BBN Bracket Challenge: Major Awards

Written March 14th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

We told you earlier that we were in process of coming up with some cool swag for the winners of our BBN Bracket Challenge, and now we’ve got enough that we can let you in on the awesome.

It's Italian

Our overall winner will get their choice of a shirt from the guys at Fresh Brewed Tees, their choice of Buckeye Flag from CVS Flags, a Cholula Hot Sauce Gift pack, some goodies from Fox Sports Ohio, and the opportunity to write a guest post here at tBBC. There may be a couple of things we’ll throw in here as well, but this is what we’ve got for now.

UPDATE:  Since I posted this, we were given a $25 gift card for The Buckeye Room- they’ve also got a promo where all OSU fans can get 10-20% off on purchased during March- Use the promo code MADNESS2012 when you buy gear online!

UPDATE2: We’ve also been given a “Rise And Grind” shirt from the guys at Time and Change for the winner!

If you’re in the #2-#5 spot, you’ll win one of the CVS Flags; if you’re #6-#10, you get one of the gift packs from Cholula. Huge thanks to Annapolis at The Buckeye Blog for coordinating the giveaways.

In the case of any ties, we’ll go with best first round score as the tiebreaker. After that, we’ll draw names from a pith helmet we’ve got laying around the office (don’t ask).

IMPORTANT: When you sign up, PLEASE don’t forget to include your email address so we can get in touch with you if you win.

Here’s the important details again: Our boycott of the four letter network continues, so we’re using Yahoo for our contest. For reference, here’s the group information.

Group ID#: 78517  Password: sw00n&su11y

(those are zeroes and ones)

Deadline is 12:15 Eastern on Thursday- That’s TOMORROW. Good luck!!

Silver Bullet Points Hunts In The Backyard

Written October 19th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

For once, SBP could serve as a public service announcement, particularly for the folks in the Zanesville area.

Might Be Useful

No afternoon presser today, so here’s all the non-exotic animal related news… unless you count John Simon as his own overly evolved species of critter.

Buckeye 411

  • Injury update: Again, nothing huge, but Coach Fickell said today that Travis Howard was running without problems, and that Braxton also looked pain free in the Buckeye’s 45 minute practice.
  • Can’t Bye Me Love: Coach Fickell was adamant that he’s not a “bye week” kind of guy, and that this week gives them the opportunity to get healthy and work on some of the things that they’ve struggled with. “Getting better”, “men of action”, and so forth.
  • That Being Said: Zach Boren seemed excited for the break, and mentioned that he played around 50 plays against Illinois on Saturday. Defensively, Johnathan Hankins also got in about 60 snaps or so; these guys have more than earned a little break of sorts.
  • Captain, My Captain: No captain announcement du jour, but major kudos to tBBC favorite John “Sandman” Simon for being named the B1G defensive player of the week. Hankins called him the perfect teammate, and said he’s “not a normal guy”. See earlier comments. Read More

Ready To Launch- Time & Change Event

Written October 18th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Bye Week Blowout

Well, the Buckeyes aren’t on this weekend, so what’s there to do?

You could stay home and watch Bucky and Sparty meet up, or maybe the cripple fight that is the “Battle For The Jeweled Shillelagh That’s Unfortunately Shaped“, but what fun would that be?

Nah, this is the weekend to get out of the apartment and hang out with your friends, enjoying great music and good company. So, if you’re in Columbus, you absolutely have to  head down to the South Campus Gateway for the event of the weekend; presented by The Columbus Magazine.

Yup, our friends at Time and Change are hosting a “launch party” of sorts, with music from O*C*D, CaliKidDubz, and special guest DJ Brooklyn Earick.

It’s a 21 and over gig, with food from Pizza Rustica, and beverages from Budweiser and Crown Royal, if you’re into that kind of thing.

The fun starts around 7 PM and goes until 1 AM… click on the flier or on the banner ad in our upper corner for more information!

Behind Enemy Lines: Gameday In Lincoln

Written October 9th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Next to last set of sights from Nebraska- mostly focusing on the events pre-game. This may read like a letter from your aunt on vacation… remember, sometimes she has good things to say.  Oh, and yes, I’ll talk about the game itself a bit later… once my therapist says it’s OK.

I arrived at the stadium around 11:00, which seems early for a 7:00 game but seems ludicrous given that it was 9:00 AM Los Angeles time.  Even though the Buckeyes won’t be back for several years, I’ve got to take this moment to strongly encourage Ohio State fans to travel to a game here at some point in their lifetime… seriously, they take “Husker Hospitality” as a challenge.

Upon arriving, I had the opportunity to survey the wonder of the ESPN truck… and all I did, for the record, is survey.  The suggestions I received via text and email would have surely landed me in jail for the game, although I’m confident even there someone would have asked me if I was having a nice visit to Lincoln.

