Picks for the Weak: Week 9

Written October 29th, 2011 by Eric

"You guys are picking like a bunch of weaklings!"

The picks return to the BBC after the interminable bye-week!

The last time we saw our intrepid pickers, Eric had the lead over Mali by two games. During week 6, our players came out with the following records:
Joe D: 4-6, Mali: 7-3, Jim: 5-5, Joe L: 8-2, Eric: 5-5, Chris: 6-4, Robby: 8-2

With his 8-2 record to tie for the lead in the week, Joe L succeeded in surpassing both Eric and Mali for the overall lead heading into the final leg of the season. The totals stand thus:
Joe L: 38-21, Eric: 37-22, Mali: 37-22, Jim: 33-26, Joe D: 31-28, Chris: 17-13, Robby: 13-7

It should be an exciting final couple of weeks!

This week’s games feature a couple of exciting divisional battles, particularly in the Big Ten race, along with a number of other fascinating matchups. Read on to find our picks!
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Silver Bullet Points Protects Honu

Written October 12th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Notes from Tuesday’s Ohio State press conference and around the realm of college sports. No soundtrack today, but we’re totally shopping for a El Camino.

More Prestigious?

Buckeye 411

  • Injury update: Braxton practiced, and by all reports looked “fine”, although he took it easy after the initial burst. Coaches will continue to monitor, but according to the depth chart, he’s the starter. Not as good news for Nathan Williams, who will need another surgery for microfracture issues and will miss the season. HOWEVER- there is the possibility that he can take a medical redshirt and be back for 2012. *crossesfingers*
  • Captain, My Captain: Brewster (4th time), Sweat (3rd), and Stoneburner for this week’s tilt against the Illini.
  • Fickell Speak:Lots of talk about disappointment, obviously, and some reflection on the difference between being an assistant and the man in charge (almost sounds like he misses the former): Read More

Picks For The Weak: Week 6

Written October 8th, 2011 by Joe Dexter

Only weaklings get headaches making these picks.

I’m pretty sure that was the worst week of College Football picks for this crew in the five years of it’s existence. Maybe I’m over-exaggerating, but 75% of those who help me out with our Picks were at 0-5 as we headed into the evening on Saturday. Thanks to the Mustangs, I picked up some ground on everyone by a game! Beating those Horned Frogs like there’s no poison in their ummmm.. Bite.

It was Baylor this week that gave everyone a loss on their record. Thanks ESPN and RGIII for selling the hype on the clearance shelf.  It was me digging in and looking for legendary 5 buck team.

Truth is Baylor still isn’t elite.

A team that is though is those damn Badgers. A huge win over Nebraska propels them into national contenders. As sick as it makes me to even think about a BCS championship scenerio with that team. What’s more disturbing to the mind? The Badgers holding the glass football, or Bo Ryan dancing on the court.

No Contest. I hate you Bo Ryan.

Anyways, we’re here to break down the games and talk about week six of the college football season. Let’s take a look at Week 5′s results.

Computer 5-5-Expert 3-7-Mali 3-7-Joe D 6-4-Eric 6-4 - Joe L. 4-6 -Chris 4-6-Robby 5-5-Jim 4-6
Man, those records are gaudy and uglier than the Buckeyes Offense last Saturday (zing!) Here is a full look at the complete standings this season.
Experts  25-14-Computer 25-24-Eric 32-17-Mali 30-19-Joe 27-22-Jim 28-21-Joe L 30-19-Chris 11-9-Robby 5-5
We’ve got some thrillers coming up this week. Enough chatting and reminiscing. Let’s get right to the picks!

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The Week That Were: 9.2.11

Written September 4th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Welcome back to tBBC’s weekly wrapup- random thoughts, snarky observations, random hyperlinks, and occasionally intelligent insight from the weekend in college football.  As always, we aspire to bring you the best soundtracks to help you enjoy the words and pictures… so here we go- thanks to Tony Gerdeman for this week’s musical number:

I’ll admit- I was more than ready for the college football season to begin… particularly after the off season that my favorite squadron had this year. So on Thursday, when my favorite sportscaster was in the booth and the “marquee” game was a matchup at a place that I’d visited before… you can say that I was a bit excited.

Mad? About kickoff weekend? Never!

And it was totally worth it- the TCU/Baylor game exceeded my expectations as merely the appetizer for the weekend’s game, and launched officially the Robert Griffin Heisman campaign… man, the kid can play.  To be perfectly fair, if he and Luck and Jones and Moore have similar numbers, you’ve got to go with RG3 simply because his supporting cast is more ‘cast’ than ‘supporting’.

Remember when everyone was super excited about TCU and their unique defensive strategy? Yeah… about that. Like many have said, it certainly looked like they’d decided to play Big lEast caliber D in preparation for their new home.  That’s not to take anything away from the Bears, who absolutely did what they needed to do to set the college football season off on an amazing foot. ‘Sic ‘em!

