Silver Bullet Points Wishes It Were A SEAL

Written May 4th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Ready to Lead, Ready to Follow, Never Quit

Lots of things to catch up on… Some of this has been around for a bit, but we’re not all edgy and trendy and stuff.

The Story Of The Week

Although it’s not really sports related, the capture/death of Osama Bin Laden did have some ripples throughout Buckeye nation and the sports world, particularly on the twitterverse:

  • New Buckeyes Jeff Heuerman and Joel Hale didn’t have to wait for Michigan Week to christen Mirror Lake with their awesomeness- they joined thousands of other Ohio State students in making the moment one to remember (especially since there’s video of it)

Draft Update

  • We referred to it earlier, but Brian Rolle was one of 5 players drafted in last week’s NFL adventure. He followed first rounder Cam Heyward (Steelers), Chimdi Checkwa (Raiders), Jermale Hines (Rams), and was right before Ross Homan (Vikings).
  • Surprising non-draftees include Dane Sanzenbacher, Devon Torrence, Justin Boren and tBBC favorite Jake McQuaid. It’s imagined that most of these guys will land somewhere in free agency; but with the ongoing lockout it’s anyone’s guess when that might be.
  • Speaking of Dane, be on the lookout for an article by the Dispatch’s Ken Gordon regarding Sanzo’s thoughts on the draft and the next steps in his career.
  • Since we’re in a giddy mood, here’s some fun facts for your friends. Appalachian State and Baylor both had more players drafted than TTUN.  Guess the market for slot receivers ain’t what it used to be.
  • Although, if you’re a college prospect who wants to go pro… you should play in the B1G Conference. Doy.

Other Buckeye News

One: Paul Reiser probably came up with the text. Two: it’s on I-94, which goes from Canada to Indiana without even brushing up against Ohio. Three: it’s derp enough to put up a billboard after you win something. It’s extra super derp to do so after not winning since 2003. Five derps out of five.

  • Some hoops news- As I’m writing this, Michael Conley is doing work in the Grizzlies game against the Thunder (eventual OKS and Daequan Cook win), and Sullinger/Buford are making good on their promise to return to the Buckeyes (no media coverage, for some strange reason).
  • Our friend Charles does a great job at wrapping up the non-revenue world; and we’d be remiss at not enjoying the Buckeye baseball sweep of Michigan this past weekend.  Buckeyes also play Penn State in the National Men’s Volleyball tourney, and are ranked #4 nationally. Also #4 is the men’s tennis team headed into the NCAAs… the Director’s Cup is a distinct possibility this year.


  • First Herbie moved his family. Then he deleted his Twitter account.  11W’s Ramzy helps put in words how you feel about this. Trust me, it’s awesome. (Oh, and this is not in Buckeye news due to the earlier editorial decision of tBBC)
  • From the “Things ESPN isn’t beating into the ground” files- the denizens of the Smurf Turf have been handed a “lack of institutional control” finding by the NCAA. And no, it’s not due to their role in “changing the face of college football“- the football related violations are minor (said the guy who’s got more insight into this than he ever wanted). But it’s the breadth of the problems, across several sports, that indicates “institutional” issues. It’s what got USC in trouble (Bush, OJ Mayo, women’s track), and is why there’s a difference between the Broncos and the Buckeyes, at least in the eyes of the NCAA. UPDATE: Boise State has self imposed a six practice reduction over the next two years and a loss of three scholarships for the coming class.
  • Rumblings on the interwebs seem to indicate that Will Lyles may be in the news again sometime soon.


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