Guest Post- Who’s Next?

Written June 9th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Part two from Ty Kelly’s manifesto after winning our bowl competition; for background, allow him to reintroduce himself.

Time to spin the wheel?

Now, let’s talk about the future of the head football coaching position at The Ohio State University. Clearly, we have to look at it from the administration and the athletic director’s viewpoint – whoever that may be in seven months, (because an argument can be made that A.D. Gene Smith, and Pres. E. Gordon Gee may not last another three months at Ohio State).

Regardless, the 2012 A.D. and OSU brass will likely be looking for three main criteria-

  1. Somebody who has an impressive record of head coaching experience.
  2. A candidate with a proven record not only on the field, but a record of a clean, drama-free program.
  3. Someone with a disciplinarian personality, who can endure the pressures of  the NCAA microscope while executing his duties as CEO of one of the elite Division 1 teams in America.

So…who fit this description ?  Bo Pelini? … Probably.  Jon Gruden? … Maybe. Gary Patterson? Urban Meyer?  Each candidate has their pros and cons. I will go in to full detail for the top tier candidates as to why or why not they may be the head coach at OSU in 2012, and I will briefly go over the rest of the candidates who could be considered viable in the position.

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Guest Post- Another Look at Jim Tressel

Written June 6th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Way back in January, way before the defecation contacted the oscillator, we offered a guest post as part of prize package for winning our bowl contest.  Tyler Kelly won the shirt of honor, and has been biding his time before he took us up on our offer.  This is the first of a two part post by him, talking about his (brief) experience as a member of the Ohio State football team.

Kelly swears he told the SID 6'2", 180...

First of all, I’d like to thank Mali and company for letting me have the opportunity to write a guest column. In the second part of this, I’ll give an overview of the coaching candidates that come to mind for the future of Ohio State football. But, I’d be remiss if I did not take a couple sentences to show support for Coach Tressel.

Having been around Coach Tressel for a little while, even though it was only a few months in the spring and summer of 2001 on the team, and going back periodically to watch Spring practices — he definitely left an impression on me. And, if even a “no-name”/unknown/insignificant/obscure  walk-on  is sticking up for Coach Tressel, and was impacted positively by Coach Tressel and his staff, even if that person was there for a short period of time, perhaps there’s another side to this story.

My journey to the Scarlet and Gray is a bit of a long story - but after high school, I went to a prep school for a little while and after that I was ready to commit to the University of Kentucky, but decided at the last-minute to go to a junior college in Pennsylvania. Anyways, after a year and a half there, I transferred to Ohio State- my whole family (parents, sisters, aunts) went to Ohio State, so it’s in my blood. After walking on in the Spring of 2001, my academic adviser at the time informed my that I had to take a summer Chemistry class to be eligible for the season. It wasn’t because my grades were bad, it was because I didn’t have enough credits for a junior year (eligibility-wise) student-athlete. I think the Big 10 rule at that time was you had to have 112 credits as a Junior, or somewhere around that number, and I had a few short. So, I went home and took the 8-week course and passed it. But, I also thought that I could somehow be a Freshman eligibility-wise, even though I was technically a Junior as a student. I thought this because the junior college I went to before  did not have a football team, but, since my “NCAA clock”  had already started, those years were counting against me, and I didn’t know that.

So, after returning back to OSU in the late summer of 2001, having missed the beginning of camp due to the 8-week Chemistry course that didn’t start until mid-late June, I was already behind. I met with members of the coaching staff and thought I could appeal to the NCAA for more eligibility, but they explained the whole “NCAA clock” thing to me, and said I could maybe redshirt for the upcoming 2001 season and return the following spring. I opted not to do that. I just felt “too little, too late” at time, and I did not want to transfer again. But later I would regret the decision not to redshirt — because, at the very least, it would have been neat to be a part of a BCS National Championship team.

At any rate, I had the honor and privilege to be around Coach Tressel in his first year at tOSU. Although it was just for a brief time, as a walk-on wide receiver for the Ohio State football team for part of 2001, it did not take long for me to appreciate that Jim Tressel is not only a great coach, but clearly an even better man. This realization was confirmed when going back to Columbus to watch the team practice years later, and seeing that the “Winner’s Manual” Coach Tressel distributed to his team, was still a major part of the program.

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