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Memories of Ann Arbor – My personal review of The Game

Written November 23rd, 2009 by Jeff

I’ve missed you all.  Did you all get along while I was out of town?

You saw the game, you know how it went down.  There’s not much that I can add to the actual contest between Ohio State and Michigan.  We could go over each and every play (which we just might), but it’s not anything that you haven’t read on the internets already.


We went north until we smelled it....

My review, therefore, will be about my encounters and my experiences in Ann Arbor on Saturday.  Trust me, it was one hell of a day.

The trip from Canton, Ohio to Ann Arbor, Michigan clocks in usually at 3:40, but we knew there would be traffic and whatnot, so we left around 5am.  Yikes.  Now is as good a time as any to point out that I went to the game with my best friend, Megan and her boyfriend, Tony….both of them are Michigan fans.  I know, I know.

We hit traffic five miles outside of Ann Arbor, and the result was a feeling of relief that we had left so early in the morning.  We found a campus parking lot and began our walk towards the infamous golf course/tailgate area.

The remainder of this post could have been titled “Michigan fans are all assholes”.  Because, trust me, I met my fair share of massive d-bags that could have tainted the entire trip.

Michael Shaw lurks in these shadows, waiting to attack you if you're not wearing pads or a helmet.  Beware.

Michael Shaw lurks in these shadows, waiting to attack you if you're not wearing pads or a helmet. Beware.

As we walked through the tailgaters, one Michigan fan started to walk into the walking lane where we were going.  He slightly tripped over a football and stumbled in front of me.  I reached out and caught him, keeping him from actually falling to the ground.  His response was….”what the fuck do you want?  I’ll kick your ass and piss all over you”.  I just smiled and walked on.  No sense in debating a drunk.  He screamed obscenities as I kept going.

As Megan was looking over a merchandise booth, a handful of Ohio State fans emerged from the tunnel separating the tailgaters from the stadium lot.  The shouting could be heard loudly as voices rattled off the walls of the tunnel.  Another over-intoxicated…at 10am…Michigan fan was following the OSU fans, cursing repeatedly.  The Ohio State fans had a 10-year-old child with them, which the drunk referred to as a “faggot”.  His screams of “win a fucking bowl game once this decade” appeared to have no sense of irony whatsoever.

The drunken man had a 10-year old child with him as well, and the child was wearing a shirt that said “Fuck O-State” in large letters.  I may have been shocked, but I wasn’t actually surprised.

Inside the stadium, I went to the end zone to watch the Buckeyes warming up about an hour before kickoff.  About ten feet to my left were four Michigan fans taunting the Buckeyes.  Nothing wrong with that….but…..one of them repeatedly screamed at Justin Boren and his apparent “lack of family fucking values, you asshole”.  Hypocrisy is delightful when you’re a direct witness to it.

Shortly after that, I started walking up to see where my seat was, and a Michigan fan a section over hurled a handful of rocks towards the Ohio State fans.  Then he high-fived his friends.  Yay, assault is so cool!

We had reached halftime, and the students STILL had not all shown up for The Game.  Pathetic.

We had reached halftime, and the students STILL had not all shown up for The Game. Pathetic.

Five rows in front of me, a fan decided to stand ON his seat as the game began.  Being the Ohio State/Michigan game, everybody stands the whole time anyway…but this guy was 6-feet tall and he was standing ON his seat.    His ignorance and arrogance forced people behind him to do the same, which only irritated more people.  We began yelling for him to stand on concrete rather than metal (Michigan fans AND Ohio State fans were joining the cat-calls).  His response was that we should stand up (we WERE standing up).  He refused to get off his seat for several plays, despite several threats from the UM fan two rows behind him.  That man gave him three plays to get down or he was getting forced to the ground.  Security was called, and the guy was ordered to stand on the concrete.  His view was not blocked whatsoever, he just wanted to be above the crowd, I guess.

