tBBC Kickoff Countdown Celebrates 17

Written August 14th, 2013 by Ken
beanie vs um 2007

.. and away he goes!

Today, we celebrate number 17, the total points scored in an Ohio State victory over Michigan on November 17th, 2007, 14-3.

 This was a satisfying game for a couple of reasons. First, it was a win against Michigan, which is always satisfying. The other reason is the Ohio State’s defense completely shut down Michigan’s offense, limiting them to 97 yards total offense. Oh, and Mike Hart finished his career 0-fer against Ohio State. Not much to report on in terms of OSU’s offense, aside from Chris Wells’ 2 TD’s and 222 yards rushing. Beanie accounted for 222 of OSU’s 279 total yards. A fine day’s work.

Please note the UM offensive line sieve at 3:11 and the famous Gholston trucking Henne play at the 3:20 marks in the accompanying video: Read More

Gunning for 50

Written July 14th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

With a heading like that, there’s only one option for today’s countdown:

Welcome to the gun show

Muscles. I has them.

Never gets old...

The Buckeye Battle Cry will be counting down the Top 25 players of the past decade all spring/summer.  Every Monday and Thursday, Jim will be announcing a new player.  Our #1 player will be presented on Monday, August 30th.  Three days later, the 2010 season officially begins.  To view the previous entries in our Top 25, click here.

Vernon Gholston (2006-2007)

Gholston made Henne's fourth loss a memorable one in The Game v.2007.

Vernon Gholston was a quarterback’s worst nightmare for the two years he started at defensive end for the Buckeyes. While Gholston was instantly a fan favorite for his… photogenic musculature, he also backed up the ” gun show” by setting single game and season records for sacking the quarterback at Ohio State.

Vintage gun show.

Gholston broke on to the scene for the Buckeyes in 2006 as a sophomore following a relatively quiet freshman season in ’04 and a broken hand in ’05 that resulted in a redshirt.

He earned Second Team All-Big Ten honors in ’06 after leading the team in tackles for loss with 15 and sacks with 8.5. He was also sixth on the team in total tackles with 49 and hauled in an interception for good measure.

Gholston followed his break-out performance in ’06 with a season for the ages in ’07.

He recorded 14 sacks that year, including 4 sacks against Wisconsin, both of which are the most recorded by a player in a single season or game at Ohio State. Read More

Five… and counting

Written August 31st, 2009 by MaliBuckeye

Since we’ve entered “game week”, it would make sense to highlight Michael Wiley or the great James Laughlin, 1979 team MVP.

Actually, since Jim’s blocked punt in the 1979 MACh1gAAn game led to another loss by TTUN, and since we seem to be making a lot of friends from “bluer” websites, let’s take day five in a different direction.

As in the last five versions of The Game:

2004- 37 to 21 Troy and Teddy lead to the upset of the #7 team in the nation.

2005- 25 to 21 “The Catch”. Oh, and the amazing tackle by Shawn Crable on Ohio State’s last score.

2006- 42 to 39 The Game of the Century. #1 vs. #2. Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith and the Buckeyes win again, with help from Morgan Trent and Shawn Crable.

2007- 14 to 3 All Beanie, All Day. Plus, Jake Long allows Chad Henne into the Gun Show that is Vernon Gholston.

2008- 42 to 7 Goodbye, Beanie. Hello, Boom and Terrelle.

Just think, if they hadn’t been breaking all of those practice and training rules, they would have been shut out.

To be honest, the best thing about day five  is that next year we’ll be able to use this template for countdown day six.

It’s Man-Crush Day!!!

Written July 17th, 2009 by Jeff

Earlier this week, I told you that I first saw this form of a countdown on one of my favorite blogs, Men Of The Scarlet And Gray.
Something else that was common on MotSaG….love for Vernon Gholston. The proprietors of that site have a big big man-crush on #50.

So, in honor of MotSaG, we give you our selection for #50, Vernon Gholston (and his pythons).

Make sure you watch this video through the last clip.

UPDATE – To our newest lil’ Michigan fan…..your comment was not “deleted”, it was never approved to begin with. My board, my rules. Go cry somewhere else.

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