Shots From the Shoe: FAMU

Written September 22nd, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
Win the toss, three and out. Long day

Win the toss, three and out. Long day

I like noon games about half as much as Coach Meyer does, which seems to be none at all! First and foremost it is probably very difficult to get up and get prepared for a noon game, even at home in #TheShoe, but the fans have issues as well. Most of the tailgating on the day lasted longer than the game itself and most fans came late and left early.

About the only thing that went right for FAMU was the coin toss. They called it and won and chose to receive the football. I am guessing they maybe thought momentum was on their side after this monumental victory.

As everybody knows, the game was a blow out from the start and the “ol right hander” stole the show yet again by setting a new school record for TD passes in a game with six.

Kenny Guiton took the opportunity to hone up on his targeting skills and even found a wide open(by 90 yards one fan tweeted) Evan Spencer in the back of the end zone.

While the fans were leaving and headed back to their tailgating, TBDBITL took the opportunity to hone up on their swag skills. Read More

Behind Enemy Lines: Bucks Conquer Berkeley

Written September 16th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye
California Dreamin'

California Dreamin’

In lieu of “Shots From The ‘Shoe” this week, here’s what the day was like for Ohio State fans as the team was on the road. We’ve covered the ins and outs on the field, this is more of a travelogue from gameday.

Seemingly like the rest of Buckeye Nation, I made the trek north to the Bay Area for an amazing weekend of college football. I actually hesitate to call this “Behind Enemy Lines”, as Berkeley seemed to have turned into Columbus west for the better part of Friday and Saturday.

The atmosphere was energized… a gorgeous fall day, the fog burned off around 11:30 or so and we spent the afternoon in sun and temperatures around the high 70s. Even from blocks away, you could tell that Ohio State fans would be well represented in the newly renovated Memorial Stadium.

As you may have heard, Cal is not configured for much “tailgating” in the traditional sense. I guess they’d much rather have another organic chai shop than creating accessible parking that the pre-game festivities would require. Nevertheless, folks found a way.


On Friday, I’d gone by famous Telegraph Avenue with the wife to do some shopping in Berkeley’s well known music and book stores. I chose to “blend in” by wearing my tie-dyed shirt… Buckeye specific, of course. It didn’t take long for me to get severa “O!H!” greetings, as well as a “F***the Buckeyes!” from a moron in blue and gold. Must have been a Michigan exchange students.

Saturday, it was good to see that someone else had my incredible fashion sense. Read More

Shots From The Shoe: SDSU

Written September 8th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
Juice, Juice, Juice Thank you Mekka!

Juice, Juice, Juice
Thank you Mekka!

On gamedays, many fans don’t get the full experience around the stadium and actually in the crowd. So, I started this feature a couple years ago and enjoyed doing it in an independent blog before joining tBBC to give readers a taste of Columbus Saturdays

It really never gets boring because there is always some good things to talk about and/or take pics of. As my good friend Gary eluded to yesterday, I may have been lazy, until I heard the #Juice

Most games have a lot of exciting things going on to keep peoples attention during tailgating and whatever may be taking place inside the stadium before the gates open. Yesterday was no such day. Due to a very late arriving tailgating and attending the game crowd I will just bore you with what I saw and remembered to take a pic of with my trusty iPhone.

The day started off great getting to walk up and spend some time at the DRIVEN tent talking to Roy Hall and Josselyn Temko at their fancy new digs reminded me its time to get back into the groove of doing our part to help out. Roy’s organization is one of the fastest growing and most helpful I’ve been involved in. Please do your part, become a part of the Impact Team  and visit DRIVEN and do what you can. Read More

Shots From The ‘Shoe: Buffalo

Written September 1st, 2013 by Patrick
And So It Begins

And So It Begins

We’re lucky to have several staffers who have either gameday assignments at Ohio Stadium or season tickets. After each home game, we’ll get you some quick thoughts “from the cheap seats”.

As I awoke around 3:30am Saturday morning, my excitement for what the day held overtook my desire and need to go back to sleep.  It would be three short hours until I’d begin my two hour journey south to Columbus.  As I arrived in Columbus with my family and friends and plotted our route from the Ackerman lots to our traditional stop at Conrads for our game day “beat Buffalo” buttons and then on to the Skull Session, I found myself with a sense of joy and giddiness knowing the 2013 Buckeye season was less than three hours away.

