What Do You Want To See On Christmas?

Written December 25th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

It’s Christmas morning, and if you’re like me you’ve been up for hours because your kids just had to get to the presents that you were putting together until 3 AM. And now, in the lull between gift opening and your fourth coffee, you turn to the solace of the interwebs for holiday joy.

Santa, Buckeye…

As we do every year, we asked the staff for their holiday wishes… hopefully the big guy hooked everyone up:

What thing do you hope Santa brings the Buckeyes this year?

  • Jason: Braxton Miller and Ryan Shazier saying “I’m here for 2014″
  • Joe Dexter: A 2013-14 Big Ten Basketball Championship, Two 2014 Individual NCAA Wrestling Championships and a Luke Kennard commitment to coach Matta and the Hoops program. Is that asking for to much??
  • Ken: Top notch recruiting classes for basketball and football. I’d like for Santa to hang by the chimney with care the ‘Historical Defensive Identity’ that the football team seems to have misplaced the past couple of years.
  • Charles: Excellent player development in all sports.  We’ve done well in recruiting in the top sports but as Michigan football has shown, if you can’t develop the recruits it doesn’t matter how many 5 stars you have.
  • Patrick: A defense that can get stops and make plays. End of story.
  • Scott: A national championship for Thad Matta. He deserves it.
  • Mali: A blowout win in the Orange Bowl. The general “perspective” is that Ohio State’s 24 game win streak was built on smoke and mirrors; handling Clemson would certainly adjust that narrative quite a bit, particularly if the defense manages to rise to the occasion.
  • WVa: I honestly want them all to have a great Christmas and New Year and finish the way they started the year. Undefeated in 2014
  • Eric: A. Freaking. National. Title. In. Basketball.

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What Do You Want To See On Saturday? B1G Championship

Written December 6th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Well we move on from THE game to the B1G game.  Let’s see what our staff has in store for us this week:


  1. Offense - Mistake-free (turnovers/penalties) game. MSU brings as good a defense as you’ll find; points will be hard to come by.
  2. Offense (again) - An efficient passing day from Brax & his receivers. If OSU is forced to go one dimensional against MSU, trouble looms.
  3. Defense - Please, no missed tackles.
  4. Defense (again) -  Pressure MSU’s QB; sacks, hits, pressure, I don’t care, just get to him.
  5. No injuries
  6. A WIN!
  1. A win
  2. No turnovers - Don’t help them.
  3. Solid defense - Spartan offense is inconsistent. Good defense will be sufficient.
  1. CARLOS CARLOS CARLOS - I know I know. I’m a broken record but is anybody really paying attention to what he’s doing in an abbreviated season? This is HIS team. He’s taken it. Let him and the line prove it against the best rushing D. 100+ a game continues.
  2. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS??? It’s not high powered but the D cannot make their QB better than he is. I want to see a swarming D like we saw Saturday for a short while.
  3. OFFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!  This offense is obliterating the records of the former best two from ’98 and ’95 and needs to expose the lack of talent on the Sparty D. Might have to actually go away from the power running game up the gut to do so. That’s where Sparty is VERY good.
  4. SPECIAL TEAMS - They’ve been quiet for a few weeks save for the leg of the Aussie punter. Need a huge play by someone. Jordan Hall is due.

What Do you Want to See on Saturday? The Game

Written November 29th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

This week is THE GAME and and the game we have all been waiting for.  I’m sure this article also has the wishes you have all been waiting for.  Let’s see ‘em guys and gal:


  1. Carlos Hyde - Needs 134 yards to reach the 1,200 yard mark. Do it.
  2. Defense - TTUN has been held to < 200 yards total offense 2 of last 3 games. Make it 3 of 4.
  3. Takeaways - 2; Any combination of interception/fumble.
  4. No Injuries
  5. A Win
  1. Silver Bullets - Crush their run game, make Gardner scared to take a snap, break their spirit.
  2. El Guapo - Monster truck
  3. Points – And lots of them. Mercy is for the week. Time to put these people firmly in their place.
  4. No Punts - Simple enough.
  5. Take it to the House – Special teams or a defensive touchdown. I’d prefer one of each.
  1. A Fast Start - Take the crowd out of it early.
  2. Hit Gardner - He has taken lots of hits this season, continue that and make him worry about protecting himself.
  3. No Rushing Allowed - In losses to MSU and Nebraska M*ch*g*n was held to negative yards on the ground, let’s do that.
  4. No Turnovers
  5. No Injuries
  6. TBDBITL Being Amazing – Force the crowd to acknowledge that they got beat at halftime too. Read More

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Indiana

Written November 22nd, 2013 by Gary Russell II

The Hoosiers come to town this week to face the Buckeyes.  Let’s see what our staff wishes are for Senior Day:



  1. An improved pass defense - Indiana leads B1G in passing offense (327 YPG). We need to keep this in the mid 200′s.
  2. Roll Hyde – Indiana allows well over 200 TPG rushing (Wisky got over 550!). Carlos should be in 150 – 200 range.
  3. No injuries – Like Mali with his No False Starts, I keep asking for this. Maybe some day…
  4. A Win – No top team distinguished themselves last week. We need to leave a maker’s mark on Indiana.
  1. CARLOS CARLOS CARLOS II – With some late BIG runs, Hyde almost broke Eddies 315 last week. IU should be fair game for it if Braxton doesn’t run early. He’ll get his 1000 on his FIRST run for sure
  2. DEFENSE MATURITY – I think this past week taught them a lesson they won’t soon forget. They aren’t a special team when they’re worried about everybody else. I think they’ll have a lesson learning week in practice thanks to Coach Meyer and will destroy IUs offense.
  3. DONT look ahead - With all if what I just said. Make sure there’s NO talk of TTUN they’re just another game in the schedule until next Sunday. THEN it’s Rivalry week
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What Do You Want to See on Saturday? Illinois

