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What 7-1 Looks Like on YouTube

Written November 20th, 2009 by Jim

Hopefully this well help you all get through your day, watch each video 4 or 5 times and it will be time to go home before you know it.

The Game 2001:

Ohio State @ #11 TSUN

The Game: 2002

#2 Ohio State vs. #9 TSUN

The Game: 2004

Ohio State vs. #7 TSUN

The Game: 2005

#9 Ohio State @ #17 TSUN

The Game: 2006

#1 Ohio State vs. #2 TSUN

The Game: 2007

#7 Ohio State @ #23 TSUN

The Game: 2008

#10 Ohio State vs. TSUN

I hope you enjoyed that, I know I did.

Don’t wear scarlet at the game Saturday!!!!

Written September 29th, 2009 by Jeff

Our friends at Boiled Sports, a Purdue blog, have brought something to our attention and we want to spread the word.

If you’re going to Bloomington for the Ohio State game this weekend, I have a warning for you – Indiana is going to use you.

Indiana University Memorial Stadium has made a few renovations and now has a brand spankin’ new addition to it.  But they haven’t taken any aerial photos of it yet that they can use for the media guide and other various promotional articles.  Their plan is to take these photos on Saturday afternoon.

Here’s the kicker – the reason they’re taking these photos this weekend is because they know the stadium will be filled to the brim….with Buckeye fans.  Buckeye fans wear scarlet/red to their games.  So do Indiana fans.  That large crowd of  fans will all be wearing the same color, and will therefore make it look like the entire stadium is filled with Indiana fans….see the point?

As a result, Boiled Sports has a great idea and The BBC fully supports this movement…..

Wear gray.

If you’re going to Bloomington as a Buckeye fan, wear gray.  Don’t let Indiana use your attendance to promote THEIR stadium.

Wear gray.

Odds are good that Memorial Stadium will be half-filled with Ohio State fans.  We’ve dominated their stadium before, and they’re actually COUNTING on that in 2009.  We’ve shown Indiana that we’ll be there and we will take over.  Here’s some awesome proof of that;

We will once again take over their stadium, but don’t let them promote their own new renovations by publishing pictures of Buckeye fans.

Wear gray. Please.

Mid-day wrapup

Written August 28th, 2009 by Jeff

Lots to discuss, so here we go;

On Monday morning, we’ll be announcing our new experiment/project that we hope will settle a lot of arguments regarding which NCAA conference reigns supreme.  Check with us Monday and see what you think…..


We’ve mentioned this here before, but let’s remind ticket-holders again – there is a growing call for fans to deliver a standing ovation to the Navy players when they take the field next Saturday against Ohio State.  We were first alerted to this movement by The Buckeye Blog, and since we heard about it two weeks ago, it’s developed into a full-blown movement.  Watch the video promotion here;

Yesterday, my mom….who is a Buckeye fan but by no means tuned in to the intricacies of the sport like you blog-readers are…..asked me if I had heard of this idea. If my mother knows about it, that means it’s getting the news coverage pretty heavy. I expect it to go over well next Saturday.

I believe this is a brilliant move. Our servicemen and servicewomen deserve the best treatment, and this is a classy way to give them their due before the game. Not often do our military men get a chance to be cheered loudly by over 100,000 people at once, and here’s their chance. Bravo to the people who came up with this idea.

If you have tickets to the game, thanks for taking part in what will surely be seen by millions of people all over ESPN, TBDSSP, and various other sports shows for weeks to come. May it become a tradition for every school that hosts a military academy for years to come.


Of course, no great idea goes unpunished. Brian at MGoBlog decides to take a huge dump in the middle of the party by disrespecting the Navy tribute, and accuses Ohio State fans of normally acting “like jerks”.  Of course, his holier-than-thou argument gets pierced pretty badly when he openly (and probably accidentally) admits that he’s been there when his fellow Michigan fans boo the likes of Eastern Michigan.

Attacking Ohio State when they want to honor men in military uniform?  Classy as always, Brian.  Douchebaggery knows no bounds in your neck of the woods.


Speaking of Brian, we caught wind that he decided to attack Ohio State fans last week with an article in The Sporting News.  Frankly, we can’t blame him….when you’re trying to avoid discussing your own 3-9 team whose star QB is a coke dealer that has no access to coke, you’ve gotta distract your readers with SOMETHING, right?

This time, though, he decided to lie about The BBC.  He posted an “OMG I’m so outraged” article about the fervor surrounding Ralph Gray Decker, and in doing so he linked a piece about harrassing Decker’s employer to our site here.  The BBC never once mentioned anything resembling personal info about Decker.

Brian then attributed a particularly nasty quote to this site.  Again, this site did not feature ANY violent threats of that sort.  We monitor all comments and those type of comments do not get published.  Brian, of course decided to claim that “every Ohio State blog” was posting attacks and personal info about Decker.  Again, lies.

We requested an apology from Brian through The Sporting News.  Like a true Michigan man, he ignored it.  Still, another Sporting News writer stepped up to the plate and offered The BBC our deserved apology;

littmann.tsn | Friday, August 21, 2009, 4:40 pm

@Jeff — I want to apologize, because a simple HTML mistake on my end made it look like we were attributing that comment to your blog, when in reality, Brian pulled it from www.ourhonordefend.com. I had an open tag that sucked some of that block quote into a black hole. My apologies. For what it’s worth, the inflammatory comment that Brian referenced was eventually removed from Our Honor Defend by their moderator, which was obviously the right thing to do.

