctly?

Notre Dame is totally overrated, right? Am I right?

We definitely like to say ND is overrated whenever we can, but it’s hard to argue with them deserving credit this year. They’ve won the games on their schedule which, for a change, isn’t full of powder puffs. Starting with Navy and Purdue doesn’t look real stout in hindsight, but they’ve answered the bell every time they’ve needed to so far and as long as they get officials to whistle guys down before they cross the goal line in overtime, they should continue to do well.

The best (and only good) part about them making the BCS title game would be to see Alabama beat them by 30.

Might explain the success against the Buckeyes.

A number of folks are calling for Coach Hope to be replaced ASAP, and you did a great job addressing this earlier in the week. What is it about him that inspires a “Wait and see” attitude from you? It’s gotta be more than the mustache and the undefeated* record against the Buckeyes, right? Is it the energy ball?

We just don’t like being the pitchfork-wielders. Yes, it’s probably time for a change and we’ve said that, while not explicitly writing “FIRE HOPE!” But Danny Hope is a good man who we genuinely like. He’s not dirty, he loves being Purdue’s coach and he loves the players and they love him. There’s literally nothing not to like about the guy… other than that he’s not a very good football coach.

Purdue’s defensive front was identified as a strength for the Boilers early in the season, and there were some who said they had the best front four in the B1G.  Last week, though, they just couldn’t disengage from Wisconsin’s blatant holding and Montee Ball had a huge day. What needs to happen to get them back on track (after Saturday, that is). Read More

The Purdue Mystery

Written October 18th, 2012 by Tim Shoemaker

There are some things in sports that just don’t make sense. Purdue beating Ohio State in football is one of those things.

But don’t tell the Boilermakers (3-3, 0-2) that. Two of the last three times these teams have met, Purdue has come away with the victory.

Last year’s gut-wrenching 26-23 overtime loss to the Boilermakers sent the Buckeyes into a tailspin to finish the year as it was OSU’s first of four consecutive losses to close out the 2011 campaign.

Ohio State was 6-3 heading into the Purdue game a season ago. But Robert Marve’s 1-yard touchdown run on a quarterback sneak sent OSU into that downward spiral that saw the Buckeyes finish 6-7.

On paper, it seems every year that talent favors Ohio State in this matchup. This seems to be the case again this season. The Buckeyes have NFL talent at multiple positions, while Purdue may only have one or two NFL-caliber players on its roster.

To put it mildly, the Boilermakers are struggling. Back in week two, Purdue lost by only a field goal in South Bend to Notre Dame. Even though they suffered a loss, the Boilermakers gained some confidence from that game. Purdue then went on to win its next two contests against Eastern Michigan and Marshall, respectively.

The Boilermakers were sitting at 3-1 and, with Ohio State and Penn State ineligible, seemed at the time like they could represent the Leaders Division in the B1G Championship Game.

Then the wheels fell off of the Boilermakers’ train.

Purdue was blown out at home by both Michigan (44-13) and Wisconsin (38-14).

The Buckeyes haven’t exactly been putting on a clinic either, especially defensively. But, they have yet to suffer a loss after seven games.

Ohio State seems to have the advantage again. But, one of my favorite cliches in all of sports is “that’s why they play the game.”

Ohio State should have no problem with Purdue this weekend, but you can never be certain in this wacky sports world.

And I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot this year, but there’s one huge difference with this Ohio State team and the ones of previous years.

Urban. Meyer.

Boilers Upset Buckeyes 26-23 in Overtime

Written November 12th, 2011 by Eric

The Buckeyes visited West Lafayette today to do battle with the Purdue Boilermakers with the Big Ten Championship game still on the line.  The Boilers, however, had something to say about OSU’s championship aspirations as they took the Buckeyes to overtime to secure the 26-23 victory.  Braxton Miller threw 8-18 for 132 yards and two touchdowns on a day when the OSU running game simply struggled to get going.  Boom Herron accounted for 62 yards on the ground compared to Ralph Bolden’s 80 yards and a touchdown.

Ohio State started the game with the football but struggled a bit.  After whiffing on the kick catch in the endzone, the Bucks went to Dan Herron twice for a modest gain.  On third down, Braxton Miller tried to hit an open receiver over the middle.  The ball was tipped down field into the arms of Jake Stoneburner who wasn’t able to haul it in despite several chances due to some great defensive work by the Purdue coverage.

The Boilermakers were quite the opposite of the Buckeyes.  Using a series of screens and runs, Purdue smartly moved the ball down the field.  They managed to get the ball inside the five with a first down, but were unable to punch the ball into the endzone.  The Buckeye defense had managed to stiffen, and a nice play from Bradley Roby at the goal line to bat a pass away forced Purdue to take three on the short field goal. Read More

Across The Web: Purdue Boilermakers

Written November 11th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Our weekly visit with “enemy” bloggers comes to a screeching halt in front of the palatial mansion that houses the Boiled Sports braintrust- greatest building in the city limits, since they tore the West Lafayette Women’s Clinic down. The fellers were good enough to not kick us off of their porch, and instead gave us time for a little Q&A. Be sure to check out our side of the story over at their one stop spot for all things Boilertastic.

After Boiling the Zooks for Homecoming, Purdue has dropped two straight. What do you sense is the attitude of the team as the season enters it’s last month?

Hey. Let's do... stuff.

We think the team — the players, especially — has shown remarkable resiliency. We’ve seen teams nearly quit in the past or roll over or look scared and that’s one thing Danny Hope has going for him — these guys don’t seem to fear anyone. Which, frankly, is more than we can say for the coaching staff, who seem to get conservative at weird times and play not to lose, etc. The Illinois game is a good example — Purdue looks quick, dominant, fresh, prepared, etc., and races out to a 21-0 lead, doing many things right, few things wrong and seemingly turning a corner. Then in the second half they managed only three first downs, two of which came on the same drive. And why? It wasn’t the players decided the game was over — it was ludicrously scared play-calling.

The team doesn’t back down, though, as I said and despite being slapped around in Ann Arbor and Madison, we still saw our corners locking up with WRs and jawing after the play, for example. They may not be winning, but they’re not scared, and we sort of like that. Hey, you have to like something these days.

Two years ago, the Boilermakers defeated Ohio State in a game that has since been known as “Purdue Harbor” (when it is known at all).  What does Purdue have to do to make this Saturday “Purdue Harbor 2″? Read More

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