The Huskerest Picture Ever

Moving onward I decided to connect with some folks I’d met via Buckeye Planet, and was welcomed into my first Nebraska tailgate to talk football and watch the OU/UT game. The consensus- this is the “asteroid strike” game for Husker fans, similar to our TTUN/ND wishes.  In talking conference expansion, the overall vote is “anyone but Texas”.

After bidding these folks adieu, I connected with some other Buckeye fans from Columbus for a “tour of Lincoln’s finest watering holes”. Even there, Scarlet and Gray was proudly represented (with the exception of a couple of Michigan fans), and I actually met people who were familiar with my ridiculously small corner of Ohio. Read More

One Fan’s Opinion- The Future Is Ours

Written August 28th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Dave, the winner of our Time and Change contest also was invited to submit a guest post for us… in spite of the fact that doing so would lower his credit score, here’s what he’s brought to the party!

Facing the future

Buckeye Nation, like it or not, has to come to terms with the departures of Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor. Many of us are still reeling from their leaving, but we have to let these men go. Opinions vary greatly about both of these men, but one thing is for sure, they’re not coming back!

Yes, it’s natural to have a grieving period, but this is not a death sentence. We have to prove that although we may be down, we’re far from out, and need to focus on the future! We need to embrace this time in Ohio State History as an opportunity to show our resolve.

The start of the season is just a matter of days away, and yet we’re talking about Terrelle’s 40 time at his pro day- Of course he’s a great athlete, and I wish him well, but he’s gone.

With him, and more importantly, The Vest is gone too. Undoubtedly, Tress will be chiseled into the Mt. Rushmore of Ohio State Football, right beside Woody. And yet, he’s gone.

All too soon it seems but hey, we’re Ohio State! We don’t rebuild; we RELOAD! We got ‘ol #99 at the helm now, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to lead our beloved Bucks into battle. Armed with his Ohio heritage, and a wrestler’s mentality, Luke will lead us “Across the Field”, all the way to Victory Bell.

With the young men we have on our roster, there’s no stopping us. We can’t change the past, but we can have a say in our future. C’mon Buckeye Nation, let’s get behind Coach Fickell, and the rest of our Buckeyes, and…….SHOCK THE WORLD!!!

Great thoughts, Dave… I’m just about ready for kick off, aren’t you?

And We Have A Winner: Time & Change Contest

Written August 23rd, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Two weeks later, and we’ve decided on a winner for our “Name the Ohio State Offense” competition. We had a lot of great entries, and our staff had a difficult time deciding with a ton of different opinions.

  • Jim’s “Tresselball 2.0″ and Jeff’s “Hammer and Fickell” were strong contenders, but out of the running due to obvious conflicts of interest.
  • In the “Use a player’s name” bracket, “Release The Braxton” and “Rod Smith’s Train of Pain” were ones that we’ll be able to revisit in the future, I think.
  • Honoring the past- “The Young And The Vest-less” and “Woody’s Fist”
  • The “Talladega Nights” category- “Ground and Pound”, “Slice n Dice”, and “Pound and Fury”
  • Lots of colorful ideas: “Silver Shields”, “Red Gorillas”, “Silver Movers”
  • The “nominated after the deadline” winners- “Shock And Offense” and “Miller’s Time”
  • Getting musical- “Three Yards and a Trail of Dead”
  • Receiving votes from the guys connected to the team- “Organized Chaos”
  • More colors- “Scarlet Bullets”, “Scarlet Burn”, “Scarlet Armament”, “Scarlet Infantry”, and “Frankly, Scarlett…” (Ok, kidding on the last one…)

And the winner is… on a continuation of that theme:

Read More

tBBC Contest Reminder: Time And Change Clothiers

Written August 19th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Ready for Kickoff

CONTEST ENDS SATURDAY AT MIDNIGHT- Don’t forget to enter for you chance to win gear from Time and Change Clothiers!

To enter, go to the original post and let us know YOUR SUGGESTION OF A NICKNAME FOR THIS SEASON’S OHIO STATE OFFENSIVE UNIT. A counter point to  “Silver Bullets“, as it were.

Winner will be decided next Sunday, and will get a T&C shirt of their choosing as well as an opportunity to guest post here at tBBC.

Entries must be in the comments section; facebook and twitter suggestions will not be considered (although being our friend/follower is always double awesome). When you comment, be sure to use an accurate email- we don’t spam folks, and want to get your prize to you.

Even if you don’t win, remember that T&C are offering free shipping for Buckeye Battlecry readers who order three articles from them. Just be sure to put “tBBC” in the “Comments” section as you check out online.

Good luck, and GO BUCKS!!

Silver Bullet Points Sets Up Camp

Written August 9th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye
Start of something amazing

Jim has got this week’s practices covered, so here’s the other news that you may have missed.

Former Buckeye News

Friendly Reminder:

Don’t forget to enter tBBC’s contest for a chance to win your own gear from Time & Change Clothiers, and to get a discount on your tailgate threads for the Akron game. Note: ability to unload on receivers coming across the middle not included.

Read More