tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 14

Written August 17th, 2013 by Ken
pittman notre dame fiesta

AP off to the races. A one-horse race, and he was it

In today’s edition, we celebrate number 14, the Ohio State’s margin of victory over Notre Dame in the 2006 Fiesta Bowl on January 1st, 2006, 34-20.

This game matched up Big Game Girth Charlie Weiss against the plodding, we’ll-get-there-eventually Buckeyes under Jim Tressel. Ohio State managed to plod their way to 617 total yards. Quite a bit of that yardage and scoring came via non-plod big plays (Ginn Jr 56 yard TD reception, 68 yard TD run; Holmes 85 yard TD reception; Pittman 60 yard TD run).

For you keeping score at home, that’s four TD’s on 269 yards on four plays. Why mess around with ‘Red Zone’ offense when you can do that?

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tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 25

Written August 6th, 2013 by Charles

Troy Smith shows the appropriate level of enthusiasm following the game.

Troy Smith shows the appropriate level of enthusiasm following the game.

The most important game of the season for any Ohio State fan or player is the annual season ending showdown against Michigan.  Over the years the two teams have produced numerous unforgettable games with conference or national titles on the line and the 2005 showdown between 9th ranked Ohio State and 17th ranked Michigan was no exception.  The Buckeyes entered Ann Arbor riding a five game winning streak and needing a win to claim a share of the Big Ten title while Michigan was on a four game winning streak and needed a win and a Penn State loss later in the day for a share of the conference title.

Ohio State would get out to a 6-0 lead thanks to a short run by Troy Smith midway through the first quarter however John Huston’s point after failed.  Huston would make amends with a 42 yard field goal early in the second quarter to extend the Buckeye lead to 9-0.  After a Michigan touchdown cut into the OSU lead, Huston made a last second field goal to give the Buckeyes a 12-7 advantage as the two teams headed to the locker room.

The second half got off to a bad start for the Buckeyes as they fumbled deep in their own territory on their first possession, giving Michigan great field position.  While the OSU defense managed to limit the Wolverines to just a field goal, the momentum swung solidly in Michigan’s direction.  The OSU offense continued to struggle and another miscue, this time a poor punt, once again gave Michigan the ball in OSU territory and this time they capitalized with a touchdown and a two point conversion to take an 18-12 lead late in the third quarter.  The OSU offense finally got something going on their next drive but it was all for not as they missed a 46 yard field goal.  The Wolverines got a chance to try a field goal of their own on the ensuing drive and they converted to extend their lead to 21-12 midway through the fourth quarter.

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tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 46

Written July 16th, 2013 by Ken
APittman UM 2005

Pittman, FTW

In today’s edition, we celebrate number 46, an Ohio State victory over TTUN  on  November 19th, 2005, 25-21. I could have selected another OSU win over TTUN, but the dynamics of this one are so satisfying.

The Buckeyes capped off a 9-2 regular season with another beating of Michigan, this time at Ann Arbor.  The first half was a bit of a yawner as the Buckeyes took a 12-7 lead into the locker room. The Guys With The Funny Helmets then scored 14 consecutive points to take a 21-12 lead with 7:49 left in the game. Nine points, less than 8 minutes? No problem.

Notable plays in the comeback included the diving-across-the-goal line TD reception by Santonio Holmes (and subsequent B.S. unsportsmanlike penalty on him), and of course The Catch by Anthony Gonzalez with :39 remaining. Which set up Antonio Pittman’s off-tackle TD run to get the ‘W’.

 Enjoy the highlights.

tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 59

Written July 3rd, 2013 by Ken
Troy Smith 2005

Troy’s 3 TD passes were fun to watch..

In today’s edition, just like The Count, we continue the march to the season opener by celebrating Buckeye victories. No, no, we insist.

Today’s contest is Ohio State’s 35-24 win over Michigan State in 2005. Having incurred their 2nd loss (and last of the season) the previous week at Penn State, the Buckeyes returned home to host the Spartans for Homecoming.  There were two things of note in this game. First, Troy Smith had three long TD pass plays (Santonio Holmes 51yd, 46yd, Ted Ginn Jr 57yds). The other was this play, courtesy of Vico and his old haunt at OHD.

I came in from a round of golf and this was on the TV in the grill room. As the half played out, and MSU looked a lot better than OSU, I was ready to order another beer. After the Nate Salley block/Ashton Yobouty return, I figured this game may turn out all right after all. I proceeded home to catch the 2nd half in all its glory, capped off by Troy Smith’s  1 yd TD run with 1:90 to play. The Buckeyes would continue to win every game that season.

TBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 76

Written June 16th, 2013 by Ken

Today is #76 in our continuing Countdown to Kickoff series placing us squarely at Minnesota’s 2nd appearance on the list. On October 29th, 2005, OSU outgunned the Gophers, 45-31.

