Armani Reeves is a Buckeye!

Written January 29th, 2012 by Joe Laing
Armani Reeves is another outstanding addition to the 2012 class.

MA DB Armani Reeves (5’10” 185 lbs.) has officially committed to Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes, becoming the newest member of Ohio State’s 2012 class.

Reeves is a four-star cornerback that helps address the recent loss of Gambrell and Clarke from the team, making this a great addition to the class at a huge position of need.

Reeves and his high school teammate Camren Williams have looked like a package deal for some time and that worked out to the benefit of the Buckeyes.

They had originally tried to make that happen at PSU, but as we have already seen with Tommy SchuttNoah Spence and Joey O’Connor- Penn State’s loss is Ohio State’s gain.

Reeves looked around a little more to make his decision than Williams- he seriously considered Michigan before seeing the light and joining the Buckeyes.

The Wolverines really thought they had this recruitment in the bag, and as always, it is great to beat them at anything. Read More

Camren Williams is a Buckeye!

Written January 20th, 2012 by Joe Laing

Camren Williams, the next LB in the 2012 class.

The Ohio State commitments just keep coming in what has been the hottest recruiting stretch ever for Ohio State.  Turn away from you computer for a moment and you might miss one (or two).

The latest commitment comes from Camren Williams, the 6’2” 215 pound linebacker from Massachusetts.

Williams is a four-star outside linebacker built in the same mold as David Perkins.

He combines excellent size, speed and quickness- which isn’t surprising if you’ve been following the players that Meyer has been targeting.  Once again, this may be a different style of linebacker than Ohio State fans are used to, but these new LB’s can really excel in the right scheme.

After this past season, it was abundantly clear that the Buckeyes needed some better athleticism from the linebackers and that issue continues to be addressed in a big way on the recruiting trail in 2012.

On film (see below), you see Williams sift through traffic, fight off blocks, and explode through tackles to finish plays. He also shows the ability to drop in coverage and play in space.

The bottom line is that Cameron Williams (and David Perkins) provide tremendous versatility for the defense. It will be extremely exciting seeing what schemes Coach Fickell and Coach Withers can come up with to utilize their talent. Read More