TBDBITL Preview: Week 13 – Blockbusters For The Final Time

Written November 22nd, 2013 by Charles

OSUMB_logo2-300x280For the third time this season the Ohio State University Marching Band joined the football team on the road, this time traveling to Urbana-Champaign for the game against the University of Illinois; earlier in the year the band traveled to Cal and Purdue.  Like most band trips, this one was rather busy with little free time for the band members; after the approximately 4.5 hour bus trip from Columbus, the band arrived at their hotel on Friday night around 10:30 pm central time and was at the university, in full uniform, for practice the next morning shortly after 8 am.  Following the game, the band boarded the buses for the trip back to Columbus making for a rather quick, tiring trip that was still longer than the day trip for the Purdue game.

For the third time this season TBDBITL performed its now famous “Hollywood Blockbusters show which has now been viewed by over 14 million people on Youtube.  The popularity and impact of the show was made very apparent by the loud, enthusiastic reactions of the fans at the game and from comments on Twitter and message boards by Illini fans after the game.

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OSUMB_logo2-300x280The Ohio State football team may have had last weekend off but the Ohio State Marching Band was hard at work during their annual concert week.  Being a marching band, most of the OSUMB’s performances are on the football field and those performances are obviously what the band is most known for.  The music arrangers for the OSUMB do a great job of arranging music to take advantage of the band’s sound and musicality and the band does an outstanding job of focusing on music, as well as marching, when they are on the field and producing some great sounding shows.  However, on the field the band is dividing their attention, and their energy, between marching and playing and this does have an effect.  Indoor concerts allow the band to show off the full extent of their musical abilities as they only need to focus on their playing, plus they can take advantage of proper acoustics that are present in concert halls.  This year’s concert week featured concerts in Van Wert, Ohio, a performance for Columbus school kids at Veterans Memorial in Columbus, and the annual public concert at Veterans Memorial.

The concert week performances feature the band playing a selection of school songs as well as the music from the year’s halftime shows.  It also features one very important event, the awarding of the Most Inspirational Bandsperson Award.  The MIB is awarded to each year to the person that the band members find to be the most inspirational, the best leader, and the person who best exemplifies all the great qualities of TBDBITL.  What makes this award even more special is that it is voted on by the band members themselves and they alone determine the winner.  Now I think we all remember when we were in college and I don’t think anyone would be surprised if a vote like this was just a popularity contest.  The vote doesn’t work this and the maturity of the band members shows through each year in their choices, a great example of this was when they presented the award to Kris Frey Tikson last year (http://www.ourhonordefend.com/2012/11/osu-vs-michigan-tbdbitl-preview.php ) (read the linked story to understand why).  This year’s award was presented to drum major David Petit who had some great words to say about what being drum major this season has meant to him.

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TBDBITL Preview: Week 11 – More Media Attention

Written November 8th, 2013 by Charles

OSUMB_logo2-300x280When the football team hit the road this weekend to try and exorcise the demons that have plagued them recently in West Lafayette, they were not alone. In addition to the legion of scarlet and grey fans that descended on Ross-Ade Stadium, the Ohio State University Marching Band was also present — further eroding Purdue’s home field advantage.  This marked the football team’s third road game of the season and the second one in which the band was present.  In the past the band only tended to travel to one road game each season, plus the bowl game, but thanks to the increase in funding for the band orchestrated by former university president Gordon Gee, the band is able to go on more away games this season.

While their supposedly “World’s Largest Bass Drum” (Texas has also claimed this title), tends to get all the attention, Purdue’s All-American Marching Band is one of the best bands in the Big Ten and in the country. 

The Big Ten is really spoiled in terms of the quality of their marching bands. It’s like the SEC is in football except better and without the shady recruiting tactics.  The quality and achievements of the Purdue band are even more remarkable due to the fact that Purdue does not have a school of music, being primarily an engineering school; as an interesting not, the OSUMB does not have all that many music majors in it and the most common major among band members has actually tended to be engineering.  Thus fans were treated to seeing two excellent bands performing, the same obviously cannot be said for the football teams.

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OSUMB_logo2-300x280Most college marching bands would kill to get the attention from around the country that the Ohio State Marching Band got for their Michael Jackson show last week.  However, TBDBITL isn’t just any other college band and it didn’t get to wear it is by being content with its performance and while the band was pleased and proud of all the attention that show got, they were certainly not content to rest on their laurels.  Instead the band got right back to work, preparing a tribute to movie blockbusters that was perhaps one of their most creative shows ever.

Fans at Ohio Stadium were treated to not just one but two great bands on the field last Saturday as Penn State brought their band with them to the game.  As is standard practice, the visiting team went first and the Blue Band (http://www.blueband.psu.edu/)  got the night started with a tradition filled pregame show full of school songs, including a salute to their hosts with the playing of “Across The Field”.  Big Ten fans tend to take the playing of the opponents fight song as standard practice but many bands outside of the Big Ten do not do this.  While some fans probably don’t care about this tradition, I think it is a great piece of sportsmanship that highlights one of the things that makes college football so special.  I really enjoy Penn State’s pregame show, especially their floating lion drill; many bands will float words down the field, including OSU, but the way that PSU forms the letters is rather unique and fun to watch.

