Passing Along Some Silver Bullet Points

Written May 15th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s not summer yet, no matter how many days of 90+ degree weather that we have in Los Angeles… but the summer blockbuster season is upon us. With that in mind, let’s revisit an SBP favorite for this week’s soundtrack.

Buckeye 411

It’s Disney? Rats…

The beauty of it is, kids are kids and people are people, and if they first and foremost feel that you care about them and that you really are there to serve them, it’s easy. I’ve had the chance to hone those skills for many, many, many years, and to me it’s second nature to want to see what I can do for someone.

This also sounds familiar,

That marketing and television and all of the funds that are involved in major college athletics have certainly taken a little bit of control, not just for the institution, but I think it’s affected the experience for the youngsters. It’s not necessarily what I believe in, and I worry a little bit that there’s so much time invested into that singular passion, that — are we giving them the experiences that they are going to need through the rest of their lives?

Akron students… I hope you know how fortunate you are.

Buckeye Hoops

Silver Bullet Points’ Gots Questions

Written April 17th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Lotta stuff rattling around the ol’ brainpan the last couple of days… sometimes it’s good to have a bit of distraction from the harshness of our realities. Here’s the song that’s been stuck in my subconscious

Buckeye 411

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2013 March Madness Bracketology: South Region

Written March 19th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

Have you filled out your brackets for the Tournament Challenge yet? Here’s our last take on the regional matchups.

The South Region is chock full of talent and it could make an argument for being the toughest out of all four regions. It could also be anyone’s to win headed to the Final Four with a four seed taking the prize in that team we don’t like to call by name. This could be the year that everyone has dreaded and we actually see an All-B1G Final Four. Let’s get started.

Southern Road To Atlanta

Southern Road To Atlanta

Favorite-As much as I want to see an All-B1G Final Four and will pick that team as one of my two to leave the South, Kansas is the favorite here.  Since the dismantling of the Buckeyes early in the season they have made a strong debate among who the other #1 seed was really going to be. Duke’s faltering down the stretch, yet again, really opened the door. I said early in the year that my two dark horses to win it all were Kansas and Arizona. We shall see what they have in the Sweet Sixteen when they square off against you know who.

Cinderella- Shaka’s team can no-longer be a cinderella, they are like Gonzaga and Butler when it comes to big-time respect and they are getting it. My cinderella here is an easy pick for me because a kid I have known all through his middle and high school years, who graduated with my two kids, and is a special player, is Chase Fieler from FGCU. This team has the makings of a very special team and the coach to get them there. They upset Miami early in the season and their reward for it and making the dance is Georgetown? They didn’t get a good enough look from the committee because they were a 12 seed easily. I look for these high flyers to make some noise. Read More

B1G Men’s Tournament Live Thread: Day Two

Written March 15th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

BBC BIG TEN TOURNEY#3 Michigan State versus #6 Iowa

Iowa used a quick start and some of Sparty’s own medicine to jump out to a 30-20 lead at halftime.  The Hawkeye’s quick start opened a double digit lead but Michigan State settled down and was able to get the lead trimmed in the middle of the half.  Iowa then used a couple of three points down the stretch to open it back up a bit and take their 10 point lead into the half.

The Hawkeyes have taken a page out of the Spartan’s playbook when it comes to hustle and heart.  Every loose ball seems to going to Iowa and as of right now it just looks like they want it more then Michigan State.  Iowa is copying their first half performance from last night as they have 8 different players scoring again tonight (none have over 6 points) and Michigan State’s Adrian Payne leads all scorers with 7.

The second half of the game left me speechless.  Unfortuntalely, it was for many reasons.  Iowa fought extremely hard, out working the Spartans for much of the game.  They continued to run a balanced, team offense in which no player had double figures when all was said and done.  Michigan State refused to go quietly as Payne (18 points), Harris (13 points), and Appling (13 points) slowly chipped away at the Hawkeye lead and eventually took the lead with about 4 minutes to go.  Iowa still didn’t give up as they missed a game tying shot at the end of game, allowing the Spartans to escape with the victory 59-56.

Michigan State will now face Ohio State in the second semi-final game tomorrow.  They will tip-off approximately 25 minutes after the Indiana-Wisconsin matchup.  Be sure to check back with us tomorrow for complete updates all day long!

#2 OSU versus #10 Nebraska

Check out Eric’s recap of the OSU win over Nebraska here.

#4 TTUN versus #5 Wisconsin Read More

What do you Want to see on Saturday? Skunk Weasel Edition

Written November 23rd, 2012 by Eric


Focused on the goal.

Rattle the QB.No matter who is under center, turn the Silver Bullets loose early and get them rattled. Neither has faced a D, save for Alabama, that will provide the pressure and coverage the Buckeyes will. John Simon tied an Ohio State record for sacks in a game last week, and he’s hungry for more.

