ESPN just announced that Rich Rodriquez has been linked to a booster that is banned by the NCAA.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — One of the business partners involved in the real estate venture at the root of a federal lawsuit against Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez is an accused felon and banned Clemson University booster.

The partner, Clegg Lamar Greene of Clemson, S.C., was arrested Dec. 29 and charged with multiple counts of breach of trust.


When he partnered up with Rodriguez in September 2007, Greene had already been banned twice from being a booster at Clemson. NCAA investigators accused Greene in 2000 of providing a $1,300 loan and use of his boat to two Clemson recruits.

Coming up for the rest of the week, Brian at MGoBlog will write six dissertations about how “these are not the droids you are looking for.”

It’s comical, in my opinion.

Remember the good old days, when Michigan bloggers only had to freak out about a report that said RichRod would be platooning three QBs against Western Michigan? That was four days ago.

Oh, the times, they are a-changin’.


Oh, and as you hear the whiny excuses over the next few days, keep this in mind…Rodriquez partnered himself with the guy BEFORE he was the head coach at Michigan. Yes, you’ll hear that excuse. Well, why the hell didn’t Bill Martin actually investigate who RichRod was before hiring the guy?

Michigan bloggers freaked out when they learned that their new stud QB was actually a coke dealer and declared “how DARE you ask us to investigate his past before we signed him to play at UM?”

That excuse isn’t going to fly with the guy that makes 2 million a year of Michigan money.

Bottom line – Michigan hired a guy who had partnered up with a felon that had been TOLD not to have contact with NCAA coaches and/or players. That’s at best stupid, at worst, unethical and potentially criminal.

You made the bed. Now lay down.

It’s still funny…..

Written November 9th, 2008 by Jeff

The new rankings are out.  No major surprises.  Buckeyes are 10th.

But this just in…..The University of Michigan is now the 4th best team in the state of Michigan.

AP Top 25
1. Alabama (44) 10-0 1,604
2. Texas Tech (21) 10-0 1,574
3. Florida 8-1 1,467
4. Texas 9-1 1,437
5. Oklahoma 9-1 1,375
6. USC 8-1 1,311
7. Penn State 9-1 1,161
8. Utah 10-0 1,157
9. Boise State 9-0 1,110
10. Ohio State 8-2 1,009
11. Oklahoma State 8-2 963
12. Missouri 8-2 913
13. Georgia 8-2 880
14. Ball State 9-0 677
15. TCU 9-2 623
16. Brigham Young 9-1 602
17. North Carolina 7-2 597
18. Michigan State 9-2 584
19. LSU 6-3 552
20. Florida State 7-2 380
21. Pittsburgh 7-2 318
22. Cincinnati 7-2 269
23. Oregon State 6-3 124
24. South Carolina 7-3 117
25. Tulsa 8-1 84
Others Receiving Votes

California 73, Virginia Tech 44, AIRFORCE 40, Georgia Tech 29, Arizona 7, Oregon 6, WESTRN MICHIGAN 6, West Virginia 5, CENTRL MICHIGAN 5, Iowa 5, Miami (FL) 5, Northwestern 3, Boston College 3, Maryland 3, South Florida 1, Wake Forest 1, Kansas 1.

Yes, that’s right.  Michigan State is ranked 18th.  Western Michigan is #32.  Central Michigan is #34.

UM is unranked.  Three teams in Michigan are better than them.