After the game, a Michigan fan was leaving the end zone, and screaming his head off at Ohio State fans, who were all over the place at this point.  He decided his best course of action was to spit on a couple of them.  Did I mention that Ohio State fans were all over the place?  That guy must have forgotten.  His penance was hilarious.

Why did I share tales of these angry, bitter failures?  You see, I read plenty of asinine stories about how OSU fans are the worst ever, and they always have a story about how they were oh-so-abused by those terrible people.  These stories often are embellished and repeated ad nauseum until everybody ends up having a lesson that involves “a guy I know whose cousin got beat up outside of a place I heard about somewhere near Columbus”.

In reality, every fan base has people like the ones you hear in those stories, just like the ones I encountered Saturday afternoon.  Assholes are everywhere, and it’s a lot more fun to spread around the exploits of people like that.

I could have ended this story now and left it alone.  Because that’s usually what happens when you start discussing how angry and moronic your opponents’ fans are.  But I pride my blog on giving you the FULL story.  I guarantee you that MGoBlog would never in a million years provide one single story that wasn’t shining sunlight up the ass of anybody who wears maize and blue and shoulder pads.  Hell, there’s a story up on that site right now that discusses a Michigan football player who was arrested and held in connection with a sexual assault Saturday night after the game….and several comments are already calling the girl a liar and a slut.  They don’t even have the name of the player, nor the identity of the girl, but because he plays football for Michigan, he couldn’t possibly have raped anybody and she was probably asking for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the most popular Michigan blog in the world.  Their comments are moderated, and those are the ones that MADE THE CUT.

Here at The BBC, if we experience something good or bad, we’ll tell you about it.  Sure, we’ll get snarky about it (our female readers love it when we do that), but we like to make sure we’re unique.  So let’s hear about the Michigan fans that we DID get along with.

On the way into the golf course/tailgate area, a group of about 8 or 9 UM fans were people-watching and one of them told Megan “you need some new friends”.  She smiled adorably like she always does, and kept walking.  I looked over and smiled too, and the guy reached out his hand and shook mine and said “good luck”.

The guy who was working the merchandise booth eyeballed me as I was standing in front looking at the bevy of maize and blue items.  For obvious reasons, he was puzzled why I was there, so I told him I was waiting for Megan to buy something.  He smiled and said “oh, no I’ve got PLENTY of stuff just for you sir”.  Then out came the handshake and the wishes of luck.

When Tony and Megan entered the open air part of the stadium, I wanted to see his facial expression….he’s been a lifelong fan and never seen the stadium with his own eyes.  So I ran ahead and got my video camera ready.  The ushers were waiting at the end of the tunnel, and one of them looked at me, this guy wearing a Beanie Wells jersey, and immediately gave me a suggestion of a better angle to shoot the video from.  He then left his post and waited until I was done before resuming his job.  Again with the handshake.

These are people who had no reason whatsoever to be nice to me.  They were NEVER going to see me again and they were certainly on the opposite side of the fan base.  But they UNDERSTAND the rivalry.  They get it.  Go ahead and razz the other guy, but at least be smart about it and be gracious about it.  What’s a better way to represent, calling a guy a faggot, or cracking light jokes followed with a decent gesture?

As for my immediate surroundings after kickoff, it was like I had a family and I was the black sheep.  Sure, they wished I wasn’t the was I was, but they still treated me with the love and respect they would want from me.

On my left shoulder was the man who sold me my ticket on E-Bay (name withheld because some Michigan blogs are calling for the heads of those who sold their seats to Ohio State fans).  A warm smile and a handshake from him was the first order of business, and plenty of great insight followed the rest of the day.  He told me of what he sees in Roundtree, and I told him how far I think Duron Carter will go.  This was a man that I was honored and pleased to share a seat with…and there was rarely a second when our shoulders weren’t pressed against each other for lack of space.

He was upset when he left with four minutes left in the game (5 turnovers would do that to anybody), but as he left, he still turned to wish me a fond farewell.  Classy, through and through.

