Ohio State 2012 Spring Game Rosters Announced

Written April 19th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye
Today, the results of this year’s 6AM draft for Saturday’s Spring Game were announced… here’s what the teams will look like.

Team Scarlet

  • Head Coach – Tom Herman
  • Assistant Coaches – Everett Withers, Mike Vrabel, Tim Hinton
  • Game Captains – Zach Boren and Jack Mewhort
  • QBs- Braxton Miller, Justin Siems
  • OL- Darryl Baldwin, Reid Fragel, Marcus Hall, Eric Kramer, Corey Linsley, Jack Mewhort, Tim Trummer
  • RBs- Carlos Hyde, Rod Smith
  • FB- Zach Boren
  • TEs- Jeff Heuerman, Derek Burkholder, Nick Vannett
  • WRs- Chris Fields, Frank Kangah, Ryan Ross, Evan Spencer, Michael Thomas, Tyrone Williams
  • DL- Michael Bennett, Logan Beougher, Chase Farris, Joel Hale, Johnathan Hankins, William McCary, J.T. Moore, Se’Von Pittman, Kharim Stephens
  • LBs- Connor Crowell, Storm Klein, Ryan Shazier, Stewart Smith
  • DBs- C.J. Barnett, Christian Bryant, Doran Grant, Zach Domicone, Travis Howard, Vincent Petrella, Ron Tanner, Julian Vann, Jamie Wood
  • K/P- Drew Basil, Kyle Clinton, Kevin Niehoff
  • LS- Bryce Haynes

Team Gray

  • Head Coach – Luke Fickell
  • Assistant Coaches – Kerry Coombs, Ed Warinner, Stan Drayton, Zach Smith
  • Team Captains – Etienne Sabino and John Simon
  • QBs- Kenny Guiton, Cardale Jones
  • OL- Ivon Blackman, Brian Bobek, Jacoby Boren, Tommy Brown, Taylor Decker, Andrew Norwell, Ben St. John, Antonio Underwood
  • RBs- Bri’onte Dunn, Jordan Hall
  • FB- Adam Homan
  • TEs- Kyle Schuck, Jake Stoneburner
  • WRs- Corey Brown, Peter Gwilym, Verlon Reed, Taylor Rice, Devin Smith
  • DL- Adam Bellamy, Dalton Britt, Chris Carter, Garrett Goebel, Steve Miller, John Simon, Nathan Williams
  • LBs- Curtis Grant, Ross Oltorik, Joshua Perry, Andy Reed, Luke Roberts, Etienne Sabino
  • DBs- Corey Brown, Adam Griffin, Orhian Johnson, Tyvis Powell, Bradley Roby, Nick Sarac
  • K/P- Ben Buchanan, Kyle Clinton, Russell Doup
  • LS- George Makridis


April Showers Bring Silver Bullet Points

Written April 19th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Thursday’s cup of Mulligatawny, carefully crafted for the best damn fans in the land… since you know how to ask. Fingers crossed for good weather on Saturday!

Mr. Romance, That's Me.

Buckeye 411

  • We Talkin’ About Practice- Today’s event was open to the press, and was a bit less spirited than last week’s affair. Afterward, Coach Meyer said that this was pretty typical, given how hard the team had been working. Highlights included John Simon being John Simon, Jordan Hall making plays in space, Sabino doing a great job bringing pressure, and some standout opportunities from some of the younger Bucks, including a couple of great plays from new DL Chris Carter and Connor Crowell. We also are hearing solid things about Michael Bennett… Bennett, Hankins, Simon are going to be in a lot of offensive coordinators’ nightmares, methinks.
  • Injury Update-  Lots of dings and nicks today: Shazier and C. Jones were out altogether with an illness, and Christian Bryant, Curtis Grant, CJ Barnett, and even Drew Basil were banged up. And that’s on top of the guys who have been rehabbing all spring: Storm Klein, Wood, Domicone, Nathan Williams, Reed, and Perry.
  • Tie? Today’s practice ended in a “tie”, with no winners and no losers.  The coaching staff reminded each other that this is like kissing your sister… one more aspect of the SEC that Coach Meyer has brought to Columbus.
  • Getting Drafty In Here- By the time you’re reading this, the football staff will have drafted teams for the Spring Game; Coach Hermann against Coach Fickell.  And the draft will not just include players, but athletic training staff, team secretaries, etc. We’ll have full coverage at tBBC once the lineups are announced.
  • Format- Four 10 minute quarters. Clock will stop in 1st half. Running clock in 2nd half.
  • Passing? Fancy!  Don’t expect the Spring Game to make Woody proud- the QB’s will be off limits for contact, and it will mostly be a passing scrimmage according to Coach Meyer.  He’s a bit worried, though, about the catching part of that exchange.
  • N00bs- Coach Meyer said that Taylor Decker (who got time with the one’s today), Mike Thomas, and Brionte Dunn have really excelled during the Spring Workouts.
  • Where I Disagree With Urban- The losing team on Saturday will get to do some Community Service, mostly likely in the Buckeye Grove dedicated to OSU greats. I love this idea, but don’t think that Community Service should ever be a punishment.  That being said, he’s Urban Meyer and I drive a Honda. FWIW.
  • If Only I Were A Student- I could tell him myself in the open forum that’s coming up in May.  Wonder if anyone will try to take him up on his offer to kick a field goal in next year’s spring event
  • That Awkward Moment- The Four Letter Network was in town today for interviews and practice footage… all while they are still involved in suing the University.
  • Anyway- Some great quotes from their time with the Buckeyes, including Stoneburner saying that this team sees the season as twelve bowl games and The Game as the Superbowl.  Braxton compared the new offense to Oregon in tempo- the goal would be to run 80 plays a game and create mismatches in conditioning as well as talent and strategy.  Let’s just hope that’s the only “Oregon” aspect we see in Columbus (more later).
  • Get Them Now- Between 45 and 60 K tickets have been distributed for the game; and Students get in free with ID.  Pack the ‘Shoe!!
  • Oh, And By The Way- I love Cam Burrows. That is all. And no, I’m not going to tweet at him to tell him so.