While I don’t buy the argument that HTML made him do it, at least Brian’s employer has more courage and dignity than he does.
By the way, it should also be noted that The Sporting News own website has the disclaimer that comments made on their site are not the responsibility of TSN…but I guess that little nugget slipped past Brian while he was busy throwing rocks from his glass house.
Starting with the Navy game, The BBC will be doing liveblogging for each and every Buckeye game.  We have a few other blogs on board as well, so you can read the live chat from all over the blogosphere.  Make sure you join us!

From Boston to Hartline, there’s 9 days left!

Written August 27th, 2009 by Jeff
These were the days when taunting a Michigan player meant they might beat you the following year.  Not so much the case in the 21st century....

These were the days when taunting a Michigan player meant they might beat you the following year. Not so much the case in the 21st century....

We’re down to single digits!  9 days left before kickoff….and in case you’re wondering, no we will not be counting the hours (but it is 218 hours as of this moment).

Today we highlight two famous Buckeyes who wore #9, and we have a couple of amazing YouTube plays from them as well.

We begin with David Boston, who was our top wide receiver on what was believed to be one of the best Ohio State teams in history (1998).

Boston’s YouTubery comes from the shadows of a vicious war he had with Michigan’s Charles Woodson.  The pair had wars of words in the paper every year, and they often had skirmishes on the field to back up the comments, and usually Boston ended up doing battle with every other member of the Wolverines.

During the OSU-UM game of 1998, Boston decided to take a final shot at Marcus Ray.  See for yourself….and it’s totally worth the flag Boston gets for taunting.

9 - Hartline

Next up is our most recent #9, Brian Hartline.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect Hartline to have much of a career at Ohio State, but he proved me wrong.  He ended up being the sure-handed WR for the bulk of his career, and his speed was often deceiving when he wanted to take a deep route beyond the safeties (just ask Michigan).

Hartline is now a member of the Miami Dolphins, joining his former teammate Ted Ginn Jr.

And as for his YouTube moment?  Well, let’s just say that Indiana didn’t expect this out of him either….

9 days left! I’m ready!!!!

Lauinaitis Return Football

They told us again and again and again that he wasn’t going to be a great linebacker. He’s too small. He’s overrated. He’s not even a good linebacker.

But enough about what Penn State fans think.

Every game I watched, Little Animal got better and better. And when I was there for his final home game as a Buckeye, he was one angry dude.

November 22, 2008 – Michigan starts their first possession at the Ohio State 13 yard line following an interception. But the Ohio State defense is especially fired up, because well after the interception had ended, a Wolverine took a cheap shot on Terrelle Pryor, and everybody saw it (except for seven guys wearing black and white stripes).

Laurinaitis, as the leader of the defense, took it upon himself to shut down this short drive. He pumped his fists in the air to motivate the home crowd, and then took over.

On first down, he busted the middle of the line up and held Carlos Brown to a 2-yard gain.

On second down, he stayed back in coverage as the rest of the linebacking crew blitzed and sacked Nick Sheridan for a two yard loss.

On third down, a rattled Michigan line could not get set, and a lineman jumped early for a five yard penalty.

On the ensuing third down and 15, Sheridan went back for a pass and had to rush it as Laurinaitis blitzed him from the right side. He went in untouched, and as Sheridan tried to throw the ball, Animal hit him high, chest-to-chest, and took the QB off his feet and stayed on him, driving him into the ground. The pass sailed 15 yards over everybody’s heads and brought up 4th down.

Michigan missed the field goal, and the Wolverines’ day was practically over. Final score – 42-7. Laurinaitis had been very efficient in ending UM’s only real threat of the afternoon. From that moment on, the defense controlled everything, the crowd was on fire, and it was only a matter of time before Beanie Wells and LeBron in Cleats (LIC)* ran up the score.

James Laurinaitis, this is your day.

33 day until kickoff!

* – LIC is a written copyright of Eleven Warriors, but we have expressed written consent to use the title.

Even infants know to hate Michigan

Written July 27th, 2009 by Jeff

Seriously, how funny is that?

Inside The Q after the shot

Written May 24th, 2009 by Jeff

I actually forgot I had videotaped this.  In all the excitement, my mind was racing and I somehow got my camera out to record the scene at Quicken Loans Arena after LeBron hit his game-winning three-pointer.

Something that people at home might not know…..the basket wasn’t declared official for about two minutes after it went through the rim.  While the Cavs were celebrating, the referees went to the scorer’s table and were immediately surrounded by people.  They checked the video to see if it was a good basket, and there were many coaches and players jostling for position to see the video screen.

For about 60 seconds, there was a mass of movement, and then everybody got still for a second.  Two of the Cavs players jumped in the air and raised their arms, and the crowd erupted again.  The basket was declared good.

Mo Williams took the P.A. microphone and addressed the crowd, clearly emotional from the big win.  While my video doesn’t capture any clear sound of Mo, it’s a moment that I’m glad I captured.

One note on the video….notice that the scoreboard still reads 95-93 when Mo gets the mike.  The scoreboard operator hadn’t yet changed the score (even though the board also flashes the “CAVS WIN” logo).

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did;

Where amazing happened

Written May 23rd, 2009 by Jeff

terrorist fist jab – CAVS Nation