Make Them Guess. Here’s to the coaching staff coming up with a great game plan. I want TTUN guessing every play, where we are going with the football. Maybe Braxton’s bad day in Madison was due to sandbagging or by him thinking about this weeks game. Hard to avoid looking ahead to an opportunity to right a previous wrong. Buckeyes kept up with a better Wolverine squad last year and just fell short. Time for The Reckoning II(Thanks Jason L.)

Take It Back. It being the Rivalry. Remind them who has been in charge in recent history. The Buckeyes have an opportunity to show the world that last year was a one year event. Most thought it may have been a couple years before things got back to normal with respect to the Buckeyes being in charge.Urban Meyer has let everyone know just how important this week is to him.


Bring the noise. The Buckeyes are 11-0. This is the last game of the season, our bowl game. It is The Game. It’s TTUN. If you’re there, make the floor vibrate.

Line dominance. Offensive and defensive lines can win this this game. Defense move the line of scrimmage, offense move some people.

Feed Carlos. Get Carlos Hyde involved early and often. Let him soften that defense up and create options for Braxton Miller.

The Reckoning. Last season we took their best shot with one of our weakest teams and still almost pulled out a win up in Ann Arbor. All the while Denard Robinson pranced around arrogantly and made his “eat” motions. It’s time to ease the pain of that afternoon and get some payback.

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Picks for the Weak – Week 13

Written November 21st, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

As we head into the final weekend of B1G play before the title game next weekend, the Buckeyes sit atop the Leaders Division all alone after clinching on the road at Madison. Not exactly the way the Buckeyes envisioned winning, but they got it done in OT. Let’s take a look at the results from last weekend across the conference.

Nerds @ Sparty.  Prediction Sparty 23 to 20; Right score, WRONG team, Nerds 

Hawkeyes @ TTUN.   Prediction Hawkeyes 21 to 17; WRONG TTUN 42 to 17

Hoosiers @ Penn State. Prediction PSU 34 to 32; RIGHT PSU 45 to 22

Purdue @ Illinois.  Prediction Boilers 26 to 13; RIGHT Boilers 20 to 17

Minnesota @ Nebraska. Prediction Cornhuskers 39 to 13; RIGHT 38 to 14

#6 Ohio State @ Wiscy. Prediction Buckeyes all the way; RIGHT 21 to 14 OT

It is rivalry week this week all across the B1G and there’s really only one game everybody cares about and thats the Buckeyes hosting TTUN. The wolverweenies still have a shot at the title game if Iowa upsets Nebraska and the Sun and Blue upset the Buckeyes in the Shoe. Dont believe that’s gonna happen personally so we will see Nebraska and Wiscy in the title game next week. The best match-up of the week is Wiscy at Penn State. Do the Badgers lose to bowl ineligibles in back to back weeks?

Roastnears v. Ethanol Corn. Nebraska @ Iowa. Friday. Iowa isn’t going bowling after being a surprise early in the season after starting the B1G on a roll. This will be a snoozer in Iowa City on Friday as Nebraska will simply be tuning up for the B1G Championship game against Wiscy. Cornhuskers 31 to 14

The Land of Lincoln Trophy. Illini @ Nerds. This really won’t be much of a battle this year. What will be interesting is to see just how hard the Illini try to keep from losing all of their B1G games. Nerds are bowl eligible and were atleast in the B1G discussion at one point this season. If the conference refuses to give the COTY award to Coach Meyer, then Fitzgerald should probably get it. Nerds 24 to 17

Old Oaken Bucket. Indiana @ Purdue. The Boilers and Hoosiers both want to get this season over with as soon as possible. Only the Biolers have an outside shot at getting to a bowl game if they win this game. The Hoosiers have had a good season by their standards but their basketball team is #1 in the nation and are alot more fun to watch I am sure. Hoosiers 21 to 20

For 4th in the Legends. Sparty @ Minny.  What a disappointing and uncharacteristic season it has been for the Spartans who may not make it to a bowl this year. Minny is already bowl eligible and might have the other coach for COTY consideration in Jerry Kill. Tough one to call. Sparty 20 to 17

Does it Matter? Wiscy @ Penn State.  Had a tough time deciding what I would even say about this game because Phillips and Beilema are still crying over last week. Wiscy hasn’t needed to worry about winning the last two weeks, just try not to get embarassed before the title game against either Nebraska or TTUN. Too late Badgers, its happened and Penn State isn’t gonna make things easier. O’brien stirred things up with a non-committed answer to will he be back last week but it’s a chance to send a message to future recruits that they are going to compete. PSU 24 to 21

THE Game. TTUN @ THE Ohio State University.  What can I say about this game that hasn’t already been said? Well, there’s this . . , I hate TTUN more than I have hated any other team of any team I root for. That includes the 49ers, Braves and Lakers. It is all about this week, period.

