The staff here at The BBC has been collaborating on a new idea, and it’s almost ready to launch. We can’t really provide any details about it at this point, because we’re not fully ready to push forward (and we don’t want anybody else to snag our idea out from under us while we’re still in the building process).

However, I can assure you that if everything goes as we plan, it will be of some significance to college football fans from the four top conferences (Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC).

So be sure to return on Monday and see what we have planned.


We here at The BBC love to watch the Michigan blogs squirm, especially when they find themselves backtracking on prior statements. Furthermore, they’ve become such sycophants that they fail to recognize the slightest chance that anything their beloved Wolverines do could POSSIBLY go wrong.

So imagine our delight when Rich Rodriquez recently announced that Michigan’s opening game would feature a three-quarterback showcase, starring the talents of Denard Robinson, Tate Forcier, and Nick Sheridan.

You see, the M blogs have been anxiously awaiting (what they believe to be) the second coming of Christ with Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson. Now their leader has announced that these two insta-stars will be sharing time with the guy who was a backup to Steven Threet. Something tells me that all is not well in practice sessions if Sheridan is getting playing time at all.

And that has created a small amount of panic in Ann Arbor.

So out come the blogs, trying to quell the fear and prove that their coach didn’t actually said what he said when he said it…..

Count us among the people who are looking forward to seeing how many QBs get snaps in Michigan’s opener next weekend. Of course, the Michiganders will deny they ever questioned RichRod if he actually does play 3 QBs.

Or maybe they’ll take their blogs down out of sheer embarrassment again (see September 2nd, 2007 through September 4th, 2007).

But either way, these guys have become a non-stop source of amusement.  Please don’t stop, guys.  Please.

You just KNOW this guy owns a comic book store

You just KNOW this guy owns a comic book store

Remember, Luke….the Forcier will be with you…..until he transfers at the end of the season.

Cavalcade of Comedy, part 75

Written August 10th, 2009 by Jeff

Let’s take a journey back in time.  Let’s try….oh, I don’t know….say, February 6th, 2008.

That was the day that Terrelle Pryor, 5-star QB from Jeanette High School in PA, announced that he was not going to sign a letter of intent for any school.  At a nationally televised press conference, Pryor made the decision to make no decisions.

He quickly announced that his selection would be among four schools, Ohio State, Penn State, Oregon and Michigan.  Before that day, it was believed that Pryor would end up a Wolverine, but there was no clear indication of any school becoming his new home.  But after Pryor’s announcement, Michigan’s chances were quickly fading.  Extra time meant bad things for the maize and blue, and having a new coach and a program in transition was not going to be viewed favorably with Pryor taking more time to investigate.

Pryor was supposed to be Michigan’s prize recruit and the QB that Rich Rodriquez needed.  Now, with the graduation of Chad Henne, the transfer of Ryan Mallett, and the sub-par skills of Steven Threet and Nick Sheridan, Michigan needed a quick QB for the new spread system.

They did a quick re-evaluation of their needs and grabbed the first QB they could find.  they needed speed and they didn’t care where or how they got it.

Two days later, Michigan blogs were celebrating their new recruit who had committed to Ann Arbor.

Justin Feagin. labeled him as a dual threat, and the rest of Michiganville began partying and mocking Terrelle Pryor.  One blog commented “who needs Pryor, we got Feagin!”.

Six weeks later, Pryor officially committed to play football at The Ohio State University;

Pryor would never amount to anything, and Feagin would develop into the best QB in the Big Ten, if you listened to Michigan fans.  The sycophants up north truly believed that.

Feagin spent most of his freshman year on the bench, and backing up his flailing team during garbage time (usually referred to as “the third quarter” when they played decent teams).  He saw some snaps at QB, some at WR, some on kick return.

But sure enough, he was the future of this team.  As soon as we can get into his sophomore year, he’ll take over the starting job and we’ll be back in the BCS!  That was the call of the Wolverine!  Thank God Threet is gone, now it’s Feagin’s turn!

Let’s play a little game of “where are they now”, shall we?

Terrelle Pryor was recently named as the pre-season Offensive Player Of The Year in the Big Ten.

Meanwhile, Justin Feagin was released from the team because he was trafficking cocaine from Florida. One of his drug deals went bad and he found himself on the receiving end of an angry client who tried to set fire to his apartment in retaliation.  Basically, Feagin took the guy’s money and didn’t deliver the coke.

Once again, we laugh at the Michigan football program.  They can’t seem to get anything right.

Rule #1, boys.  When your client pays you for coke, deliver the coke.  Otherwise, you’re not behaving like a Michigan Man.