Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin: Nerdwestern Eve

Written October 4th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

Plenty to amuse us with this week, let’s get Rumblin’.


There’s no doubt in my mind who the best player is on the Ohio State roster. Braxton Miller returned in a way that most people watching are saying he would be smack dab in the middle of the Heisman race if he hadn’t missed almost three whole games. I will go further and say that due to how dynamic he has become compared to last year, he may sneak his way back into it.

My reasoning is simply this. Wisconsin did not have an answer for him early or very often until the Coach Meyer version of “Tressel ball” showed up. Bear in mind he justified his actions much in the same way that JT did, just win the football game. The huge difference between the two is Coach Meyer wants to get out fast, get a big lead, and then sit on it. Coach Tressel mostly wanted to get a lead and let his defense take over.

back on the field and very good

Back On The Field And Lookin’ Good

Much of the success that took place last Saturday night was due to Whiskey’s underestimation, and evidently their players as well, of Braxton’s improved arm strength and accuracy. What is really silly about some of the throws he made are the fact that he wouldn’t have even attempted them last year. He has become more of a threat on the run than before and his accuracy really is improved.

Braxton Miller will do alot of things in the rest of his career. The most important to him will be to finish the season undefeated and have a chance to hold up the trophy and kiss it. My second place finisher for rumblin’ last week was Bradley Roby. In as much grief as he received and how poorly he played. He was still able to make some plays being alone in coverage. He is one of the best run supporters the Buckeyes have had in the secondary in a good while.


As I stated earlier about Bradley Roby being my second place rumbler, he is also the guy stumblin’ this past week. Coach Meyer pretty much called him out to everyone by mentioning the fact that he needed to have a great week of practice. Read More

Got A Wildcat Problem? You Need Silver Bullet Points

Written October 3rd, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Ohio State faces the felines from Evanston this week, so what about revisiting Felina’s songs for our soundtrack? Tip of the hat to Mr. White, of course…


Locked And Loaded

Buckeye 411

  • Triage List- Other than CB2, it sounds as of the team is sore but healthy coming out of the Battle with the Badgers. Jamal Marcus will be returning to action as well against the Purple Pussycats
  • Ch-ch-ch-changes- Devan Bogard has been dropped down from Safety to Will Linebacker, a move that happened a few weeks ago, and will certainly help against the many spread teams that Ohio State continues to face.  Also, Linebacker Ryan Shazier was wearing Bryant’s #2 in practice today… it would be interesting to see if he chose to do that on Saturday. As Matt McGloin remembers, he did that once on the road last year to honor a friend.
  • Hall? Yes! After practice on Wednesday, Coach Meyer again talked about plans to have Jordan Hall be a part of the team’s schemes moving forward.
  • For Whom Vonn Bell Tolls- With Bryant’s injury, Vonn Bell’s development has been accelerated.
  • Short Turnaround- Northwestern has had two weeks to prepare for the Buckeyes, while Ohio State has a relatively short practice schedule given the travel. In addition, the team is working diligently to avoid any additional injuries.
  • Heisman-Burg- Braxton admitted that he thought about the opportunity to become Ohio State’s next Heisman Trophy winner while he was out for three games, but he’s holding out hope that his play in this season’s remaining games will help any possible candidacy.
  • Grant’s Charge- Curtis Grant talked about the similarity between Ohio State and Northwestern’s offensive schemes, and the differences between the Wildcats’ two quarterbacks. He mentioned that, even though he played the best game of his Buckeye career on Saturday, he’ll need to be even more focused this week. He also mentioned that he sees disruption on the defensive front as being a key to hopefully holding Northwestern in check.
  • Speaking Of Grant- Man, you want to talk about paying it forward… what a stellar young man. From an OZone Forums poster-

…this past Friday her new Hospice home health aid came over and when she entered the house, she saw a few Buckeye items around the room (the big cache and over-the-top Buckeye decorations are all down in my man cave), but it was enough for her to tell us that her ex-boyfriend played for Ohio State (Curtis Grant, of course). She said they broke up a few months before he left for OSU and she hadn’t really seen him since. However, she went on to say how great a guy he was and that he was the nicest guy she ever knew.