The theme of the week, though, had to be everyone’s awesome back to school clothes… who would be the fashionistas this year, and who would be stuck at the loser’s table? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Picks of the Weak: 2011 Week One

Written September 2nd, 2011 by Joe Dexter

The turning of the leaves, the smell of fresh grilled dogs, the crack of a cold beer, and the blinding of the college football fans’ eyes by the uniforms so beloved by the players of one of the best sports in the world. Florescent shoes, designs within designs, and 4 different helmets per team. College Football is here! Week one is now officially on the books, and we are here to help you out by determining the picks for the weak (Friday – Monday) to start the season. This year, we’re doing things with a twist, as every week a national writer will join me in an audio sucker punch of information to help garner stronger picks out of you every week! Our guest will analyze the top five games and make his or her picks in our top ten games every week. In week one, we will just break down nine, in memory of when week 1 had some meaning.

Not to be forgotten, the good ole boys here at tBBC will add our picks, and the daunting and daring What If Sports computer will be along for the ride. You know, the game predictin’ machine that makes the BCS system look like a prehistoric  3.5″ floppy. Screw a New Year’s Resolution. My goal this season is to beat the machine. Can I do it?  Hell no. But you have a chance to brag all freakin’ fall and winter. Join us for all the fun by joining our Yahoo! Sports Pick’em pool. All you got to do is click join group, and type in these as your Group ID and Password:

Group ID#: 8801
Password: Moeller

The Expert Analysis:

Picks of the Weak: 2011 Week One With David Fox by The Buckeye Battle Cry

David Fox of Yahoo! Sports and Rivals.com joins us this week to break down Boise/Georgia, LSU/Oregon and Notre Dame/USF. We break down the chances of the favorites, the evolution of the Notre Dame and USF programs as they both head into year two of their respected coach’s regime. We also breakdown the quarterback battle in Atlanta on Saturday night, as Sophomore Aaron Murphy is pitted up against touted senior Kellen Moore. And the battle of NCAA Violations gets underway on Saturday as well at Jerry Jones’ Place. David and I break down that game in regards to suspension and allegations as well.
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Silver Bullet Points Gets Musical

Written January 7th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Wanna listen to Chinese Democracy?

Stuff from around the webs, some Buckeye, some not. And yeah… I decided to jump in the old wayback machine and get out my highschool albums for this one.

Little Sister, hit the stage. She can’t help it, she’s coming of age: Lots of TCU billboards around Columbus these days, taking a shot at President Gee’s comments regarding their schedule by touting the Frogs’ win over Wisconsin.  Three things…

  1. While the sentiment is appropriate and appreciated, and TCU’s great season(s) are to be appreciated, the person to thank for this win is our ol’ buddy Bret Bielma. If not due to his ineptitude at clock management at the end of the first half and his decision to go away from the steamrollers to let Tolzien throw in the third quarter, there’s a different outcome.
  2. The billboards fail to mention that TCU pulled out of a game against the Buckeyes way back in the days of yore ( if “yore” means 2009).
  3. The billboards also forget that the Horned Frogs are fleeing the company of the Little Sisters for the greener pastures of the Big East. You know, the “Still not all that big sisters” of the BCS family. Oh, and the other “media darling”, Utah, is doing the same thing. Let’s see how many BCS games these teams get into over the next five years.

Enjoy the amazing things going on with your program and your BCS win, Frogs.  Call us when you’ve got 6 of them.

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Rose Bowl: Texas Christian vs. Wisconsin

Written December 31st, 2010 by Joe

Don’t forget to join us on Saturday for our All Day Livechat! Unless you’d rather take down your Christmas Tree…

Grandaddy of them all…

Is "Vizio" bigger than the Rose?

TCU (12-0) vs. Wisconsin (11-1)

Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio, Pasadena, CA


The history of the Rose Bowl speaks for itself, and is known as “The Grandaddy of them all” for a reason.  It is the game that football fans gather around their tvs on New Years Day to watch.  Typically the Rose Bowl pairs the top champs from both the Big 10 and Pac 10. Originally the “Tournament East West Football Game”, the first matchup was in 1902 and began the bowl experience that we currently gripe about enjoy today.

Last year we all remember as Ohio State took to an Oregon team that everyone was talking about and how great they were.  This year Wisconsin returns for the first time in 11 years, to a bowl game they have not lost in the past 3 appearances.  This year with Oregon getting the bid in the National Championship the Rose Bowl was forced to take an at-large team, and TCU will become the first Non AQ team to play in the Rose Bowl.

TCU Horned Frogs

Dalton. Thought he'd be bigger...