The Leaves have it

The Buckeyes are on the cusp of something pretty rare in Ohio State history. Only nine times before have the Buckeyes celebrated an undefeated season, and only one time have they lost this game at home when heading into THE Rivalry game undefeated(96). No score prediction as usual but the Buckeyes will take care of business and do something for Coach Meyer that none of his Gator teams could do, give him an undefeated season. Perfect. Buckeyes in a romp!

The national race got destroyed this past week thanks to Baylor and Stanford. The odd thing about this whole thing is the fact that the #1 and #2 teams lost to the teams that had the #1 and #2 overall draft picks last year(Luck and Griffin). The entire nation was upset with both Oregon and Kansas State because now we have Notre Lame and Alabama atop the rankings.

National Race This Week. #1 Notre Lame 11-0; #2 Alabama 10-1 (6-1);  #3 Georgia 8-1 (6-1) ;#4 Florida 10-1 (7-1)  ; #5 Ohio State 11-0 (7-0)

As bad as I hate to admit it, I actually called the upset of Oregon at the hands of the Cardinal last week. #13 Stanford @ #2 Oregon. Prediction Stanford 35 to 31, RIGHT  Stanford 17 to 14 OT. 

As Rivalries go, there isn’t anything better than The Game coming up between our beloved Buckeyes and TTUN. The Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama has been a close rivalry over the years but this year will be a snoozer. The Red River Shootout is one of the best but it takes place in the middle of the season.

When you talk about tradition, and honor, as well as uniquely serving our country as officers when they’re done. Army versus Navy has been happening as long as any of them. Unfortunately they don’t play until December 8th. Lets take a look at a rivalry that could have a national impact.

Civil War could have a national impact

The Civil War. Oregon @ Oregon State.  They’ve been playing since 1894 and have met 115 times with Oregon holding the advantage 59-46-10. The game got its name in the late 20′s and has been a heated rivalry over the years. Oregon still has an opportunity to win out and get some help back to the top. But its a tall task to expect Notre Lame to fall to USC, and Alabama to lose to Auburn or in the SEC title game. Oregon State has some nice wins this season and this would be the cherry on top of it. Ducks 42 to 34

Picks for the Weak – Week 12

Written November 14th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

It’s a great thing that I decided to stop keeping record of my success, or lack there of, according to the weekly weak picks. I was on my way to my first ever ‘ofer and was saved by the Cornhuskers.

#24 Northwestern @ TTUN. Prediction Nerds 21 to 17; WRONG TTUN 38-31 

Purdue @ Iowa.  Prediction Iowa 16 to 10; WRONG BOILERS 27 TO 24

Minnesota @ Illinois.  Prediction Illinois 31 to 14; WRONG MINNY 17 TO 3

Wiscy @ Indiana.  Prediction Hoosiers 21 to 20; WRONG WISCY 62 TO 14

Penn State @ #16 Nebraska. Prediction Nebraska 31 to 17; RIGHT NEBRASKA 32 TO 23

Here’s one last look at the national race prior to the toppling of . . , oh wait, BAMA really didn’t fall out of the top five like they should have after losing at home to a new SEC team. aTm may have done all of us a favor but they didn’t really do it any good as all BAMA has to do is win out and they’re back in. Youre welcome Notre Lame haters.

National Race Last Week. #1 Alabama 9-0 (6-0); #2 Kansas State 9-0 (6-0); #3 Oregon 9-0 (6-0); #4 Notre Lame 9-0; #5 Georgia 8-1 (6-1).

#15 Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama.  Prediction Tide 42 to 21. WRONG aTm 29 to 24

Now that we’re in the home stretch of the college football season and ready to play the most important game on the Buckeyes schedule(this week), lets take a look at this week for all of the B1G. Keep in mind that Wiscy is already headed back to the B1G title game in Indy, and the Buckeyes have clinched at least a tie for the Leaders division title via their two game lead in the division.