Well, she ended up taking a few pics of the man-cave and my mother-in-law, and texted them to Curtis. Yesterday, when she came by, she dialed a number on her cell phone and handed it to her. Of course, it was Curtis on the phone. They chatted for several minutes and then said goodbye. She beamed from ear to ear just from that call. She hasn’t stopped talking about it yet.

But within about an hour the doorbell rang. Curtis had called his mother and had her bring my MIL an autographed shirt and a program from Saturday night’s game. She also stayed to chat awhile. Even though she’s from the area, she had to drive about and hour and a half just to do this. Read More

Are You Not Entertained? Wisconsin

Written October 1st, 2013 by Gary Russell II

After a thrilling 31-24 win over the Badgers, let’s how many wishes came true:

Mr. Grant


  1. No False Starts – Seems to work when I ask for it, so here we go. – You shouldn’t have said anything!!!!!
  2. Curtis Grant – Coach Meyer called him out on Monday and Tuesday; this game is primed for him. – 3 unassisted tackles and 4 assited….decent showing.
  3. Aerial Assault – Last year, Wisconsin cheated  their safeties into the box and dared Ohio State to beat them over the  top. This year, we have the weapons to do so… make them pay. – It was a balanced attack from the air and the ground this night!
  4. Speed Kills – Even Wisconsin’s Coach Anderson  highlighted how fast Ohio State is on both sides of the ball. This is  where they show why speed matters – Coach Anderson nailed this one!
  5. More ZKL – For a lot of reasons… get the kid the rock. – No Ezekiel this time round!


  1. Another fast start - OSU needs to come out fast,  as we usually do. Saturday night’s crowd should be raucous; give the  crowd even more reason to get into the game. – Is a 4 play, 1:07, TD drive fast enough Ken?
  2. Sure tackling - Wisky running backs are averaging 8 YPC. This cannot be allowed on Saturday.- The best looking tackles I have seen all year!
  3. Solid pass defense - Jared Abbrederis is  averaging 16 yards per reception and one third of team receptions. We  need to blanket this guy, and blanket their QB Joel Stave. – Abbrederis’ 207 yards showed why this kid is a STUD receiver!
  4. Offensive Balance - The Buckeyes have shown they  can run and pass fairly effectively. We need this to keep Wisconsin  defense from loading up against the run. – 192 rushing and 198 passing…pretty goood balance there.
  5. Special Teams/Defensive TD - I’ll take either/or, but would prefer to have one of each. We’ve done well with those against Wisky in the past. – Another strikeout here. Read More

Ohio State News And Notes: Silver Bullet Points 10.1.13

Written October 1st, 2013 by Clair

Ohio State looks to continue their B1G win streak

  • Old Habits Die Hard: Both Ohio State and Wisconsin have evolved as football programs from their antiquated profiles of 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Yet despite the shiny and remodeled images, The Buckeyes reverted to old school Big Ten football at times during the matchup against the Badgers. Jim Tressel would be proud.
  • Roby Island: The defensive game plan for the Buckeyes became apparent early when Coaches Winters and Fickell loaded up the box and left Bradley Roby on an island for the majority of the game to quell Wisconsin’s run game. However effective with stopping the run for the most part, Bradley Roby got shredded when left to his own devices. He still managed to grab and INT but metal errors lead to the senior to be out of position, penalized and just embarrassed at times by Wisconsin’s Jared Abbrederis.
  • Hall Pass: Offensively Coach Tom Herman admitted at the press conference Monday that he reverted back to old Habits as a play caller and should have gotten Hall more involved in the running attack. Even Braxton Miller, when put under pressure late in the game reverted back to his old habits and missed several “reads” as well.
  • Health Nuts: With a few exceptions the Buckeyes are fairly healthy going into the second game of conference play against a bye week rested Northwestern team. The major injury was sustained by Senior Safety Christian Bryant breaking his ankle on the second to last defensive play of the game vs. the Badgers. Coach Meyer was visibly shaken at his post game press conference and still was unsure about Bryant making a comeback at all for the remainder of his college football career.
  • Next Man Up: Right now Coach Coombs is naming Corey “Pittsburg” Brown as the likely replacement for Bryant although Tyvis Powell and Vonn Bell may also get a shot at the starting spot. The coaches will be watching their athletes closely at practice trying to strike a balance between pushing hard and keeping their athletes healthy for a well rested Northwestern team that excels at getting players open in space.
  • Hello Kitty: The Wildcats are hosting the Buckeyes this Saturday at Evanston with Game Day in tow. The national scene may have initially considered the Wildcats to be an under the radar choice to clench the Big Ten Title but Big Ten fans and specifically Buckeye Fans have had this game marked on our calendars long ago. With head USC head coach Lane Kiffin being escorted off the team bus at LAX after the Trojans loss to Arizona State Saturday, Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald’s name has being tossed into the rumor mill of possibly replacements. All of these factors are adding up to another exciting B1G 10 matchup.