TCU is a team that may feel they deserve a shot at the national championship, but the BCS disagrees (which is all that matters).  The lack of quality opponents on their schedule really hurt their resume,  even tOSU president Gordon Gee made a comment mid-season about “playing the sisters of the poor”.  I don’t think anyone would disagree that TCU is a very good football team, but the number of teams in the country that might have gone through their schedule undefeated hurts their perception.

TCU is a defensive minded team, and they will be led by All-American DE Wayne Daniels who had 6.5 sacks this season.  He will be going up against Wisconsin’s Outland Trophy winner Gabe Carimi, who has not had issues with many defenders this year.   The Horned Frogs defense allowed an average of just 11.4 points, 126.3 passing yards and 215.4 total yards per game this year, which were all tops in the country this season.  Wisconsin will be their most daunting task; will TCU be able to slow down their rushing attack?  Something that our own Buckeyes could not do as they gave up 184 yds against Wisconsin, and I would say TCU and Ohio State have somewhat comparable defense, at least statistically.

The offense is led by college football’s  active winningest QB Andy Dalton, with 41 wins for his career.  He threw for a staggering 26 td’s and only 6 int during the 2010 campaign.  He is a very accurate passer, and possess the ability to make the big play down the field. Dalton is not the only weapon in the backfield.  Sophomore Ed Wesley had a 1000 yd season to go along with reaching paydirt 11 times.  Look for Wesley to carry some of the load to try and keep the Wisconsin pass rush off-balance.

Wisconsin Badgers

Watt! What! Watt! What!

The Badgers come in following a great regular season, and have many calling them the best 1 loss team in the country. If not for their one hiccup in East Lansing they would have their name in the hat for the National Championship game.

This is a game that Wisconsin head coach Brett Bielema could really use to put on his resume.  He has had very good success in his short time there but following in coach Barry Alvarez’ footsteps has been a challenge for Bielema and the fans, especially since Alvarez is the only coach to ever win a Rose Bowl game at Wisconsin and owns three trophies.  A win could go along way in getting that monkey off  Bielema’s back- much like Aaron Rodgers’ successes following Brett Farve.

Wisconsin will be led by a huge offensive line, that will try and push the smaller TCU defensive lineman all over the field, and continue their dominance in the run game. Wisconsin has been averaging 247 yds/game on the ground behind their 3 headed monster at RB, John Clay, James White, and Montee Ball.  Also joining them in the backfield is the most accurate passer in the Big Ten, Scott Tolzien.  He completed 75% of his passes and threw for 16 td’s and 6 ints.  He is not the most flashy of players, but what he does give Wisconsin is a game manager who makes the throws in tight spots, to move the chains and extend drives. Tolzien’s favorite target in the passing game is star TE Lance Kendricks.  Look for him up the seam and on the out-cuts as Wisconsin trys to offset the running game with their passing game.

Wisconsin’s defense is led by stud DE J.J. Watt, and their opportune pass rush would leads to turnovers. They have had their struggles on defense this year giving up 34 pts to MSU and 30 to Iowa, but did hold teams like Ohio State and Michigan well below their season averages on the ground, and gave up a respectable 132 yds/ground while facing some very good rushing teams.

Who Are We Picking?

  • Eric- TCU
  • Jay- Wisky
  • Jeff- Wisky
  • Jim- Wisky
  • Joe- Wisky
  • Mali- Wisky

Eric going out on a limb, saying that the little guy is going to come out with something to prove (note: Eric just hates Wisconsin)  Wisky could sure shut up a lot of people with a total schlacking of the Horned Frogs.  I see this as a game where Wisky comes out and plays for all the major programs, and beats up on a team that could come out a little too fired up and playing for all small schools, or a dissapointment that they didn’t get into the NC game.

I see the overall advantage for Wisconsin due to them being able to control the LOS, and being able to wear out TCU.  Turnovers could tell a story and also special teams, and we know Wisconsin was opportune on special teams this year, with their kickoff return against Ohio State and fake punt against Iowa in two of their biggest games of the season.

Strength Of Schedule, Continued

Written December 2nd, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Quick follow up on President Gee’s comments last week regarding TCU and Southern Idaho State’s schedule; particularly that schools outside of the Big Ten and SEC don’t have the same week to week challenges as their “bigger” brothers.

President Gee has stepped away from those comments somewhat, saying

What do I know about college football? I look like Orville Redenbacher. I have no business talking about college football.

God, I love that guy. He also talked about upcoming announcements regarding future schedules that Buckeye fans should be excited about, and about reaching out to the real “Little Sisters Of The Poor” to give them the respect they deserved.

Elsewheres, Ken Gordon at the Dispatch has a great article today looking more closely at the schedule strength, and compares not only overall schedules, but the competition in and out of conferences. While you’ve probably read that Ohio State and Boise’s schedule strengths are pretty close this year, what Ken points out is that… Read More

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