But the best memories of Michigan fans I have came from the family of four seated directly behind me.  Todd and Karla were in their late 30s/early 40s, and they brought their daughters with them, Abby (14) and Olivia (11).  As the game was about to begin, I told Olivia to stand on MY seat so she could get a higher view, since she was at least a foot shorter than me.  It took her about 20 minutes and some gentle encouragement from her father before she did, but I’m sure she saw much more of the game because of it.

I spent more time talking to this family than I did the Buckeye fans to my immediate left.  They were easily the nicest people in the stadium, warm and friendly from start to finish.  Todd told Olivia to “never ever marry a Buckeye”, and I tried to convince her that our colors were prettier than dark blue.  Midway through the fourth quarter, I quietly told her that when she was ready to rebel against her parents, she could join the dark side and Go Buckeye.  Being the bright kid I knew she was, she laughed and said “never”.  Atta girl, Olivia….stay true to your team no matter what.

When a restroom break was necessary at halftime, I was left talking to Karla.  I apologized if I was being obnoxious or overbearing.  She laughed and said “oh no, you’re just cheering for your team.  Keep it up.  The girls think you’re really funny.”

Really?  I mean, these are not the types of UM fans I thought I’d encounter on Saturday.  I wanted to give them my phone number and drive back north to take them to dinner (but I also didn’t want to appear creepy and have them desperately searching old episodes of “To Catch A Predator” to see if I looked familiar).

So if you’re reading this and you were one of the nice people I encountered that day….thank you.  You represented your team well on Saturday and I thank you tremendously for it.

EVERY fan base has people like you in it….I’m just glad that I was lucky enough to meet you.

And if you’re one of the people I described early on in this article….let’s just say you got what you deserved on Saturday.  And by the way, we did this in your stadium.

We’ll return ownership of your stadium someday. But not yet. We’re still enjoying it. It’s our second home now, but we only use it once every two years.

The Week That Were: 9.26.09

Written September 28th, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

Finishing what Jeff started, as we do every week.

Here’s this week’s soundtrack/music to piss off the people in the cubicle next to you.

Every season, there’s one or two weeks that just screw up everything. From the Vegas lines, to the “pundit’s choices”, to alumni plans for Bowl Game Tailgating, and even the coaching hot seats get impacted by what actually manifests on the fields of play.

Welcome to that week. Be it the weather, the injuries, the flu, whatever- some astounding and amazing stuff happened over the past few days.

The top teams all continue to cruise along, with the exception of Florida who lost their Heisman Trophy fullback that throws the ball to one of the poorest pieces of blocking I’ve ever seen:

Up 31-7 late in the third quarter, you have to wonder why Tebow (who also suffered with the flu all week) was even in the game. Sure, the Gators won, but at what cost? At least they’re not Baylor, who lost their all-amazing QB to injury on Saturday.

Alabama and Texas rolled, so there’s really nothing to talk about there. But number 4 Mississippi either completely spit the bit against the Old Ball Coach (emphasis on “old”, as in “formerly good”), or revealed that their ranking was based on the smoke and mirrors of a bowl win against a not very good TTU team.

Then, number 5 State Penn went down against Iowa for the second straight year. This time, at home in a game characterized by sloppy fourth quarter play:

Your friends may have high-fived you, but your mother is pretty embarrassed right about now

Your friends may have high-fived you, but your mother is pretty embarrassed right about now

The six possessions that PSU had in the second half included 4 turnovers, a blocked punt, and a blown field goal. What did we learn in unHappy Valley? Either 1) Scheduling cupcakes may not be a healthy diet, 2) The Hawkeyes have got the Lions figured out, 3) PSU might want to rethink the whole “white out” idea, since it’s not a guarantee and may add more pressure, 4) If you decide to go to the “white out” in a costume, be prepared to look like an idiot on national tv….

