Weekend Wonderings: Mid-February Edition

Written February 16th, 2014 by Ken

Giordano Bruno

Welcome to this week’s edition of Weekend Wonderings. The basketball teams are within a month of ending their regular seasons. I hope that you all had a very nice weekend with the love of your life to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And St. Woody Day, as well.

I spilled quite a bit of ink with this WW, and it is a bit different. So, grab whatever beverage that you need, and possibly a back-up and let’s proceed.

More on this imposing figure later.

The James/Wexner

“All politics is local”, said former Congressman Top O’Neill.  The same can be said for health care. Way back in the Fall of 2012, before I came on board here at tBBC, I’d asked Mali to do me a personal favor and run this article, concerning bone marrow donation. I remain grateful, since the article explained the issues that my cousin was dealing with at the time. We’re still searching, but a marrow match has yet to be found. Meanwhile, the wolves have been kept at bay via a stem cell implant. A significant “band-aid” to be sure, but certainly not the needed answer.

During this time, one of their sons (a Penn State student-athlete at the time) asked fellow PSU’ers to be tested as possible donors, and the response was, and continues to be outstanding.  Moving to the present, this video is an interview with Kim and Jim, and tells of the current status of my cousin’s bone marrow search, the participation of students as bone marrow donors and the work yet to be done.  You can do your part by merely swabbing the inside of your cheek. These samples are analyzed by the National Marrow Donor Program, and when genetic matches are found, the process begins.

Samples continue to be submitted, donors-recipients matched and people are helped. Obviously, this is an ongoing effort. As tenacious a disease that cancer is, we have to be even more so to beat it. I’d like to thank Channel 4 (WCMH) in Columbus for their features on this topic.

FDA approves Imbruvica to treat chronic lymphocytic leukemia: Read More

OSU clamps down, wins on road

Written February 15th, 2014 by Scott

Stingy defense and a 20-6 spurt in the second half allowed the Ohio

Thad Matta rallied the troops at halftime

Thad Matta rallied the troops at halftime

State Buckeyes to overcome an ugly first half and beat host Illinois 48-39 on Saturday.

A sellout crowd of 17,200 fans, many of whom were dressed like empty seats at game’s end, watched as Aaron Craft scored 14 points to lead the OSU effort. LaQuinton Ross added 9 and Marc Loving 8 as OSU improved to 20-6 overall and 7-6 in the B1G.

The spurt in the second half included eight straight points that helped OSU turn a 23-20 halftime deficit into a 36-29 lead midway through as the Buckeyes, who played for long stretches without the foul-plagued Craft, won at Illinois for the first time since 2011.

Loving was a spark in the second half, scoring all of his points, as was Ross, who hit a couple of early baskets to help erase the lead. The defense held Illinois to just 16 second-half points.

OSU was up 12 late in the game and heading for a blowout, but a lucky banked-in 3-point shot and some shaky free-throw shooting helped Illinois (14-12, 3-10) cut it to five with under a minute left. But Shannon Scott and Craft each nailed a pair of free throws to settle down OSU and ice the victory. Read More

It’s All Academic: What Makes Ants Superstrong?

Written February 14th, 2014 by Charles

Seal_of_the_Ohio_State_UniversityAnyone who has been outside and watched ants crawl by carrying leaves or balls of dirt or bits of food probably has realized that they are very strong creatures.  Many of you have probably heard or read various figures saying that ants can carry X times their body weight with X being some rather large number.  Previously scientists had believed that most ants could carry several hundred times their body weight.  These estimations were made by watching what ants would carry but that isn’t a great way to determine the max amount that an ant can carry as it isn’t possible for scientists to know if the ant is carrying as much as it can or if it has no reason to carry more or if is just being lazy. 

Researchers in the Ohio State Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering weren’t happy with these estimations of how strong ants were and set out accurately measure the strength of ants’ necks and to figure out what makes them so strong.  Unfortunately you can’t just ask ants to pick up a set of barbells so the team lead by assistant professor Carlos Castro had to come up with another solution.  Their solution involved approaching the problem in a way similar to determining the strength of a material, you stress it until it fails.  The scientists started by using electron microscopy and micro-CT machines to get up close looks at the interior and exterior of the ants in order to learn about the structure of their necks.  After anesthetizing the ants so that they wouldn’t feel anything, the team then glued the ants heads to a piece of material which was placed into a centrifuge.  As the centrifuge spun, the heads of the ants were held in place while their bodies were drawn outward.  The faster the centrifuge spun, the more force was placed on the neck of the ant.  The team kept increasing the speed of the centrifuge until the ants’ bodies were ripped from the head; at this point the scientists noted the speed of the centrifuge and used that to calculate the force that the necks could withstand before failing.

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On Friday night the National Hockey League finished up it’s slate of games and shut down for the Olympics. For the next 15 days the league will be closed while it’s stars are in Sochi competing for medals in the Olympic world hockey tournament. I thought this would be as good a time as any to tell you that I gave hockey a shot a shot and you should too. More specifically, I gave the Columbus Blue Jackets a shot.join-the-battle-cbj

My goal tonight is to tell you of my experience and why I think you’ll love the Columbus Blue Jackets if you are willing to give it a shot. And hopefully tonight’s Rumble helps you decide in favor of checking them out when the Olympic break is over. Read More

It’s All Academic: Improving Credit Card Security

Written February 7th, 2014 by Charles

Seal_of_the_Ohio_State_UniversityMost everyone probably remembers the news that came out during the Christmas shopping season about the massive data breach at Target that resulted in the theft of credit card data of hundreds of thousands of people.  This data breach resulted in renewed calls to do something to make credit cards and the information they contain more secure.  This is a major, far reaching problem that potentially impacts everyone in the US and beyond but fortunately researchers in the Ohio State Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are on the case.

