tBBC Game Preview: Indiana Hoosiers

Written November 21st, 2013 by Ken

Candy cane for the Holidays

The #3 Ohio State Buckeyes (10-0, 6-0) host the Indiana Hoosiers (4-6, 2-4) for a 3:30 PM EST kickoff at the Horseshoe. The Buckeyes, the Rodney Dangerfield of BCS-Land comes off a 60-35 “squeaker” over Illinois while Indiana’s high-flying offense got badgered by Wisconsin in a 51-3 loss. Oof. Ohio State is on a 22 game winning streak, which ties the school record. The next win, this one, will establish a school record.

Ohio State on Offense


Millenium Man

Ohio State brings in a high-powered offense (49.4 ppg and 536 ypg), which is 12 points and 100 yards per game better than last year’s undefeated team. The tempo is a bit higher, running 75 plays per game this year, compared to 70 last year.

This offensive touchstone for this game will be Carlos Hyde’s’ quest for 1,000 yards. As you’re aware, this will be Coach Meyer’s first 1,000 yard rusher and will be a validation for Hyde for his patience and dedication.

Indiana brings a defensive unit that is last in the B1G in rushing defense (251 YPG) and total defense (535 YPG). So, I guess in that sense, it’s a well-balanced defense. At this point, Indiana’s rushing defense is a bit better than Illinois, but after OSU drops 250 – 300 yards on them, they won’t be.

Ohio State on Defense


Coming to a QB near you

If you were uncomfortable/annoyed with OSU’s defense performance against Illinois last week, get ready for more of the same this week. Indiana’s offense ranks only a spot or two below OSU’s in most categories, 39 PPG, and 497 YPG. In fact Indiana leads the Conference in passing offense. If Scheelhaase made you uncomfortable last week, keep the Maalox handy Saturday.

The Hoosiers run a dual quarterback system of sorts, similar to Northwestern. Nate Sudfeld plays the part of Trevor Siemian while Tre Roberson is the Kain Colter. Although Sudfeld is a top-notch passer (224 YPG 144 QBR), when he is in the game you either play the pass or key on RB Tevin Coleman (106 YPG). With Roberson, we can get anything. Hopefully, the Buckeye defense can get close to full strength for this game.

Wrap Up

So, how’s it going to shake out? The line has OSU -33 with the over/under at 76, which comes out to around a 56-20 score. The weather forecast for Saturday is 40 degrees, possibility of snow and windy. If so, this may take the air out of the ball, since we have a great offensive line and Carlos Hyde, and Indiana doesn’t. I see a comfortable win, in terms of margin of victory, but not necessarily a relaxing one.

The game is scheduled for a 3:30 PM EST kickoff with television coverage on ABC/ESPN2. Please join us at tBBC for live in-game chat approximately 30 minutes before kickoff.  We look forward to seeing you.

Across the Web: Hoosier Time!

Written October 12th, 2012 by Gary Russell II

This week Ohio State takes on the Hoosiers from Indiana who played incredibly tough against the Spartans last week… this could be an interesting game for the Buckeyes.  For some insight on the Hoosiers, we welcome back John M. from www.crimsonquarry.com to answer some questions from our panel.  Here’s what John has to say:

Bottled Up

1. Indiana took Michigan State to the wire last Saturday.  Did you expect that this team would be able to put up such a good fight against the Big Ten runners up from last year?

No, I really didn’t expect it.  I think the second half looked much how I feared the first half would look when IU’s offense tried to take on MSU’s defense.  As it stood, IU was able to put up some points against the MSU defense in the first half, and the defense played well, too, forcing MSU to punt on 7 of its first 10 possessions before finally collapsing.  I wouldn’t have expected IU to be in the game without a dramatic turnover advantage, but it happened.

2. How do you feel about the work Kevin Wilson has done at Indiana so far?  Are the Hoosiers moving in the right direction?

I like Wilson.  I like his resume and the staff he has put together.  Obviously, at some point the wins will have to come, but I do think this team is meaningfully better than last year’s team, which is better than the alternative.

3. What does Indiana like to do offensively that has made them suddenly so dangerous?  Which players are the vital cogs that make the offense work so well?