Rolling right along, number 6 Cal got absolutely worked by the Oregon Knights. As one Cal fan said to me on Saturday- “looks like we started our late season collapse a bit early… you know, to get it out of the way.” Good thinking, that. What’s ironic is that for once, the Ducks didn’t have the ugliest uniforms in the Pacific Northwet. Perhaps they should stick with the classic look; and perhaps the Seahawks should fire whoever came up with those monstrosities. Fire them with real fire.

Number seven LSU needed a late game goal-line stand to hold off Mississippi State, and number 8 Boise State cruised. Number nine Miami dropped an ACC tilt against Virginia Tech- I guess discussions of their resurgence were a bit premature, no? Number ten was idle, and we’ve covered number 11 VaTach. U$C took vengeance on all things Washington by pounding the ‘Cougs. We’ll get to lucky number 13 in a bit- fourteenth ranked Cincinnati and fifteenth ranked TCU both squeaked by their unranked opponents. Number sixteen TBPU destroyed the school of one of my favorite coaches, while Houston earned their number seventeen ranking with a win over Texas Tech (great coaching hire). Elsewheres in the top 25, Georgia held off unranked Arizona State in Tempe and North Carolina fell to Georgia Tech. Florida State… well, they’re Florida State.

Other “interesting” games- Notre Ame needed to rally to beat Purdue (!), Washington proved that it couldn’t keep the momentum going by dropping to Stanford, and Mich1gAAn needed some serious home cooking from the officials to ensure a victory over Indiana.

You read that right, the Hoosiers almost beat TTUN in Ann Arbor. I really hope their QB can hold up until November.

Soo… let’s talk a bit about the number 300. Saturday marked the three hundreth consecutive sell out at Nebraska, a feat that dates back to 1962. That’s a ton of games, as the Sullivans can attest. The Huskers/Bugeaters celebrated with cool throwback uniforms and by beating the andouille out of the Ragin Cajuns of Louisiana Lafayette. Best quote about the streak? “Congratulations, Nebraska fans, for preserving the lone streak Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan couldn’t destroy” Here’s to 300 more, Husker fans.

But that wasn’t the only 300 on Saturday- Ohio State’s Jim Tressel marked his 300th game as the Buckeyes squared off against the Fighting (kinda’) Zooks of Illinois, in the battle for the ugly turtle. Tressel entered the game 220-77-2 and left the game 221-77-2, after #13 Ohio State handed a 30-0 (300?) beating to the Illini. It was a game that saw a bit of everything- a tribute to Woody (0 passing yards in the first half), going for it on fourth and goal (late in the game, too…), and defensive lineman Doug Worthington attempting to fly. Major kudos for anyone who can send me video of the leap of doom. UPDATE- BuckeyeSki from Eleven Warriors with the assist! Thanks man-

Obscure Schools update: Tuskegee was triumphant in the Gateway Classic, while Wartburg easily handled Loras at home.

Coming this week: Conference games continue, as LSU and Georgia kick off the SEC in earnest. Cal tries to rebound against U$C, and Indiana hosts the Buckeyes. The first annual “nicknames that make me giggle” game as Mich1gAAn and MAChigan State square off.

“It’s Ty Willingham’s Fault”- Washington travels to Notre Ame. War Tiger rolls into Rocky Top, and OU heads to the sunny beaches of Miami. Illinois hosts Penn State, Nebraska is off, and TCU welcomes SMU.

And here’s a friendly video from the Mich1gAAn Department of Tourism:

Back Thursday with a visit from June Cleaver’s favorite neighbor.

The Week That Were: 9.19.09

Written September 21st, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

previously on TWTW…

Here’s the soundtrack for today’s journey in the past. And no, unlike some people, it’s not really Journey.

Arrr, yesterday’s games fell on the national holiday o’ “Talk Like a Pirate Day“. Should we be surprised, then, that the upset o’ the day happened at a place whar people show up in boats? Ahoy, and it warn’t the team that we expected t’ see success.  In Piratey news, East Carolina lost to North Carolina. Great Neptune’s mandibles!!

Ok, that’s enough.