The major problem with credit cards in the United States is that the vast majority of them rely on magnetic strips to store the credit card data.  While this is an easy means of storing and transmitting the data to the terminal at the checkout, all you have to do is swipe your card, it isn’t very secure as the data on the magnetic strip is static and unencrypted.  All a thief needs is a means to get the data that the terminal reads in and they have everything they need to use your credit card. 

The need to find a more secure means of storing data on a credit card has been known for a while and most of the rest of the world has taken steps in this direction by moving to a ‘chip and pin’ system.  Instead of storing the credit card data on a magnetic strip, the data is stored on a silicon chip that is on the credit card.  To make a purchase you insert the card into the terminal which reads the encrypted data that is stored on the chip, you then enter a pin number in the terminal’s key pad to authorize and complete the transaction.  Because the ‘chip and pin’ system allows for the credit card data to be encrypted, even if thieves steal the information from the terminal, the information is useless to them unless they have the means to break the encryption which is a much more difficult and resource intensive task.

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Silver Bullet Points Keeps Shoveling

Written February 7th, 2014 by MaliBuckeye

You’re either reading this from home on a “ice day”, or from work after having dug yourself out of yet another mid-week snow storm.  Stupid freaking groundhog…  At any rate, here’s today’s soundtrack… for reasons that will hopefully soon be evident.

In addition to Gold Pants…

Buckeye 411

  • Thank You, CB2- Sad news this week for Buckeye Senior and site favorite Christian Bryant, who had his appeal for a medical redshirt denied by the NCAA. Bryant, who missed parts of one whole season due to injury during his tenure in Columbus, had already had his case denied by the B1G Office… this means that his playing career in the Scarlet and Gray is officially over.  Godspeed, Christian… Glad you were a Buckeye, Bro.
  • Going Pro In Pro Football- In spite of what the NCAA will tell you, a good portion of D1 Athletes who choose football are looking at careers in that field. Today, we found out which Buckeyes were invited to explore the next step, as Carlos Hyde, Ryan Shazier, Bradley Roby, Jack Mewhort, Philly Brown, and Corey Linsley will be part of the 350+ member NFL combine in Indianapolis later this month. Hyde, Roby, and Shazier are expected to be the highest rated of those six, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Linsley and Mewhort with lengthy professional careers.  Best of luck, gentlemen!
  • This Week In “Journalism”- Not going to point fingers, but rumors of an unfortunate incident between Coach Meyer and former Coach Vrabel swirled across the internet after being published on another Ohio State website.  These were shot down from a pretty solid source; but it makes you wonder why some sites continue to get press access while the rest of us merely toil from our basement.
  • Some Things, You Just Can’t Run From- Amazing article today about Eddie George’s struggle with depression following his football career, and what he’s done to address it.  If it encourages people to get help, then that’s one more amazing score that number 27 can be credited with.
  • Another Former Buckeye Struggles With Past Issues- Linebacker Jamal Muhammed (who left OSU to play at Bethune Cookman) is a part of a class action suit against the NCAA regarding head injuries/concussions.
  • Taking Her Talents Closer To South Beach- Our BFF Janelle had some amazing news this week… hope she doesn’t forget us little people when she’s getting her mojito on in Florida.
  • Archie Griffin Is Awesome. In case you forgot… I’ve personally declared tomorrow Archie Griffin day.
  • RE:Crootin’- When you want the best, you send the best… and Ohio State’s top 3 national class was shaped by amazing coaches, including Scout.com’s top recruiter in the conference, Zach Smith. Smith, who was instrumental in Jalyn Holmes, Noah Brown, Johnnie Dixon, and Terry McLaurin’s joining the Buckeyes talked this week about his relationships with high school coaches in Florida.  The other top guns in the conference are indicative of the power programs, with Michigan’s Greg Mattison and Penn State’s James Franklin also being acknowledged by Scout. You read that correctly- most of the conference was out recruited by a guy who spent three weeks bringing in players that were previously going to Vanderbilt.  Proud.
  • Also? Flags Planted- Visualized by Sammy Silverman: Read More

MBB Pregame Glance: Iowa Hawkeyes Redux

Written February 3rd, 2014 by Ken

iowalogoThe Ohio State Buckeyes (17-5, 4-5) travel to Iowa City for a Tuesday evening game versus the Iowa Hawkeyes (17-5, 6-3). Ohio State is coming off an exciting, down-to-the last shot win over Wisconsin 59-58, while Iowa dispatched Illinois 81-74. This is the return engagement where Ohio State will try to get the win that they missed the last time these teams played.

Here’s their Profile

  • School: University of Iowa
  • Location: Iowa City, IA
  • Founded: 1847
  • Student Population: 21,999
  • School Type: Public, coed
  • Division: D-I
  • Conference: Big Ten Conference
  • Arena: Carver-Hawkeye Arena
  • Seating: 15,000
  • Built: 1983
  • Head Coach: Fran McCaffrey
  • Year: 4th

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Pregame Glance WBB: Wisconsin

Written February 1st, 2014 by Ken


The Ohio State Buckeyes (14-10, 4-4) trek to the challenging environment of The Kohl Center to square off against the Wisconsin Badgers (9-11, 2-6) a day after the men’s team made the same trip. The Buckeyes are coming off a blistering of Illinois 90-64 while the Badgers lost a close game to the Spartans 71-67.

Here’s their Profile

  • School: University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Founded: 1848
  • Student Population: 30,863
  • School Type: Public, coed
  • Division: D-I
  • Conference: Big Ten Conference
  • Arena: The Kohl Center
  • Seating: 17,230
  • Built: 1998
  • Head Coach: Bobby Kelsey
  • Year: 3rd

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