Campus Insiders: Ohio State/Wisconsin Recap

Written September 30th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

Following the 31-24 victory, Bonnie Bernstein talks Quarterbacks, Secondary, and Ohio State’s upcoming schedule:

Shots from the Shoe: Wisconsin

Written September 30th, 2013 by Patrick


As we arrived in Columbus, the anticipation for kickoff was almost unbearable and we were a mere five hours away. It’s become a yearly ritual that a group of us attend the Ohio State/Wisconsin game every year and we were all giddy with excitement to reunite once again for this rivalry.

After a little tailgating and shopping, we made our way over to the skull session but watched from the entrance where the band and the team would enter in St John’s arena. I met the mom of a bass drummer who was participating in his first ramp entrance that evening. It’s stories like this that adds to the mystique of going to games in Columbus. As Urban Meyer and daughter Nikki entered through the old doors of the aging arena, a tall dark figure appeared behind them and it clicked, it was none other than two-time NBA champion LeBron James. After everyone filed in, I heard the King was greeted by a good mixture of boos and cheers as he gave the annual speech to the Buckeye faithful.
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Ohio State Upends Wisconsin 31-24

Written September 28th, 2013 by Eric
UPDATE: According to Coach Meyer, Senior Captain Christian Bryant has broken his ankle on the next to last play of the game, and will require surgery. It is likely that his Ohio State career is now finished. More information as it becomes available.
Carlos Hyde had a solid day against the Badgers.

Carlos Hyde had a solid day against the Badgers.

As has been typical for these teams in recent years, the Buckeyes and Badgers met on the gridiron in a memorable fight. The Badgers struggled to keep up with the OSU offensive attack, falling 31-24 in a vaguely field-position game. Braxton Miller came back from his injury and put together a solid game throwing the football, hitting 17/25 for 198 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also added 83 yards on 22 carries. Joel Stave responded with an excellent day 20/34 for 295 yards, 2 touchdowns and an interception.

On the ground, the Buckeye running corps was led by Carlos Hyde’s 80 yards on 16 carries. He was followed by Dontre Wilson’s 21 yards on 2 carries. Wisconsin went primarily to Melvin Gordon for their ground attack, gaining 15 carries for 74 yards. The story of the day however was Jared Abbrederis and his 207 yards on 10 catches with a touchdown.

There were a couple streaks on the line for the Buckeyes. The first, and most obvious was the 16 game win streak, which was extended to 17. The second was a streak of 4 straight games for the Buckeyes scoring at least 21 points in the first quarter, which did not continue as OSU scored “only” 14. The third was a similar streak for the Bucks scoring over 40 points per game, another that the Buckeyes couldn’t extend.

Braxton Miller got the start for the first time since the first quarter of the San Diego State game. The Bucks started by distributing the football, hitting a strong run in the teeth of the defense from Carlos Hyde, and followed by a great pass to the edge to TE Jeff Heuerman. Ultimately, the Buckeyes only needed four plays to find Evan Spencer over the middle for the perfectly thrown touchdown pass. Interestingly, the Buckeyes employed a play that forced Wisconsin to defend both Evan Spencer and Corey “Philly” Brown with a single defender, allowing Braxton to pick his target and hit Spencer for the TD.

Wisconsin struggled to move the ball early in the game. While they were getting solid blocks on the line, the Corners and Linebackers did a fantastic job stuffing the run in the first two possessions, both of which ended in three-and-outs.
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BBN Football LiveBlog: Steenkin Badgers

Written September 28th, 2013 by Eric

The Buckeyes are taking on the Badgers today in Ohio Stadium. The game is scheduled for 8:00 pm Primetime on ABC.

Come join your favorite Buckeye bloggers for a livechat officially starting 30 minutes before gametime. Feel free to stop by earlier and see who’s around watching College Football all day!

Go Bucks!

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