But, like TLAPD, the U$C choke to an unranked conference team should become a national holiday, since it happens more frequently than leap year. And given that 5 of the last 6 of these losses have come on the road in the Northwet, there must be something more significant going on. Perhaps the Curse of DB Cooper or something.

Nevertheless, the Trojan Tragedy has sent ripples throughout the college football world. In Los Angeles, fingers are pointing at Surfer Pete, asking again why the coach is unable to keep his team focused. Granted, the starting QB and safety were banged up, but given U$C’s deep pockets of five star talent you’d think they’d be able to beat a team that was 1-15 in their last sixteen games. A team of young men recruited by Ty Willingham. Hmmm… where have we heard that before?

While a post game let-down is to be expected, it didn’t hamper Ohio State who headed to Cleveland and shut out the #5 team in NCAA offense. Toledo, fresh off of their clown stomping of Colorado, was held to 210 total yards and 13 yards rushing. Ohio State’s rebound included 370 yards of offense from “Lebron in Cleats”. Mich1gAAn fans? That’s how you beat Toledo.

To celebrate the “Mistake by the Lake” and the Ohio State recovery, the AP poll decided to drop USC from 3 to 12, and bump tOSU from 11 to… 13. The Buckeyes were jumped by Chokelahoma, who took care of Tulsa on Saturday. However, the team that handed OU their loss got pummeled at home; BYU lost 54-28 to Free Shoes University. And yet, the Sooners didn’t suffer due to the loss of the team that beat them… This, among other things, is the reason that we need to do away with polls until October. But you knew this already.

Around the mid-west, Mich1gAAn managed to cruise against a directional school after struggling in the first half. Notre Ame was the beneficiary of back to back boneheaded decisions by MAChigan State’s sophomore QB, first overthrowing a wide open receiver in the end zone, then sealing the game with an interception at or near the endzone. Penn State continued their “Hosting Hostess” tour, although they did allow Temple to score on their vaunted defense.

SEC action witnessed Auburn holding off the weather and WVa (rats- a burning couch goes great with rain), Arkansas falling to Georgia in a shootout, Calipari’s scandal defeating Pitino’s scandal, and Florida eventually getting around to beating Tennessee in the “our orange is uglier than yours” festival. MSU beat Vandy (really?), and LSU squashed some other team from Cajunland. Old Miss and Alabama combined for 105 points in their wins.

The Huskers lost a well fought road game against a very good Hokie team in the final minutes. True conversation between my beloved and I: Her- “Wow, it’s such a tough loss when you’re winning the whole game and then it falls apart in the last seconds”. Me- “I wouldn’t know what that was like at all.”

Other Big 12 action: Rice couldn’t stick to TBPU, Kansas State blew their one chance to shine in the Rose Bowl, Colorado won while Baylor fell to UConn, Rock Chalk pounded the Cameron Crazies, and the Pirate Cap’n missed out on an opportunity to do Blackbeard proud.

On the Left Coast, toOSU played football from Ohio with predictable results, Washington State won (I know, right?), and Oregon unveiled yet another hideous ensemble in their upset of the Utes. Cal’s Jahvid Best looked to be just that against a chippy Minnesota Team opening their new stadium. Arizona evened the “Big T1e1n Pac Ten challenge” at one each by falling to Iowa.

Elsewheres- TCU continues to roll, Syracuse beat Northwestern in this week’s “They have football teams?” bowl, and Pepperdine remains undefeated. Oh, and this has to be the worst idea of the week- UCF planned a tribute for the African American members of Buffalo’s 1958 team, who rejected a bid to the Tangerine Bowl because their darker hued teammates weren’t allowed to play. Coincidentally, UCF also scheduled a “White Out” for that date, and asked their fans to come dressed in all white. Good thinking.

Small schools update: Bacone got fried by Howard Payne, 56-7.

