March Madness 2011: East Region

Written March 16th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Wrapping up our look across the shootyhoops landscape, with Ohio State’s East Region. Don’t forget to get your picks in for tBBCBC before tip-off tomorrow- we’ve also linked to our “Impressions” of some of these teams from earlier in the year.

This is my worst nightmare.

Beast of the East

A bit of a confession… I was a North Carolina fan as a kid (not living in Ohio), and loved Jordan, Perkins, Worthy, and Dean Smith basketball. Then, to make things worse, I did a grad degree in Lexington and worked with the athletic tutoring program during the Pitino/Mashburn era… yup, I was around for “The Shot“. Add to that some family in West Virginia (it’s all relative), a six year stint in Seattle, and the fact that I’ve finally come to my senses and follow Ohio State full time and this year’s East Region is a personal history of my career as a fan.

In addition to that, it’s got to be the most difficult region in recent memory.  We talked about this in this week’s tBBC Radio Hour, but I’ve got to agree with Jeff Rapp’s assessment that this one is “loaded up”:

Yeah, it’s a tough region. But I’m a tough guy, so here’s what you need to know…

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Holiday Bowl: Nebraska vs. Washington

Written December 29th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

No breaching whale? I blame PETA...

Nebraska (10-3, 6-3 Big 12) vs. Washington (6-6, 5-4 PAC10)

December 30, 2010 10:00 PM ET

This year’s sponsor is Bridgeport Education, a start diversion from the Pacific Life legacy that we’ve grown used to. As a partner in the higher educational process, it’s interesting to see that this bowl game (a tax free educational endeavor) has picked up money from another (presumably) tax free educational provider.  Wonder what we’ll learn?

Since this match up is a repeat of a game from earlier this season, here’s a repeat of part of my preview from last year:

I’ll be honest- of all the “pre-CS” games, the Holiday Bowl has always been one of my favorites. Sure, the Buckeyes have defeated anything Mormon that they faced in the game, but my formative memories of this clash are as follows:

  1. BYU finishing the 1984 season by beating Mich1gAAn and starting my interest in the “national championshipfiasco (though undefeated, the Cougars strength of schedule made for tons of debate).
  2. The 1990 game saw (in my opinion) overrated Heisman winner Ty Detmer of BYU actually destroyed by Texas A&M. If I remember right, the Aggies dislocated both of his shoulders in the 65-14 win. Somewhere, collecting dust, is a VHS copy of this game that I used to watch every year through grad school; thank God for YouTube:

This bowl has been to BYU what the Humanitarian Bowl is to Boise State- a rite of passage and a part of the traditions and holiday plans for the folks from Provo. Begun as a way to get the WAC some love by pitting their teams against national powers, the Holiday Bowl has been a part of the San Diego seasonal festival since 1978, with the WAC serving as host until 1994. In 1997 the ties switched to the Big 12, and the game currently sees the #3 PAC10 program against the #5 Big 12 team. This year, the Holiday Bowl is somewhat of a consolation game- for Nebraska, who’d rather (for the second straight year) be in a BCS game as the Big 12 championship; for Washington, who are the #3 team by default, since Stanford and Oregon received BCS nods, and Southern Cal gets to stay at home and watch the games over at Kiffykins’ house. Read More

The Week That Were: 10.30.10

Written October 31st, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Happy Halloween! As tempting as it is for me to throw a little Western History at you with today’s musical accompaniment, let’s go with something a little more Disney:

Following up on our Protestant Reformation reference, let’s jump in with the  goings on over at Ntre Ame. Remember when beating Notre Dame was a significant accomplishment? Seems like it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days, if you count the Golden Hurricanes of Tulsa as one of the cool kids.  By the way, it’s still not a good idea to Urban Dictionary “Golden Hurricane” FWIW.

The Irish lost their QB, Crist, for the season… if only his name had another letter, he’d be back in a couple of days.  The game ended on an interception in the endzone from a Hurricane named Flanders… surprising given his relationship with the faith. From what I’ve read online the play by play commentator for NBC said “and that’s the final nail in the coffin…” Probably not the wisest choice of words, given the circumstances.

One thing that concerned me about the horrible tragedy that happened with the video guy is the way that everyone was using it as a storyline. Let me get this straight- the tragedy was a rallying point of inspiration for the Irish, until they lost. Then, they couldn’t have won because of their heavy hearts.  I understand the need to make meaning of these types of situations, but it just seems incredibly disrespectful to trivialize this for interest stories or university PR. Again, just my $.02.

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The Week That Were: 10.09.10

Written October 10th, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

This weeks’ post comes with a soundtrack:

Not all that original, so if you want to get your “Gospel” on and hear the song that was going through my head all day yesterday, this is the link for you.

Almost perfect.

Like a no-hitter blown at the last minute, yesterday was this close to being the apex of the college football season. Ohio State won, as you know, and so many other teams failed to meet expectations (or came back to reality), all in all pretty good. Before we get to the good stuff, let’s get the disappointment out of the way. Read More