IU has been running a very fast-paced offense that is somewhat similar to what would have been seen at Texas Tech under Mike Leach.  IU OC Seth Littrell is a Leach protégé.  I’ve been very impressed with all three quarterbacks that IU has used this year, and as always seems to be the case, IU has some respectable pieces at the offensive skill positions: Stephen Houston and Tevin Coleman at RB, Kofi Hughes, Cody Latimer, Nick Stoner, and Duwyce Wilson at WR, Ted Bolser at TE.  I do think IU’s offensive numbers are a bit deceiving.  IU has been productive, but in all three losses IU has had extended periods of close to zero offensive production: the second half against MSU, the first half against Northwestern, the third quarter against Ball State.  IU’s defense is improving, but IU won’t win another game if the offense continues to take entire quarters and halves off.

4.      How do you see the Hoosier’s defense adjusting from attacking Michigan State’s power running game to Ohio State’s spread look? Read More

Ranking the 2012 Big Ten Quarterbacks- One Fan’s Opinion

Written July 19th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Tim checks in again looking at the guy behind the guy behind the guy across the B1G

Throwing the forward pass is a big question mark for the majority of Big Ten quarterbacks. Their athleticism, though, is not.

Many of the 2012 Big Ten starting quarterbacks are doing everything they can to fight the stereotype of “game manager.” For a conference usually classified by others as boring, I see only four of the 12 projected starters as “pro-style” quarterbacks; the rest can be classified as “dual-threats” or “athletes.”

With that said, I give to you my 2012 Big Ten quarterback rankings.

Last? I haz a sad..

12. Matt McGloin (Penn State): McGloin has started ten games in his Nittany Lion career, but just hasn’t gotten any better. However, he’s far and away PSU’s best option at quarterback. Last year, McGloin threw for 1,571 yards with 8 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. With the Penn State program in such turmoil, it would be nice if they had a savior at quarterback. Matt McGloin is not that.

11. Tre Roberson (Indiana): Although he was just a true freshman, Roberson struggled as Indiana’s starting quarterback last year. His rushing ability can make him a dangerous player for defense to account for. And in Roberson’s defense, he plays for Indiana.

10. Andrew Maxwell (Michigan State): Maxwell sat behind Kirk Cousins for two seasons, not getting many opportunities to show off his talent. Inexperience is the reason why I have Maxwell ranked where I do. He’s got the physical skills, but just simply hasn’t played in enough games yet for me to rate him any higher than ten.

9. Kain Colter (Northwestern): Colter may not be the best natural quarterback for the Wildcats, but he’s definitely their best athlete. In addition to quarterback, he also spent time playing running back and wide receiver for Northwestern. In 2011, Colter threw for 673 yards and six touchdowns, ran for 654 yards and nine touchdowns and caught 43 passes for 466 yards and three touchdowns. For Northwestern, it is simple: Get him the damn ball.

8. Caleb TerBush (Purdue): From everything I’ve heard, Purdue doesn’t even know who its starting quarterback is going to be. It’s a race between TerBush and Robert Marve, who has been playing college football for about fifteen years now. My guess is the Boilermakers will go with TerBush, who threw for nearly 2,000 yards and 13 touchdowns last year.

Resume: Not Ron Zook

7. MarQueis Gray (Minnesota): Gray has all of the physical tools to be an All-Big Ten selection. The 6’4” 240 quarterback has a deadly combination of size and speed, but he hasn’t lived up to all of his hype—now entering his senior season. He did take major strides last season, though, under coach Jerry Kill. Gray threw for nearly 1,500 yards last season and ran for 966, scoring 14 total touchdowns. But, like Roberson, Gray does not have much help as he plays for a team that finished 3-9 last season.

6. Nathan Scheelhaase (Illinois): Illini fans were left wanting more from Scheelhaase in 2011. After a very promising freshman campaign in which he threw for over 1,800 yards, ran for 868 yards and scored 22 total touchdowns, Scheelhaase showed little improvement in h is sophomore season. In fact, many Illinois supporters say he took a step backwards during his sophomore campaign. He threw for just 13 touchdowns and ran for 624 yards. Losing superstar wide receiver A.J. Jenkins won’t make things easier for him either, but Scheelhaase is another dual-threat quarterback that has the ability to drive opposing coaches crazy.

Read More

Is Tre Roberson a better QB than Braxton Miller?

Written November 8th, 2011 by Jim

Are Jim Bollman and company holding Braxton Miller back?

Based on the results of the game this past weekend, the answer to that question may be more up in the air than an Ohio State fan would like to admit.

