Lost And Found: A Memory Of The Game

Written November 9th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

If you’re an Ohio State fan, you get it.

You understand that the end of season match against That Team Up North is the measuring stick by which the program is defined.

You know that going out for groceries in many towns in Ohio during The Game is an exercise in futility; a lot of places are closed for the sacred observance of the annual clash.

If you’re a younger fan, you may wonder what the big deal is, though- last year was but a blip in the 10 year domination that Ohio State has had over their vaunted rivals.  Growing up during the Cooper administration, though, you have a different perspective: 2-10-1 burns deep into your psyche. Before him, Coach Bruce managed 5-4 in his tenure; a winning record, but not enough to allow him to keep his job.

And even yet today, both Coaches Bruce and Cooper still spend time in the athletic center named for the coach that made The Game what it is; their legacy and leadership helping ensure that the significance of this event is passed down to the next generation of Buckeyes.

While always significant, it was Coach Woody Hayes, who would not even say the name of That School or buy gasoline in That State, who made the rivalry what it truly is. While the “Ten Year War” between the schools is well documented, what’s less remembered is the second victory Coach Hayes had over the Wolverines and what it meant for him and the rest of the program.

Ohio State would never be the same after November 20, 1954… especially for a group of optometry students. Read More

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