We took our seats at St John’s Arena and begin our annual bet of who’s going to speak before Urban at the Skull Session.  The guesses ranged from Jordan Hall to Corey Linsley to Christian Bryant.  We were all wrong as Garret Goebel grabbed the mike and began to get the crowd ready.   As he handed the mike to Urban after speaking, I thought to myself, will he tie in something regarding “the journey” of which he spoke of many times last year.  He didn’t disappoint ending by talking about “a new journey begins today”!

We made our way over to The Shoe, on to Buckeye Grove and back around to enter in the rotunda.  The crowd seemed excited and the music was booming from the loud speakers.  We made the long winding climb up to C-deck level and then what seemed to be the even longer climb to our row 36 seats in 10C.  We were shortly joined by many Buckeye fans and much to our joy, a row of Buffalo fans topped off by a gentleman who claimed to have played for Buffalo donning a Michigan hat.  As kickoff grew closer, fans chatted about great expectations and the excitement of seeing players like Dontre Wilson, Ezekiel Elliot, and Joey Bosa as well as the improved passing of Braxton Miller.  The Bulls fans joked of cheering for settle things such as getting the play off on time, completed passes, and holding Buckeye plays to under 7 yards an attempt.  Little did we know what was about to ensue.  As pregame festivities began, we were treated to a double script Ohio by The Best Damn Band In The Land. Read More

Shots from the Shoe – The Game

Written November 25th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

What a long and full day of excitement. Nothing will ever replace or beat my experiences in 2002(I don’t think), but this came very close to being as enjoyble.

There was so much happening after THE Game in 2002 that really the best part that I remember is being on the field with 100,000 screaming fans. I still look at the picture from time to time to play Where’s Waldo and find me. Yesterday will go down as the best day for THE Game because I got to spend it with some good friends and some awesome fans in my section.

Being two hours away and knowing the traffic would be ridiculous, I had to get up at 4:45 to head to meet Gary, Robby and Jerry in Zanesville. We got to our usual lot without any fanfare but we just missed the mayhem. We walked over to Lane Avenue as we usually do to pick up some drinks and a snack or two and saw this ugly thing on the way.

Stink Weasels Equipment truck

I gave our fearless leader (Mali) a call to see where he was and as fate would have it, he was only about a block away so we met up with him for a few minutes. After seeing him for the first time ever, we went into the 7/11 and got drinks for the brunch that we have with other ushers on D-Deck before the last game of the season. It’s always good food and fun. We headed up the avenue to see Roy and Maurice and check out the DRIVEN tent and see how things were going. Ran into Mali again with his wife, brother Scott, and a friend.

Roy Hall, Scott, Maurice Clarett and Mali

Heading back to the stadium for the brunch and to man our posts, I must say I was not surprised with the traffic but was surprised the area between St. Johns and the Shoe was like a ghost town. Very few booths set up and not at all very many people. The line had started for the Skull session but that was the extent of the crowd around 9am. Read More

Shots From the Shoe – Illinois

Written November 4th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

Huge and wonderful American Flag

No company with me on the drive up and the chance to think long and hard about just how much I despise the Illini brought back some bad memories. Mostly it’s just the fans and some past players but specifically it was the happenings after they upset us in 2007.

We were the #1 team in the country and were rolling through the season when Juice came to town and wrecked the season. At the end of that game after having a day to forget on offense, the Illini went to the center of the field and danced on the Block O. A fight ensued and it made a bad night worse.

Saturday, all I could think about was beating them to a pulp and washing that nasty taste out of our mouths and moving on in convincing fashion. I got there early enough to swing by and say hello to all of the wonderful people that work the DRIVEN tent at every home game and head back to the stadium to assume my post.

The day was also going to be boring because neither Gary or his brother in law Rob would be there to joke around with and enjoy the sights. As I walked into the stadium I got to see the huge American Flag that they were going to use during the Star Spangled Banner. An amazing flag, you can see it takes up quite a bit of the field!
The Buckeyes struggled through the first quarter just as we all have become accustomed to. I am of the belief now that it is simply that this team doesn’t mind giving it’s prey what amounts to a five second head start. We are starting to see that there may not be a better one-two punch in the B1G than Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde and they are the top of the list nationally.

Prior to halftime, I had been joking around with tBBC creator about how warm he was in the press box and he joked back that I forgot to mention the free McFlurry’s he gets as well. I waited until the right opportunity to butt in on one of his other conversations and said “I guess this means you won’t bring me a free McFlurry?” LOL

As i was immersed into something interesting on my phone I saw out of the corner of my eye that someone had approached me and was waiting for me to look up. As I did look up I saw this . . .