Nerds @ Sparty. Nothing on the line here as Sparty really has two weeks to become bowl eligible. The Nerds lost a heart-breaker last weekend at the hands of TTUN and back up QB Devin Gardner. I see a pretty good defensive game unfolding early but Sparty needs this win. Sparty 23 to 20

Hawkeyes @ TTUN.  The Hawkeyes aren’t going bowling this year. They have played well in almost all of their games and have chances to win them but a little is a little to late. TTUN will not get caught looking ahead this week as they did last week, or maybe they will? Hawkeyes 21 to 17

Hoosiers @ Penn State. The hoosiers need to win their last two games to live up to some of the hype they created for themselves. At different times this season they have looked like giant killers, and well other times they just looked like a football team at a basketball school. PSU cannot go bowling until later this decade and are playing for pride. PSU 34 to 32

Purdue @ Illinois. This is the battle of the week, or maybe not really, but it will decide who is the bottom dweller trophy winner until next season in the B1G. Boilers have had their moments where they looked like the team that upset the Buckeyes at home last year(verified by the students who stormed the field) and the rest of the time they have struggled. Illinois and head coach Beckman just wnt the season over with so they can get started on rebuilding. Boilers 26 to 13

Minnesota @ Nebraska. The Cornhuskers are the team that I believed they were and will represent the Legends division in the B1G title game against Wiscy in Indy. They had one game they’d like to forget this season and it was their trip to Columbus. They have all but wiped the slate clean and save for the Buckeyes, are the best team the B1G has to offer. Minnesota is bowl eligible, but that is about it for this game. Cornhuskers 39 to 13

#6 Ohio State @ Wiscy. The Buckeyes are 10-0(6-0) and have already clinched at least a share of the Leaders Division title, which is all they can really win this season. We learned this week from Coach Meyer that going undefeated and the AP title was never a part of the team goals discussion. They wanted to go win as many games as they could for the seniors and to take care of the game at hand this week. What that means is absolutely no talking about the game rapidly approaching(TTUN) wink, wink. No matter what the coaches say, the players have all but confirmed this week that there is plenty bad blood between these two schools and as far as football goes, it is the secondary rivalry for both. Still wont predict scores for the team that I love but suffice it to say, the Buckeyes won’t need a last minute hail mary. Buckeyes all the way.

Kansas State is atop the National polls and have Baylor on the road this week. Oregon is the only top 5 that has a true test against Stanford and Georgia basically has a bye week taking on Georgia Southern. Notre Lame has Wake Forrest (go Jim Grobe!) and BAMA hosts Western Carolina (YAWN).

National Race This Week. #1 Kansas State 10-0 (7-0); #2 Oregon 10-0 (7-0);  #3 Notre Lame 10-0;  #4  Alabama 9-1 (6-1); #5 Georgia 8-1 (6-1). #6 Ohio State

#13 Stanford @ #2 Oregon. Stanford has an opportunity just like aTm did last week and they have the defense to do it as well. The trick will be to get out early and to slow the Ducks down at a pace they can deal with. Marriota and Snoop Dog’s nephew are having fun running that offense so the Cards have to take the fun out of it and quickly. Definitely the game of the week nationally and should be a good one. Stanford 35 to 31

Picks for the Weak – Week 11

Written November 7th, 2012 by WVaBuckeye

Took a week off to get caught up on a lot of things and because there was so much going on around tBBC with basketball jumping into the mix.

No need to revisit the results of two weeks ago as we are in the home stretch! I will begin to cover the national race for the BCS as well as our B1G match-ups. The Buckeyes are resting this week so lets get started-

Legends Race. Nebraska 7-2 (4-1); TTUN 6-3 (4-1);Northwestern 7-2 (3-2). Cornhuskers control their own destiny because of the win over TTUN. Northwestern can help themselves alot this week with their game against TTUN.

Leaders Race. Ohio State 10-0 (6-0);Penn State 6-3(4-1); Wisky 6-3 (3-2). A Penn State loss to Nebraska this weekend clinches a share of the Leaders title for the Buckeyes but there is still work to be done in the coming weeks. Penn State loses and it opens the door for Wisky to step in and go to back-to-back B1G title games.

#24 Northwestern @ TTUN. The Wolverines need to keep pace with the cornhuskers and hope for some help from Penn State this week. TTUN got healthy and may have already decided to look forward a couple weeks and could get tripped up here. Nerds 21 to 17

Purdue @ Iowa.  Purdue needs to win out just to be bowl eligible and Iowa has been streaky all season. Could be one of the better games of the weekend. Having said that, Iam sure it will be a low scoring affair. Iowa 16 to 10

Minnesota @ Illinois.  Two of the reasons the nation believes the B1G is very weak are primarily due to these two teams. The Illini are beat up bad after their tussle with the Buckeyes in Columbus and the Gophers probably do not know which end is up. This is a toss up even though Minny has played better over all. Talent wins in this one. Illinois 31 to 14

Wiscy @ Indiana. We all know better than anyone that Indiana is a much improved team under my candidate for B1G COTY Kevin Wilson. They worked a great game plan to almost perfection when the Buckeyes were in town and Wiscy will be looking ahead to their match-up that could decide their season hosting the Buckeyes next week. Going with the upset here. Hoosiers 21 to 20 Read More

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