Silver Bullet Points Hits And Misses

Written June 6th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye
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As all is quiet on the (mid)western front, here’s Wednesday’s bucket o’ links and commentary.

One Of Those Weeks...

Buckeye 411

  • Let’s Go Camping!!  Well, it’s summer and the final quarter at Ohio State is wrapping up as we speak. So, how better to celebrate than cramming all the kiddos in the family truckster and heading out to the great outdoors. Ah, the wilderness… where legends are made and- what? That’s not the kind of camping that we’ll be seeing at the WHAC? Shoot- I had my Deet all squared away and everything.

Nope, this weekend starts the summer football camp season in Columbus, which is a B1G deal for the 2013/14 classes as well as for Coach Meyer’s continued scorched earth policy building relationships with coaches and programs across the state. This weekend’s a one day camp, and the process builds to July’s Friday Night Lights event.  For many HS students, this might be the make or break opportunity that they’ve been looking- a number of OSU targets have been encouraged to camp in order to either earn an offer or to be evaluated and have their offer “bumped up” to “Commit-able”. Many thought that QBs Malik Zaire and Mitch Trubisky were in this category, as Urban wanted to see them camp prior to having them join the 2013 class… obviously they wanted to be somewhere else or wanted someone who didn’t require them to “audition”.

Names to keep an ear out for this weekend include national #3 safety Vonn Bell, who will be making his second unofficial in less than a month- that’s got to be a good sign, methinks. Also, Lakota’s Kyle Meadows will be participating, as will Wayne’s Lovell Peterson, both will be looking to earn offers. Finally, North Carolina DE/LB Tyquan Lewis will also be present- another interesting recruit from the Tar Heel State.

  • ZEKE! Speaking of recruiting, Ezekiel Elliott earned RB MVP honors at the Illinois Nike event and an invite to the big doin’s in Oregon later this summer.  Here’s a great interview with about how he felt his performance went and what he’s most looking forward to.
  • We’ve All Been There, Right- Just a quick commentary on this week’s “Bladder-gate”. First, if I had a dollar for every time I took a leak outside, I’d be able to buy a tank full of gas. In California.  Yeah, it’s a lot. Heck, in college we had a “Doughnut run” tradition where we made the new guys on our dorm floor “christen” a certain tree on our path, both leaving campus and returning. So the fellers choice of actions, while wrong, is not something I’m going to freak out about.

What stands out to me, and I’ve read varying reports, is that the lesson here is the same one that should have been learned from a certain sleeveless sweater wearing coach’s exit from the glory of Ohio State: Making a mistake is never a good, but how you deal with it is crucial.  If you try to run (if that is what happened), if you fail to report accordingly, if you are unwilling to own up to your actions, that’s what ends up blowing up in your hands (as it were).

Playoffs, Expansion, And Whatnot

Look, you know my position on this- I liked the old bowls a lot, because I’m a geezer. Actually, I like the old bowls because they don’t fulfill Homer’s philosophy of everything… the issue here is that we want to argue about something different. With the old system, we could hang our hats on “what if team X played team Y?”  Now, it’s “Why shouldn’t Team X get a bid if they won their conference?” or “Team Y’s loss was against a tougher schedule”  The future, I’m certain, will hold such goodness as “Why should Team Z get left out just because they’re #33 in the polls” and “How can the committee/computer/cthuluu choose those four/six/eleventy teams?”

Gang, there’s always going to be someone that feels slighted and left out… get used to it.

Across College Sports:

A young man who will be a Penn State senior this fall was seated, despite connections to individuals connected with the case, including a high school football coach who was mentioned in a report from the grand jury that investigated the allegations against Sandusky. The man, Juror No. 7, wore a Penn State jersey to jury selection.

And Finally

  • Survey Says…  RIP, Corporal Newkirk.


  1. Will PierceNo Gravatar
    June 6th, 2012 at 11:46 am

    i have a question, do u know when the 2012 recruits such as noah spence se’von pittman etc will arrive to ohio state for their 1st prcatices? thanks alot!


    Ben HNo Gravatar
    June 8th, 2012 at 11:58 am

    They all will arrive in June sometime. All those Defensive guys from the 2012 class will see playing time or they won’t be playing. Spence, Schutt, Pittman is already enrolled in the spring and would have participated in the Spring game but was dinged up. Hope this helps


    Will PierceNo Gravatar
    June 8th, 2012 at 1:23 pm

    oh i didnt know they were enrolled already but ya it helps alot thanks!


  2. bucknut in the southNo Gravatar
    June 6th, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    As a fellow geezer, Mali, I agree with your fondness for the old bowl system. It seemed to be less contentious in the run-up, just as competitive on the field. I also appreciate your family feud videos, though I still think Richard Dawson was at his best as Newkirk.


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