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Shots from the ‘Shoe: Spring Football Recap

Written April 26th, 2011 by Joe Laing

We continue our overview of Buckeye spring practice with Joe’s look across the positions. As always HUGE thank you to Josh Winslow for his photos- be sure check out all of his Spring Game shots.

The Future? or The Present?

QB’s- IMHO the position should go to Braxton Miller for the first 5 games.  He finished off an up and down spring with a great showing in the spring game.  He can make all the throws, has escapability and the ability to get some first downs with his legs.  Obviously he is the youngest but him graduating HS early and coming in for the spring was a great decision.

Taylor Graham, Kenny Guiton, and Joe Bauserman all had their moments this spring.  Bauserman makes a great backup with the ability to save a game for us if the starter goes down.  Graham and Guiton will have their say come fall, but Graham lacks the ability to win with his legs, and Guiton doesn’t provide the greatest ability with his legs.

I really like what was said about Pryor and him stepping up and being a leader/coach for the 4 QB’s vying for the starting job.

RB’s- Talk about an embarrassment of riches with Hall, Berry, Smith, Hyde, and Herron.

The best thing about the news out of spring and the spring game was not the number of rushing attempts these guys got  or the talent they all have running the ball, but the number of receptions they received out of the backfield.  Hall and Berry split out provides the offense a lot of versatility.

Look for Berry to continue to be explosive in the return game as well.

FB’s- Zach Boren is one of the best all around fullbacks we have seen at Ohio State, and David Durham transition to the position adds a great player for the future.

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Midweek Football Update: Catching Up

Written April 14th, 2010 by Jim

The switch over to the new (old) site has set us back a little bit. So here are a bunch of links for your browsing pleasure.

The usual suspects check in once again with practice reports and various other updates.

First up, the practice reports.

Ken Gordon from the Dispatch has his usual notes from Tuesday’s practice.

The good folks over at ElevenWarriors.com were lucky enough to make some observations from Tuesday’s practice as well.

Finally, Tony Gerdeman from theozone.net continues their fantastic coverage of spring ball with his observations from Tuesday.

And for a summary of the summaries, Vico over at OurHonorDefend.com does a fantastic job breaking everything down and highlighting the most interesting bits.

At the end Vico talks a little bit about the recent stir concerning Ohio State ‘stealing’ Oregon’s signals in the Rose Bowl. Other folks have reported on this as well.

My thoughts? If Oregon is too stupid to disguise or change their offensive signals enough over the course of the season so that other teams can’t pick them up from watching game film, that is their problem. Also, what Vico said.

Everything else:

Ken Gordon  has a report on Duron Carter and his status this spring.

TheOzone.net has: an article on waiting your turn to play at Ohio State, Etienne Sabino and his progress this spring, Tressel Talks Pryor’s Spring Progress, and Sanzenbacher and his thoughts on the passing game.

Whew, TheOzone.net bringing it strong like usual.

ElevenWarriors.com has a transcript from the Big Ten spring teleconference (at least the Jim Tressel parts of it).

Finally, our very own Jeff Seemann checks in with a boatload of material from Fox Sports Ohio.

I think that about does it. Sorry if I missed anything. Hopefully now that the move is over we can stay on top of this a bit more and provide our loyal readers with some original material instead of just links.

Stay tuned!