This week’s games include an  Ohio State/Illinois matchup that will prove how much Ron Zook can screw up his team if given a buy week, and an important Kentucky/Florida clash, if the Gators are healthy enough to show up. Maybe St. Tebow can heal them… although, I’m not sure I’d trust his medical experience. Mich1gAAn hosts Indiana, and Kansas welcomes Bret Favrere’s alma mater. Cal and Oregon square off, Nebraska gets whatever’s left from LSU’s blowout, and the marquee game is Miami and Va Tech in a Big lEast showdown. Texas plays UTEP, TBPU welcomes Eddie Robinson’s school, and TCU travels to Clemson. Washington faces off against Stanford, while the Cougs get to be the rebound team for U$C. Notre Ame has to face a Purdon’t team that just lost to a MAC team… That’s not going to end well.

And now, some inspiration for those underachievers in Block O:

High school students. Just sayin’.

Monday in SoCal

Written September 7th, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

So… Vegas has posted the odds, and the Buckeyes are 7 point underdogs. At home.

Which is too low, if you ask the folks hereabouts. I almost had a “friend” talked into giving me three touchdowns (just to see how high he’d go), but he “came to his senses” and said “I couldn’t give you more than about 20…”

So, yeah, there’s a lot of expectations that this is going to be a blowout, and that it’s a last gasp for “respect”. And while much of that has yet to be decided, I am interested in seeing what the folk who are headed to the game have to say about the night atmosphere in the ‘Shoe.  You can’t get 105,000 people to show up for anything out here unless it’s a celebrity funeral.

And now, an actual excerpt from an email I received today:

Remember that one time that you almost lost to NAVY!!! and then had to think about playing a team that despite a couple of bad drives to start the game looked dominant on both sides of the ball all the while starting a TRUE FRESHMAN at quarterback for the opening for the first time ever…admit it you are a little nervous…

Over the next few days, you’ll be hearing about how loaded this U$C team is- That they return 8 offensive starters (including the entire OL, now that the center’s knee is better), all world running back Joe McKnight, and all helicopter parented WR Damien Williams. You’ll hear how, even though they lost all but three defensive starters, they return Taylor Mays:

who seems to be the second coming of Jack Tatum/Ronnie Lott.

But there are still some question marks. LAist talks about the changes in the coaching staff,  and points out that  “new quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates… spent the last few years mentoring Jay Cutler in Denver” as if that were a good thing. They also comment that “The Trojans have a real special teams coach — Brian Schneider –for the first time in many years, and the feeling around the program is that he’s already making a big difference“, although the news I’ve read about their kicking game doesn’t seem to be all that different.

So, in spite of Vegas and LA’s constituencies, let’s go ahead and play the game, shall we?  I think it will be worth it.

More thoughts/commentary as the week progresses.

ESPN just announced that Rich Rodriquez has been linked to a booster that is banned by the NCAA.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — One of the business partners involved in the real estate venture at the root of a federal lawsuit against Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is an accused felon and banned Clemson University booster.

The partner, Clegg Lamar Greene of Clemson, S.C., was arrested Dec. 29 and charged with multiple counts of breach of trust.


When he partnered up with Rodriguez in September 2007, Greene had already been banned twice from being a booster at Clemson. NCAA investigators accused Greene in 2000 of providing a $1,300 loan and use of his boat to two Clemson recruits.

Coming up for the rest of the week, Brian at MGoBlog will write six dissertations about how “these are not the droids you are looking for.”

It’s comical, in my opinion.

Remember the good old days, when Michigan bloggers only had to freak out about a report that said RichRod would be platooning three QBs against Western Michigan? That was four days ago.

Oh, the times, they are a-changin’.


Oh, and as you hear the whiny excuses over the next few days, keep this in mind…Rodriquez partnered himself with the guy BEFORE he was the head coach at Michigan. Yes, you’ll hear that excuse. Well, why the hell didn’t Bill Martin actually investigate who RichRod was before hiring the guy?

Michigan bloggers freaked out when they learned that their new stud QB was actually a coke dealer and declared “how DARE you ask us to investigate his past before we signed him to play at UM?”

That excuse isn’t going to fly with the guy that makes 2 million a year of Michigan money.

