tBBC Spotlight: DRIVEN Basketball Event

Written May 6th, 2014 by WVaBuckeye

I have a lot of things to be thankful for in my life, wonderful wife; three great kids; an awesome new grandson; good job with stability; and my God given ability to put air in my lungs! I have also been blessed with Roy Hall coming into my life and making DRIVEN a part of it.

I am being a bit biased about the work that they do because I have had the opportunity to participate in the events they put on by officiating. Whether it be flag football, which is pretty low contact, or the current basketball tour it’s doing, much more contact than football(go figure), I enjoy seeing the effect that Roy and Antonio Smith are having on people.

I worked the first flag football game which ended up being on a cold, misty day that it effected attendance greatly. I still remember thinking that I hope and pray it won’t always be this way for these events. That’s the beauty of having two men who haveĀ great faith in their God to take care of those who need their help.

In just a short couple of years DRIVEN has grown tremendously and to the point that a little basketball game in Crooksville, Ohio a few weeks ago raised that incredible bar. The pre-game meal was huge and the gym was packed for a highly competitive game, that more importantly raised an astounding 23,000+ for the charities involved.

nickThat was the answer from prayers, get other charities involved, do what they can to benefit the community they’re playing the game in and really bring people in. One of the first basketball games was held at Marysville last year ad I got to work that game as well. On a day where there were some other things going on, people came in the evening and had a great time. But, nowhere near the time the fans who attended last Saturdays event did, as a great crowd attended the game and helped cheer on Antonio Smith’s team to victory. The theme for the game was “You’ve Come Too Far, To Give Up Now”. Read More

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