Thank you for the McFlurry Jeff!!!

Thank you to Jeff for giving me my best laugh of the day. It also made me realize that I should be very careful of the way I challenge him as well!

The free McFlurry was the second best part of the day as the Buckeyes rolled over the Illini, and for all intents and purposes, Coach Meyer was sending his good friend a message when he sent Kenny G in to run the O. They are going to score with their back -ups in and ‘it’s nothing personal Coach Beckman’.

I have to take my hat off to Coach Beckman, he handled the press conference pretty well. He was comlimentary to the Buckeyes and how special Braxton Miller is. He also went a long way in convincing his fans he is the right man for the job because he knows what the future holds for his team. If he can get through the season and survive, he will build a nice program over in Champaign.

The Buckeyes won by 30 yesterday and did a lot of good things to help me forget about 2007. Here’s to a week off and then off to Madison to kick some more Badger tail! Go Bucks!

Shots from the Shoe – 106,120

Written October 7th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

It’s amazing isn’t it? That in the history of the stadium, and all of the great match-ups that have taken place there, it took the last time we’ll see Nebraska until 2017 to set a new attendance record over the likes of TTUN, Texas and USC. I am sure homecoming and the fact that there were a lot of former players in attendance made the difference for this game between two of college football’s most storied programs peeked their interest.

I have always enjoyed the night games in Ohio Stadium and have always had a good time being there all day for them. I didn’t have to be in the stadium until 5:00pm this time and was bringing my son Philip with me so I took the opportunity to help out at the Driven Foundation tent.

While there I had the chance to hang out with and talk to Roy Hall and Maurice Clarett again. We had some awesome visitors on the day and met some wonderfully giving people who have become good friends of the foundation now. The future of Ohio State football’s backfield happened by in Ezekiel Elliot and he and Maurice gave me a great past and future photo op.

Future star Ezekiel Elliot and past star Maurice Clarett

While we are on the subject of past Buckeyes, Stanley Jackson stopped by for a good while and it gave me a chance to get my wife a great gift in an autographed #8 jersey and to get a picture for her. Stanley is a great guy and spent a good part of the afternoon texting with my wife on my phone! He was recently appointed to the State Board of Education by the Governer and I wish him the best of luck in his new job. Read More

Shots from the Shoe – UAB

Written September 23rd, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

The day started off great getting an opportunity to meet up with Roy Hall again and bringing Gary Russell with me. This time I made sure that we got a picture worth displaying as my Twitter AVI. Big thank you to Roy for humoring us and taking part in O-H-I-O. Gary, Rob, and I have taken opps to get some neat ones and this might be our favorite.

Robby - Roy Hall - myself and Gary Russell

Spent the bigger part of the morning watching videos and talking with some fans and ultimately getting chastised by tBBC’s own Eric for saying the videos were the best part of pregame. He said it was a fail because everyone knows that TBDBITL is the best part of pregame and I recovered nicely by pointing out the videos were the best part before the Alumni version of TBDBITL hit the field. I jokingly said 1,000 strong and it appeared I wasn’t far off.

500 plus of TBDBITL and Alumni

There isn’t a whole lot more that I can say about the days events that hasn’t been said by the experts” but here I go. Each of the first four teams that we have played spent an obvious large amount of time preparing for the Buckeyes. At one point and time I tweeted a pic of the strange defense the Blazers were running.

It appears they were running a wide spread three man front and at times the ends were standing up . They pretty much brought the house each time to try and get the Buckeyes into throwing the ball more. As fate would have it the Buckeyes needed a great drive to go up by two scores and win the game.

Funky three man front D by the Blazers

Not that my opinion is of any great value, but it appears to me that Coach Meyer has kept his offense and defense very vanilla in an attempt to challenge his team even more before the B1G starts. In three straight games now we have seen the team just flip a switch (Braxton) and move right down the field and score. Today they made the one series look very effortless and undefendable.

I for one and pleased with the results thus far and am excited for the start of the conference slate. For a couple weeks I don’t have to worry about getting to bed late from officiating on Friday and getting up at 5 a.m. to get to Columbus. The Buckeyes are on the road against Sparty next week in a 3:30 affair and the following week the Cornhuskers come to town in a nighttime match-up.

Have a great week! Go Bucks!