Bottom line – Michigan hired a guy who had partnered up with a felon that had been TOLD not to have contact with NCAA coaches and/or players. That’s at best stupid, at worst, unethical and potentially criminal.

You made the bed. Now lay down.

MGoBlog ready to “disappear” again….

Written August 30th, 2009 by Jeff

Immediately following the 2007 loss to Appalachian State, the most prominent Michigan blog, MGoBlog did the right thing and they took their lumps like men.

Oh, wait…..no they didnt. They shut down the site for two full days, much like what you’d expect out of complete cowards.

Expect similar behavior very very soon…..breaking news has the Wolverine faithful looking for another hole to crawl into.

Current Michigan players have recently described multiple situations in which their head coach, Rich Rodriquez, has knowingly violated NCAA rules and regulations.

The University of Michigan football team consistently has violated NCAA rules governing off-season workouts, in-season demands on players and mandatory summer activities under coach Rich Rodriguez, numerous players told the Free Press.

Players on the 2008 and 2009 teams described training and practice sessions that far exceeded limits set by the NCAA, which governs college athletics. The restrictions are designed to protect players’ well-being, ensure adequate study time and prevent schools from gaining an unfair competitive advantage.

Let’s get this straight…players from LAST year’s team were breaking rules that are designed to prevent schools from gaining an unfair advantage? So, they cheated and still finished 3-9?

Eleven Warriors tweets that San Diego State University was put on a 2-year probation after similar allegations were brought to light….and with actual CURRENT players making these allegations, it’s not looking pretty for Michigan to get out of this one unscathed.

Now granted, practicing on Sundays is not really up to speed with serious misconduct….like brokering a cocaine deal when you don’t have cocaine….but it’s the stuff that the NCAA does take action on.  This one is not going to get swept under the rug soon.

Fortunately for Buckeye fans, this one will keep us entertained for a long time.

Unfortunately for Buckeye fans, we won’t likely get to laugh at Rodriquez for years to come, because if this pans out the way we think it will, the Michigan boosters will liekly run him out on a rail.  After all, they didn’t pony up 4 million dollars to West Virginia to buy a 3-9 coach who gets their team banned from postseason.

Somebody get the popcorn, this one’s going to be entertaining!!!!

Mid-day wrapup

Written August 28th, 2009 by Jeff

Lots to discuss, so here we go;

On Monday morning, we’ll be announcing our new experiment/project that we hope will settle a lot of arguments regarding which NCAA conference reigns supreme.  Check with us Monday and see what you think…..


We’ve mentioned this here before, but let’s remind ticket-holders again – there is a growing call for fans to deliver a standing ovation to the Navy players when they take the field next Saturday against Ohio State.  We were first alerted to this movement by The Buckeye Blog, and since we heard about it two weeks ago, it’s developed into a full-blown movement.  Watch the video promotion here;

Yesterday, my mom….who is a Buckeye fan but by no means tuned in to the intricacies of the sport like you blog-readers are…..asked me if I had heard of this idea. If my mother knows about it, that means it’s getting the news coverage pretty heavy. I expect it to go over well next Saturday.

I believe this is a brilliant move. Our servicemen and servicewomen deserve the best treatment, and this is a classy way to give them their due before the game. Not often do our military men get a chance to be cheered loudly by over 100,000 people at once, and here’s their chance. Bravo to the people who came up with this idea.

If you have tickets to the game, thanks for taking part in what will surely be seen by millions of people all over ESPN, TBDSSP, and various other sports shows for weeks to come. May it become a tradition for every school that hosts a military academy for years to come.


Of course, no great idea goes unpunished. Brian at MGoBlog decides to take a huge dump in the middle of the party by disrespecting the Navy tribute, and accuses Ohio State fans of normally acting “like jerks”.  Of course, his holier-than-thou argument gets pierced pretty badly when he openly (and probably accidentally) admits that he’s been there when his fellow Michigan fans boo the likes of Eastern Michigan.