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The Week That Were: 10.26.13

Written October 28th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s a week of ghastly costumes and other ghoulish accoutrements… so of course, we’ve got a great soundtrack for all of our friends.

Well, the powers that be didn’t decide to market this weekend’s games as a “Separation Saturday”, but it ended up looking that way at the end of the day. Two more undefeateds fell, two others were challenged, while the top four continued to extend their apparition of domination.

mizzzzzeryLet’s start with the “Columbia Cup” between the Ol’ Ball Coach and this year’s “SEC Surprise”, the Missouri Tigers. I’ve been pulling for the Tigers all season for several reasons: It has been rumored to be a landing spot for Coach Herman if Pinkel was dismissed, and I love the fact that two “middle of the pack” B12 teams join the mighty SEC and play at the top almost immediately.

The Tigers didn’t disappoint early on, jumping out to a huge lead in their spiffy “blackout” gear. However, once Gamecock QB Connor Shaw came off the bench (recovering from a knee issue from last week) the tide turned and the game ended up heading to overtime.

And there, well… let’s just say that Pinkle is Einhorn. The doink heard ’round the conference. 

While there’s still a huge chance that the Tigers can play a role in the BCS, it may only be limited to being a spoiler at this point… but they’ve got some games to play yet, including mathups with Old Miss and aTm before they might face Alabama in the conference championship game.

The second “thanks for playing” award this week goes to a young Texas Tech team, which lost their first contest of the season at Oklahoma. After a lengthy weather delay that resulted in the game being shifted over to Fox News in lieu of World Series coverage, the Fighting Stoops figured out how to get out of their own way and managed to corral the Raiders’ high flying offense… although, it should be noted that Cliff Kingsbury’s team is very young, and will be a contender at the conference level sooner than some would like to admit. Read More

Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: State Penn Eve

Written October 25th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

As the Buckeyes roll down the stretch and most of America believes they ave the easiest path to go undefeated, the rest believes they wont be in the title game because of the ease of that schedule. The fact still remains that all this team needs to do is win and not pay any attention to those people. They have an opportunity to enjoy back-to-back undefeated seasons and set several other records along the way. Let’s get started with the good and Rumblin from last week.

Best Halftime

Best Halftime


There can be only one. In spite of the desire to spread the wealth by all who are not coaches on that staff, there can be only one football. No matter how you draw it up, script it, or even second guess the results? This team is led by Carlos Hyde this season. So far we have seen three teams attempt to stop him and only one slowed him. The last two have failed miserably and I can tell you that Mr. Hyde is playing his best football right now. Read More

TBDBITL Preview: Week 9

Written October 25th, 2013 by Charles

OSUMB_logo2-300x280The question that has been rattling around in my mind this week has been “does being awesome all the time ever get boring?” I wonder if the directors of the Ohio State University Marching Band or its members ever wake up in the morning and go “you know, just for a change of pace maybe we won’t be awesome today.” Buckeye fans have known for generations how awesome TBDBITL is and in the past two years millions more people around the world have come to realize that too. Last year the band’s moving surfer formation, NASA show, and video game show received worldwide attention and the band hasn’t missed a beat this season when it comes to continuing its tradition of excellence. This past week’s tribute to the music of Michael Jackson may not have become the viral sensation that last year’s video game show became but it has received attention from numerous sources including USA Today, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Reddit, Huffington Post, and countless other sources that I’m too lazy and tired to look up.

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TBDBITL Preview: Week 8

Written October 18th, 2013 by Charles

OSUMB_logo2While the football team had last weekend off, the Ohio State University Marching Band was hard at work, hosting and performing at the Buckeye Invitational, a high school band competition held in Ohio Stadium.  On Saturday 33 high school bands made the trip to Columbus to compete, watch other high school bands, and get a chance to TBDBITL in action.  Growing up Ohio, it is pretty standard to be a Buckeye fan and just because one does not play football does not mean that one doesn’t still have dreams of setting foot on the field at the Shoe.  The Buckeye Invitational gives high school band kids a chance to live that dream by performing at the Shoe in front of their friends, family, and some of the best bands from across the state.  The event also serves as a great recruiting tool for the OSUMB as it gives the high school band members a chance to see TBDBITL perform and to see the wonderful facilities the marching band has available to it at OSU.

The Invitational got underway just after 10 am and featured performances from high school bands including Findlay, John Glenn High School, Centennial, Marietta, and many others; you can find lots more videos by doing a youtube search for ‘Buckeye Invitational 2013.’  The Invitational concluded with the OSUMB taking to the field as the Sun began to set.  The OSUMB’s performance began with the traditional ramp entrance which as always brought the crowd to its feet. 

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