Regardless of the answer, one thing seems certain: Ohio State’s struggles passing the ball are here to stay despite everyone’s hope to see improvement (particularly against the hapless Hoosiers- things will only get more difficult moving forward).

If it makes anyone feel better (it shouldn’t), every week the problems have less and less to do with the players on the field and more and more to do with the coaching staff (and I question how much the problems had to do with the players from the beginning).

The youth and inexperience angle may have explained the problems at the start of the season, but we are now entering week 9 and my tolerance for such excuses is at an end.

Wasting time on the devastatingly mediocre skills of Joe Bauserman and setting back Braxton Miller’s maturation certainly didn’t help matters on the experience front, but is that really a valid excuse for a coaching staff that was responsible for that failure as well?

Consider the following points from the last game:

  • The Hoosiers had a freshman QB under center with almost the exact same skill set as Braxton Miller and the same “thrown-into-the-lineup-halfway-through-the-year” experience.
  • The Hoosiers were playing without their top two receiving targets and had just as much (if not more) inexperience in the receiving corps when compared to the Buckeyes.
  • The Hoosiers were playing against a very good defense on the road.

And yet, under all of those “at-least-as-bad-as-Ohio State” circumstances, the Hoosiers managed to pass the ball for 174 yards against the Buckeyes. Read More

Buckeyes escape spunky Indiana 34-20

Written November 5th, 2011 by Eric

The Buckeyes tangled with the Indiana Hoosiers on a sunny day in the Horseshoe in a game that was much closer than many thought.

To The House

Big runs from Boom Herron, Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde helped lift the Buckeyes to the 34-20 win at home.  All three runners gained more than 100 yards on the ground, the first time that has happened since the 1989 game against Northwestern, and 4 total touchdowns – two from Miller.  Braxton Miller also added 5 completions on 11 attempts for 55 yards through the air.

Indiana started the game with the ball and came out on the attack.  Showing they weren’t afraid of the Buckeye front four, the Hoosiers ran it straight down OSU’s throat repeatedly.  The strategy gained them good yardage on the ground, most likely due to the fact that the OSU defense looked a little flat on defense.  That’s not usually a surprise as they usually look that way for the first couple series of a game, Indiana was simply doing a good job of taking advantage of it.

John Simon eventually caught an Indiana ball carrier in the backfield on third down.  The Hoosiers were forced to kick a field goal, but were clearly happy to be on the scoreboard first.  On that drive Tre Roberson looked confident and well in command of the Indiana offense.  The future definitely looks bright for the Hoosiers with him in the backfield.

Read More

Buckeye LiveBlog: Indiana

Written November 5th, 2011 by Eric

The Buckeyes attempt to evade the trap set by the Indiana Hoosiers today, and we’ll be here to chat about it!

As usual, we’re joined by: Our Honor Defend, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, The Silver Bullets Blog, Fox Sports Ohio, and Buckeye House Call.

You can also find our lead-in work to this matchup at the following links:
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Go Bucks!

Across The Web- Indiana

Written November 4th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye
Another visit with a brother from another mother, this time in the form of Crimson Quarry’s John M. Be sure to check out CQ’s coverage of all things Hoosier, we’re excited to have him back for another visit!

0-5 is a rough way to start in the Big Ten.  What does Kevin Wilson need to do to get this Indiana team a conference win? Now that he has more experience, do you think Wilson is the right fit for Indiana?

Top Of The Billboard Charts

Well, he needs to beat Purdue.  That’s the only hope for a conference win.  IU could improve its play 100 percent in each of the next two games and wins at Ohio State and at Michigan State still would be unlikely.  The offense, led by true freshman QB Tre Roberson and RB Stephen Houston, seems to be coming around, but to have any hope of beating Purdue, we will have to cobble something together on defense.  As for Wilson, I think it’s too early to say.  I really liked his qualifications when he was hired and I still do.  I really liked the qualifications of his staff and I still do.  This season has been a disappointment, particularly on defense, and Wilson seems willing to blow things up to some degree and start from scratch.  We’ll see if it works.  Plenty of successful coaches have had rough first years (Barry Alvarez, Bill Snyder, Bill Mallory at IU).  Plenty of unsuccessful coaches have had rough starts as well.  It’s just too early to tell.

What is one thing that Indiana fans are hopeful can get sorted out by the end of the season? Read More

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