Urban Meyer Update

Written November 17th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Several sources have informed Buckeye Nation this evening that Urban Meyer is almost a certainty to be the next head coach at Ohio State University.

Headed Home?

Again, this is just a rumor at this point. But the timeline for this news seems to be pretty solid, not including the emails and phone calls we’ve been a part of over the past few hours. Take a gander:

So this is where we currently stand. There are still a number of questions to be answered, primarily “Is this accurate?” If it is, though, we will still need to discover the following pieces of information:

  • What will be the NCAA’s final ruling on the ongoing investigation, and how might this effect any coaching search?
  • What are the final numbers regarding salary, tenure, etc.?
  • What will the future coaching staff look like? Will any current Buckeyes be retained?

On this last point- there have been whispers for a while now that Coach Fickell would be glad to stay on board at Ohio State, should he not be retained as head coach and should the new administration extend that offer. There is even speculation that Coach Fickell might be kept on as a “Assistant Head Coach” or “Head Coach In Waiting”- obviously having Urban Meyer as the new head man might strengthen those ideas (given his health concerns and the desire to find better balance between his personal and professional life).

So for now, we wait.  Don’t be surprised to have a number of sources refute this for the next several days, or even if the agreement changes and/or dissipates. We’ve seen that before in major coaching searches, with even solid sources being off base.

But for now, this is where we are: Sources are pointing to Urban Meyer returning to Columbus as the next head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Ohio State’s Newest Coach- Stan Drayton?

Written January 19th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

With the departure of Coach Hazell to the helm of the Kent Flashes program, the Buckeyes have been looking for a replacement as the Wide Receivers coach since their Sugar Bowl victory.

Coach Drayton

Tuesday, rumors started swirling that a leading candidate has emerged in the person of Stan Drayton. Drayton, you might remember, was the running backs coach on two occasions under Urban Meyer at Florida, and also the RB coach at Tennessee. His resume also includes tenure with the Green Bay Packers, Bowling Green, and the Syracuse Orange.

In none of his stops, though, was he involved specifically with the wide receivers; an apparent concern given the position he’s allegedly assuming at Ohio State. However, it should be remembered that current DB coach Taver Johnson’s resume was primarily with linebackers- so a switch may be possible and fruitful.

Originally from the Cleveland area, Drayton brings with him a reputation as a dynamic recruiter, as he was responsible for the Gator’s recruiting efforts. He coached NFL stars Jerious Norwood, and Brian Westbrook, in addition to being responsible for a Gator running attack that out gained the 10 of 12 opponents during his first stint as Florida’s running backs coach (2005). While in college, he was an Division 3 All American for three years while at Allegheny College, where he still holds numerous rushing records.

If you can manage to look past the orange and blue gear, here’s video of Coach Drayton talking with the media following training camp this past season:

If Coach Drayton is indeed the latest edition to the coaching staff, it will be interesting to see if a possible move from Tennessee and Florida to Ohio State would result in his coaching becoming slower and more plodding.

Again, this is merely the type of speculation that fills the off-season for college football- the position remains open until the 23rd of this month should one of our intrepid readers wish to toss their hat in the ring.

Is This Goodbye?

Written September 4th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Happier Days...

Speculation  from Ann Arbor seems to indicate what we’ve talked about before: Our favorite Wolverine may not be long for the program.

“All you need to know is I’m out.” – Tate Forcier

Less than a minute had passed since the Michigan football team beat Connecticut, 30-10, in the season opener and sophomore quarterback Tate Forcier appeared to make his decision.

Through his words and his body language, he had no interest in remaining at Michigan. When asked if he had a minute, he responded with those eight words.

While it’s not sure what this might mean, given the earlier speculation, the frustrations about his participation and leadership during the offseason, his potential academic issues, and other factors it may not be long before we see last year’s “QB savior” on another team’s sidelines.

If true, I hope he has as much success as other recent transfers; even if it makes this a whole lot less relevant.

UPDATE: According to Tate’s dad, there’s no transfer in the works.

“This is a good growing experience from this. The way I see it, it’s a long season. We knew disciplinary action was coming.” – Mike Forcier

As people who watch football on TV and write on the ebays, we’ll never know the ins and outs behind the scenes in these situations. Tressel has handled things in-house in the past, so it’s not beyond belief that this could be a response to something else and not a permanent demotion.

However, it would be unfortunate if the decision to limit his playing time was somehow connected to participation (or lack thereof) in off-season workouts. You know, given the circumstances.

Rumors: Conference Divisions

Written September 1st, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Lots of rumors swirling today, including those about conference divisions for 2011.

What we’re hearing is as follows (from 97.1 FM in Columbus, FWIW):

  • MSU, TTUN, Neb, NU, Iowa, Min
  • OSU, Wis, IL, IU, PSU, PU

Reports are also that The Game will remain a protected rivalry, and will be played on the last weekend of the season.

Again, nothing definitive as of yet… The official announcement will be this evening at 7 PM on the Big Ten Network.

UPDATE: ESPN is reporting the same.

Speaking of rumors

Written August 19th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Today, a “TV Host and Sports Broadcaster” tweeted that our favorite Wolverine quarterback has… well, in her words (now deleted, with lots of backpedaling):

Very reliable source telling me Tate Forcier requested a transfer from #Michigan this AM. NOT yet confirmed, will update as I know more.
2 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

I’ll leave it up to you to assess her credibility. May be awkward at work.

Another Michigan journalist with a longer history of covering Wolverine football also posted that he had talked to Tate’s dad (Mike), and that the rumor doesn’t seem plausible.

Again, none of this confirmed… but it would be a shame if it happened before I could even find out what the over/under was.

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