The Buckeyes and Gophers played to 14-14 halftime at but Ohio State pulled away with 28 2nd half points. Antonio Pittman (186 yds, 2 TD’s) and Troy Smith (216 yds, 3 TD’s) powered the offense, while Ted Ginn Jr. returned a KO 100 yds for another TD.

Antonio Pittman on the loose

Wednesday Night Rumble: Tournament Time

Written March 13th, 2013 by Jason

Basketball’s regular season is in the books. It’s officially time to get serious: Its tournament time. It’s also Wednesday night and you know what that means… Let’s rumble!

Hoops on Hoops

The Buckeyes finished the regular season Sunday with a 13 point home win over Illinois. They finish with a record of 23-7, good for a tie for second place in the Big Ten and the number two overall seed in the Big Ten Tournament. They now await tomorrow’s winner of Purdue vs Nebraska and will play Friday at 6:30 eastern on the Big Ten Network.

Deshaun Thomas, Lenzelle Smith and Aaron Craft during the 2012 tournaments

Deshaun Thomas, Lenzelle Smith and Aaron Craft during the 2012 tournaments

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Ohio State Upgrades Schedule, Adds Texas

Written October 10th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Deep In The Heart

Following last week’s news that the Buckeyes would be entering into a two game, home and away series with Texas Christian for 2018-2019, the Athletic Department today announced that Ohio State would again play the University of Texas in 2022 (in Austin) and 2023 (in Columbus)

This will be a renewal of a great, recent series- Vince Young led the Longhorns over the Buckeyes in 2005 on their way to a national title and a Heisman*; Troy Smith and Ohio State defeated Texas in 2006 in a season that ended with a national title game (involving Urban Meyer… hmm…) and a Heisman for Smith as well.

Ohio State lost to Texas in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl following a great performance at the end of the game by Heisman finalist Colt McCoy.

Here’s the official word from the WHAC:

Ohio State vs. Texas in 2022 & 2023Games will be the fourth and fifth in a series that had its first game in 2005COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State University and the University of Texas have agreed to a home-and-home football series that will have the two teams playing in Austin, Texas, in 2022 and in Columbus in 2023.

“Playing a program like the University of Texas always creates remarkable experiences for our players and fans,” Ohio State Director of Athletics Gene Smith said. “Our last series with the Longhorns contributed to the great history and tradition that Buckeye Nation enjoys.”

The games will be played Sept. 17, 2022 in Texas Stadium and Sept. 16, 2023 in Ohio Stadium. The schools have met three times previously – a home-and-home arrangement in 2005 and 2006, and in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl – with Texas holding a 2-1 edge in wins.

*Since Reggie Bush had his taken away…

The Week That Were: 09.22.12

Written September 24th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

And now, it gets real. Conference season. No more cupcakes… although, that hasn’t worked out all that well for a lot of teams.  Today’s soundtrack is from this week’s release, and was chosen just to make our friend Bacon happy.


Let’s start out west this week, which gives me a chance to do two of my favorite things in the world.  The first is to enjoy this moment: Oh, Rich Rod face, how I’ve missed your sublime poignancy. The second is to post a great FanShot, sent to us from pretty choice seats in Eugene… lots of people making their “O” face in that game, for sure. As a reminder, if you go to a game this year, send us a photo and we’ll run it on Monday mornings.

So, let’s talk about the Ducks.  The wife and I watched the game… at least until Arizona threw a 4th and goal interception in the third quarter. After that, the fate of the Wildcats was sealed and we headed onto other things (Food Network, Ahoy!). ‘Cause here’s the fact- Oregon may take some time to warm up, but once they find weakness they will attack and attack and attack… and the next thing you know, you lose 49-0. Well, until they play a team with a defensive front, that is.

While the Ducks are still doing what they do, I’ve got to tip my hat a bit to Arizona- it was fun to watch the Rodriguez offense again and only have a little bit of hatred for the passes to the slot receivers and so forth. He’ll do well in Tuscon, particularly given that the transition won’t be as drastic as it was heading from Morgantown to Ann Arbor… and he probably doesn’t have alumni and former coaches trying to sabotage him as well.

In fact, I’d love to see RRod’s former team play the one he just faced- What WVa is doing offensively is probably the only thing that can match with the speed and scoring ability that we’re seeing in Eugene. Granted, they only managed 31 against a pretty bad Maryland team, but the potential is there.  A bowl game between Chip Kelly and Dana Holgorsen would certainly surpass the UW/Baylor game from last year, and would feature some of the most unique costumes uniforms in college sports.

I don’t know which is worse- that the play was allowed to continue, or that the official seems to be enjoying the spectacle.  A little help here: Was the player that removed the helmet ejected, as per the rules? Read More

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