2012 Capital One Bowl: South Carolina -vs- Nebraska

Written January 1st, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

The cavalcade of college football continues with our newest besties from Lincoln.

The Basics: Tuesday, January 2, 2012, 1:00 PM EST on ESPN, from Orlando. Nebraska (9-3, 5-3 B1G) and South Carolina (10-2, 6-2 SEC).

Footballs And Palm Trees

History: If this is finally the Capital One bowl, can we get the “Capital One Bowl Week” commercials to stop now? This SEC/BIG matchup has seen PSU/LSU in 2009 and MSU/Bama in 2010… and now those two SEC teams are now in the BCS game. Proud.

South Carolina: The year started out with high expectations, but the loss of running back Marcus Lattimore derailed that a bit- although they’re still averaging 198 yards per game on the ground. Their defense is only giving up 18.8 points a game, thanks in part to the most awesome high school athlete I’ve ever seen being a freshman on the Gamecock defensive line. They barely lost to Auburn, were blown out by Arkansas, and ended the season with a huge victory over Clemson. Oh, and they’re also currently under NCAA investigation and stuff; but I’m guessing you’ll never hear anything about that on eSECpn’s coverage of this match up.

Nebraska: We’re all too familiar with the Children of the Corn, although this version will be somewhat different since Carl Pelini now is a big fan of the state of Florida. Big Red is 14th in the country in rushing yardage, thanks to the two headed attack of Taylor Martinez and Rex Burkhead… however, Martinez’ leadership has only accounted for 166.6 yards of total offense. Their biggest win, unfortunately, was against the Buckeyes… they were blown out in Ann Arbor. Work with me, won’t you?

Fun Facts. We’re not going to talk about the last time each team met Ohio State… instead, let’s remind everyone that this game culminates the super awesome Capital One Mascot Challenge, which is probably more exciting to some folks than to others. While we’re at it, can we also acknowledge who the most talented member of Capital One’s commercial campaign is?

Who we got?

  • Chris – Huskers
  • Eric – Huskers
  • Jim – Huskers
  • Mali – Like I have a choice
  • JoeL – Huskers
  • JoeD- ‘Cocks

Picks for the Weak: Week 2

Written September 9th, 2011 by Joe Dexter


You're WEAK if you picked Notre Dame in Week 1 - Brian Kelly

There ain’t no thunderstorm bright enough, ain’t no rain storm long enough, ain’t no computer smart enough –to keep me from helping you weaklings! Week 1 is in the books, and though I finished sub .500 in the first week of our picks, I am spry and ready to prove that Week two is my week!

Okay, so finishing 4-5 wasn’t so bad in our first round of games. Considering TCU was a lock ( son of a). Notre Dame never loses in week one right?? (Fight this Irish) I thought Ducks fly together? I guess not when you spread em’ out in Dallas.

Breakdown of Week 1:

So just how ugly was it in the very first analysis for our panel? If your name starts with an E and ends with @tBBC then you’re smilin’ this week.  If you’re the dope that writes this article, then you are just happy you tied the computer! Apparently anyone named Joe is a week 1 WEAKLING. Here is a look at this week’s results.

Experts (David Fox/Yahoo!): 7-2

Eric: 6-3

Mali: 5-4

Jim: 5-4

Joe D: 4-5

Computer: 4-5

Joe L 3-6

Props going to David Fox, for boldly picking Baylor over the favored Horned Frogs. He said it in the interview, this defense has a lot of work to do. Fox’s only lost came from Notre Dame and Oregon.

Eric went toe-for-toe, but chose TCU instead of Baylor. Let’s just say he has been wishing bad things upon the Bears all week. Don’t worry Eric, the whole panel was. The Bulls and Bears swept the panel in week 1.  Eric says this is a true sign from the football gods that TCU belongs in the Big East.

And well, with the Irish, we are used to this by now aren’t we?

The panel got back on track with sweep wins by selecting Oklahoma over Tulsa and Mizzou over Miami (OH).

Week Two Analysis:

Speaking of those Wacos, this week’s guest writer Lisa Horne of Fox Sports.com and I discuss Big Ten and SEC expansion and the Big 12′s role in it to open things up. Lisa then helps us break down Michigan/ND (EWW), Arizona State/Missouri, Auburn/Mississippi State and Wisconsin/Oregon State with us. A very solid interview with Lisa, as she brings us her great football knowledge. And yes, she chose Michigan, but what else was she supposed to do? Take Notre Dame?

Picks of the Weak: Week 2 With Lisa Horne by The Buckeye Battle Cry

Now it’s time to get to the Games!

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Pregame glance: South Carolina

Written December 17th, 2010 by Jay

This weekend the Ohio State men’s basketball team will compete in their third “big” game of the season as they play host to the South Carolina Gamecocks.  Coming off a blowout victory over Florida Gulf Coast, the Buckeyes will need to be focused to overcome an aggressive SC team.  A win over the Gamecocks would take Ohio State to 10-0 on the season and further strengthen our claim as one of the elite teams in the country.


School: University of South Carolina
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Founded: 1801
Student Population: 29,597
School Type: Public
Division: NCAA
Conference: Southeastern Conference
Stadium: Colonial Life Arena
Seating: 18,000
Built: 2002
Head Coach: Darrin Horn
Year: 3rd

Dallas will need to be on his game and hit the boards hard

South Carolina will be looking to improve on their own strong record, as they currently stand at 7-1.  Their lone loss came to Michigan State early in the season in a hard-fought game, so there’s little doubt that the Gamecocks are an opponent to be reckoned with.  Other highlights on the season thus far include a double-overtime win over Western Kentucky and a victory over rival Clemson earlier in December.

Despite being from a major conference, South Carolina’s basketball resume is somewhat limited historically.  They only have eight NCAA Tournament appearances and one SEC championship (1997) to their name, although they did win the NIT in both 2005 and 2006, indicating that the program has not exactly been a cupcake year-to-year.  Much of the school’s basketball success occurred years ago, particularly in the 60′s and 70′s under coach Frank McGuire.  Current coach Darrin Horn led the team to a 21-win season in his first campaign, but failed to build upon the strong initial outing, going 15-16 last season.

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