Attacking Ohio State when they want to honor men in military uniform?  Classy as always, Brian.  Douchebaggery knows no bounds in your neck of the woods.


Speaking of Brian, we caught wind that he decided to attack Ohio State fans last week with an article in The Sporting News.  Frankly, we can’t blame him….when you’re trying to avoid discussing your own 3-9 team whose star QB is a coke dealer that has no access to coke, you’ve gotta distract your readers with SOMETHING, right?

This time, though, he decided to lie about The BBC.  He posted an “OMG I’m so outraged” article about the fervor surrounding Ralph Gray Decker, and in doing so he linked a piece about harrassing Decker’s employer to our site here.  The BBC never once mentioned anything resembling personal info about Decker.

Brian then attributed a particularly nasty quote to this site.  Again, this site did not feature ANY violent threats of that sort.  We monitor all comments and those type of comments do not get published.  Brian, of course decided to claim that “every Ohio State blog” was posting attacks and personal info about Decker.  Again, lies.

We requested an apology from Brian through The Sporting News.  Like a true Michigan man, he ignored it.  Still, another Sporting News writer stepped up to the plate and offered The BBC our deserved apology;

littmann.tsn | Friday, August 21, 2009, 4:40 pm

@Jeff — I want to apologize, because a simple HTML mistake on my end made it look like we were attributing that comment to your blog, when in reality, Brian pulled it from www.ourhonordefend.com. I had an open tag that sucked some of that block quote into a black hole. My apologies. For what it’s worth, the inflammatory comment that Brian referenced was eventually removed from Our Honor Defend by their moderator, which was obviously the right thing to do.

While I don’t buy the argument that HTML made him do it, at least Brian’s employer has more courage and dignity than he does.
By the way, it should also be noted that The Sporting News own website has the disclaimer that comments made on their site are not the responsibility of TSN…but I guess that little nugget slipped past Brian while he was busy throwing rocks from his glass house.
Starting with the Navy game, The BBC will be doing liveblogging for each and every Buckeye game.  We have a few other blogs on board as well, so you can read the live chat from all over the blogosphere.  Make sure you join us!

The staff here at The BBC has been collaborating on a new idea, and it’s almost ready to launch. We can’t really provide any details about it at this point, because we’re not fully ready to push forward (and we don’t want anybody else to snag our idea out from under us while we’re still in the building process).

However, I can assure you that if everything goes as we plan, it will be of some significance to college football fans from the four top conferences (Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC).

So be sure to return on Monday and see what we have planned.


We here at The BBC love to watch the Michigan blogs squirm, especially when they find themselves backtracking on prior statements. Furthermore, they’ve become such sycophants that they fail to recognize the slightest chance that anything their beloved Wolverines do could POSSIBLY go wrong.

So imagine our delight when Rich Rodriquez recently announced that Michigan’s opening game would feature a three-quarterback showcase, starring the talents of Denard Robinson, Tate Forcier, and Nick Sheridan.

You see, the M blogs have been anxiously awaiting (what they believe to be) the second coming of Christ with Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson. Now their leader has announced that these two insta-stars will be sharing time with the guy who was a backup to Steven Threet. Something tells me that all is not well in practice sessions if Sheridan is getting playing time at all.

And that has created a small amount of panic in Ann Arbor.

So out come the blogs, trying to quell the fear and prove that their coach didn’t actually said what he said when he said it…..

Count us among the people who are looking forward to seeing how many QBs get snaps in Michigan’s opener next weekend. Of course, the Michiganders will deny they ever questioned RichRod if he actually does play 3 QBs.

Or maybe they’ll take their blogs down out of sheer embarrassment again (see September 2nd, 2007 through September 4th, 2007).

But either way, these guys have become a non-stop source of amusement.  Please don’t stop, guys.  Please.

You just KNOW this guy owns a comic book store

You just KNOW this guy owns a comic book store

Remember, Luke….the Forcier will be with you…..until he transfers at the end of the season.