Written November 15th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

After the bye week the Buckeyes look to keep the momentum going at Illinois.  Let’s see if our experts can too:



  1. Fast Start- None of this sluggish “after the bye” stuff we saw against Iowa.
  2. But Not A False Start- Two games in a row?
  3. No Passing Fancy- Illinois leads the conference in passing… let’s see the OSU secondary continue their development
  4. Sorry, No Returns- The Illini’s return man V’Angelo Bentley is one of the best in the country… can Coach Coombs’ bunch of freaks keep him in check?
  5. Stylish Turtle- Sure the IlliBuck is a bit goofy, but it’d be great to have a game where “Style points” are on display as the wooden  beast returns home.


  1. Focus and Intensity - coming off a bye week and playing one of the bottom teams in the conference, it would be easy for OSU to look past this game.  I want to see the Buckeyes come out and play like this is the most important game of their season, as they should each week.
  2. Good pass coverage - Illinois can throw the ball and OSU’s secondary has had some issues this season; I wanted to see improved coverage and play from the secondary.
  3. Something to make them think - I would love to see a trick play or a new wrinkle added just to give Michigan and whoever we play in the Big Ten title game something else to think about and plan for.
  1. Scheel House Scramble - Make him feel like the three eggs I ate for breakfast on Saturday by creating pressure and getting him out of the pocket.
  2. Illini Trouble - This team stinks. If you can hold the quarterback to making plays, you can dominate this team. Would love to see less than 200 yards of total offense from Illinois.
  3. Pick it like Roby - Would love to see Bradley Roby get a pick or two in this one to throw the detractors off his back.
  4. Fergy Ferg What? - Shut down the 2nd best receiving back in the country in Josh  Ferguson. No check downs means no offense. Read More

What Do You Want to See on Saturday? Purdue

Written November 1st, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Let’s take a look at our expert’s wishes as the Bucks travel to Purdue:

  1. Another Statement Win - Big plays, Big Stops on defense, and a performance that keeps the Buckeye in the National Championship talks.
  2. Boiled Up - I want to see two straight weeks of freshman quarterback frustration. How about 2 early turnovers to put this game away for good.
  3. More Wilson - Man is that kid fast! I hope to see a heavy dose of him in the running and passing game.
  4. Double Tight – I have Lots of love for our big play tight ends. Id love to see one of the two hit paydirt Saturday.


  1. Exorcism- Ross-Ade Stadium is a house of horrors for Ohio State; the Buckeyes are winless there in their past two visits.  Time to cleanse those demons…
  2. Tricks And Treats- While I believe that Ohio State’s offense can manage yardage against the Boilers running pretty basic aspects of their playbook, it would be interesting to see some “wrinkles” that the last three opponents will need to spend time preparing for.
  3. Reap The Harvest- Still no defensive score other than Bosa’s “Flop 6″ against Northwestern? They’re ripe for the picking…
  4. World War Z- Let’s get the young Bucks involved early and often… ‘Zeke needs a TD or two to make up for the one he had taken away last week.
  5. Things That Don’t Jump In The Night (or day)- Two false starts last week, including one on a freaking extra point. C’mon, man!
  1. Escape Purdue unscathed - We all know how west Lafayette has treated us. Read More

What Do You Want to See on Saturday? Penn State

Written October 25th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Penn State comes to town Saturday night.  With that brings a roudy crowd and some rowdy wishes.  Let’s check ‘em out:

None of this, thank you.


  1. Cover tight ends -  James and Carter are averaging 4 receptions per game, 12 YPC
  2. Same goes for WR Robinson -  He’s a playmaker, we need to make sure he doesn”t
  3. Uptempo Offense -  Run their defense ragged for 4 quarters
  4. No injuries
  5. A Win
WVa Buckeye
  1. Push the defense to man up and play shutdown - Take chances with the TEs and leave the three LBs in there for coverage instead of the “penny” hurting wo Bryant
  2. Continue to grow offensively - Keep the pace of riding who is getting us there with Carlos and Braxton but keep mixing the playmakers in.
  3. Destroy Hackenberg - Make him wish he hadn’t come to PSU. Turn the front 7 loose and go give him a reason to get rid of the ball quicker. Our Dline has looked block able of late
Jason Read More

What Do You Want To See on Saturday? Iowa

Written October 18th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

After a week off to work on some things, the Buckeyes host Iowa.  Let’s see if the week off gave our staff some time to come up with decent wishes!

Moar, Please


  1. Run Stopper - Iowa averages >200 yards rushing per game, 104 by Mark Weisman. We need to commit to shutting down Iowa’s running game. Because..
  2. Hello Secondary - Iowa’s sophomore QB, Jake Rudock is capable (200 YPG) but is also capable of throwing interceptions (1 per game). We need to force him to throw and make the ensuing mistakes. I wan to see him up to 40-45 attempts on Saturday afternoon.
  3. A Special Score - A Special teams and/or defensive TD. I would prefer both, but will take either/or.
  4. No injuries
  5. A Win
  6. Suckers - Buckeyes to run a fake punt. Hawkeyes are sucker for it.
  1. No Passing Allowed -  Fewer than 200 passing yards allowed.
  2. Spread ‘em -  lets see the offense spread, like Urban promised.
  3. Zero punts
  4. Zero field goals
  5. The G-Man - Kenny G
  1. Improved pass defense -  Although Iowa doesn’t pose a great threat through the air, I want to see improvement for when Mr Hackenburg and Mr Robinson some a calling in two weeks. Read More
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