What do you Want to see on Saturday? Skunk Weasel Edition

Written November 23rd, 2012 by Eric


Focused on the goal.

Rattle the QB.No matter who is under center, turn the Silver Bullets loose early and get them rattled. Neither has faced a D, save for Alabama, that will provide the pressure and coverage the Buckeyes will. John Simon tied an Ohio State record for sacks in a game last week, and he’s hungry for more.

Make Them Guess. Here’s to the coaching staff coming up with a great game plan. I want TTUN guessing every play, where we are going with the football. Maybe Braxton’s bad day in Madison was due to sandbagging or by him thinking about this weeks game. Hard to avoid looking ahead to an opportunity to right a previous wrong. Buckeyes kept up with a better Wolverine squad last year and just fell short. Time for The Reckoning II(Thanks Jason L.)

Take It Back. It being the Rivalry. Remind them who has been in charge in recent history. The Buckeyes have an opportunity to show the world that last year was a one year event. Most thought it may have been a couple years before things got back to normal with respect to the Buckeyes being in charge.Urban Meyer has let everyone know just how important this week is to him.


Bring the noise. The Buckeyes are 11-0. This is the last game of the season, our bowl game. It is The Game. It’s TTUN. If you’re there, make the floor vibrate.

Line dominance. Offensive and defensive lines can win this this game. Defense move the line of scrimmage, offense move some people.

Feed Carlos. Get Carlos Hyde involved early and often. Let him soften that defense up and create options for Braxton Miller.

The Reckoning. Last season we took their best shot with one of our weakest teams and still almost pulled out a win up in Ann Arbor. All the while Denard Robinson pranced around arrogantly and made his “eat” motions. It’s time to ease the pain of that afternoon and get some payback.

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