Wednesday Night Rumble: On to Indy!

Written December 4th, 2013 by Jason

The regular season is over and the Buckeyes are 12-0 for the second year in a row. Their school record winning streak now sits at 24 straight games. After a thriller in Ann Arbor, the scarlet and grey now travel to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championship game and a date with the Michigan State Spartans. We’ll look back, ahead and farther forward. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

The Game blues 

Carlos Hyde on a record setting day

Carlos Hyde on a record setting day

As much as we all tried to say we expected a tough game, it didn’t seem like many of us actually believed it could possibly happen. I’m no different. After seeing Michigan the past couple of weeks and reading their stat-lines, I felt a blowout was imminent. We were reminded by the Wolverines just what rivalry is all about.

I certainly don’t mean to talk them up or give them much time in this column at all, but credit goes where it is deserved. Brady Hoke had his team ready to play and they performed for him. The Wolverines were not intimidated, they kept the Buckeye coaching staff guessing and turned the Silver Bullets greatest strength against them by keeping the Buckeye defensive line in check for the majority of the game.
The team up north reminded us of several things on Saturday: 1. Never count out your rivals and 2. Anything can happen, that’s why they play the game. Read More

Wednesday Morning Rumble: Video Proof

Written July 31st, 2013 by Jason

Now that the world has seen it, the debate beings: What is to come of the fate of Carlos Hyde? You may be surprised at my reaction. Then again, maybe not because it involves common sense. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

The Decision (bad topic heading)

It’s stupid that this has to be said, but I feel I’d better put it out there anyway. Neither I nor anyone here at The BBC is an advocate of hitting a woman. Unless your life is at risk of ending, you just don’t do it. Ok, let’s move on…

By the time you read this, Urban Meyer may have already announced his decision regarding Hyde’s current suspension and how much time he will end up serving away from the program (Ed- yup.). Let’s review the facts and draw a conclusion.

El Guapo smashing TTUN in 2012

El Guapo smashing TTUN in 2012

One and a half weeks ago word leaked that a Buckeye football player was in serious trouble for something he did that most would consider nearly unforgivable. Rumors go wild and a day later it is announced that Carlos Hyde has been suspended indefinitely due to his involvement in an incident at an Ohio State night club.

As days go by, the story goes from extraordinarily bad all the way to being of the “no big deal” variety until Yahoo! Sports releases a story saying that there is surveillance video from the club that shows Hyde is in fact innocent of the charges being placed on him by the general public, the national media and Buckeye haters all over the globe. Never mind that the Columbus Police Department has said there is an investigation but no formal charges filed.

At the close of last week, some lady who is a reporter in Columbus (that’s how much she matters to me and that goes for her station too) is given a private viewing of the video to “set the record straight” about what is actually on it and to try and dispel some of the outrageous rumors going around the internet. She claims it is apparent from her viewing that the alleged “victim” begins to slap El Guapo, who then raises his hands to defend himself and begins to walk away only to come back up on to the dance floor stage and definitely “make contact” in a “slap” or something of that nature to the girl. Read More