NCAA Hearing Update

Written August 12th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Well, that was fast… Here’s what we know (updated as available)

The meeting lasted 3.5 hours for reference, USC’s hearing was 3 days (more programs under investigation)

Ohio State will donate the $338,000 they received from the conference’s award from their participating in the Sugar Bowl to local charities. No word on whether ESPN will forfeit their ad revenue from the game.

Tressel made a brief statement after the meeting-

They were well prepared and will now go about their work in deliberations. Again, I would like to apologize to the Buckeye nation, most especially to the players, staff and fans who remain so dear to me.

I have no further statement at this time.

Much more, and updates after the jump.

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Silver Bullet Points Gets Pyrotechnic

Written July 4th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

What's more American than blowing stuff up?

Happy Independence Day, Buck-aroos! As you’re enjoying the cold beverage and grilled meat product that the founded fathers gave their lives to provide, we thought we’d give you a quick update on the news you may have missed when you were stuck in traffic this holiday weekend.


  • Not Done Yet- The NCAA was back in town last week to check into the “golf gate” allegations that Eric covered last Wednesday. Again, it’ll be difficult to prove the students in question didn’t just pay for the rounds themselves, but that still leaves “access to an exclusive course” as a perk that may have been illegal.
  • Shifting Time-line- Ohio State had until Friday to submit their response to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations, but have been given an extension until the 12th due to this festive holiday weekend (When Gene Smith starts smoking the ribs, there’s no bothering him…). However, given the re-visit from Indy’s Finest, it’s possible that the NCAA will ask to see some reflections on golf-gate as well, which could push this back even further. That may not be a bad thing for this year’s class of seniors- since it might mean that any possible post-season ban wouldn’t kick in until next year.  Although, that would certainly hose recruiting and any long term coaching decisions.
  • Speaking of Coaching- We hinted at this last week, but we’re hearing that a decision regarding the open linebacker’s coaching position has been made and will be announced following Coach Fickell’s return from wherever he gets his  shirts vacation.
  • In England, They Call It “Rugby”- And Ohio State is still awesome at it… but you can help by going here and voting for them against (savor the irony) Army.  It won’t mean you love America… just that your “Red White And Blue” is more “Scarlet Gray and… well, this runs out of steam, since we don’t want anything to do with blue”.

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Updated below with Friday’s comments from Board Members-

This week is the annual Ohio State Board of Trustee meetings, and we’ve known their schedule for a while now.

However, given the “story” that is Ohio State Sports, and given whispers that members of the Board were influential in helping Jim Tressel choose to resign, all eyes and ears have been tuned to these usually dry proceedings to find any hints as to the state of OSU Athletics (including current staffing stability).

Closed glass door = mystery?

And, when you look for a story, you often find or create one to justify your perspective.  On Wednesday, it was reported by 10TV that yet another scandal was brewing, this one at the highest levels. Seems that Wednesday’s “closed door meetings”, was such that folks were concerned that their very nature was a potential violation of Ohio’s Open Meetings Laws ; surely there must be something that “they” are trying to hide.

That someone would deign to break one of the ‘Sunshine Laws’ seems simultaneously ridiculous (especially with current media scrutiny) and just plain adorable. President Gee said that these were not “meetings”, but “dialogue”; as such, they weren’t subject to open meeting guidelines.

And you know what? I believe him.  This “scandal” is not the most interesting thing to happen thus far in the BOT “dialogues”.

That happened today, when trustee Robert H. Schottenstein spoke to the media about a number of topics, including the the current concerns with the Athletic Department.  His comments were actually quite refreshing-

There has never been any attempt to act with concealment or with indifference towards the NCAA, and I can’t emphasize that enough.

We believe we have very sound processes and protocols, many of them have been validated by third parties as being at or near best in class. Still as I said, we believe we can get better.

especially if you’re Gene Smith or Doug Archie, both of whom have every reason to have the air conditioner turned up around their desk chairs in order to mitigate the heat they’re under.

However, later comments would push those feelings of confidence back into the pit of  a professional’s stomach; Read More

Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable: Ohio State Leadership

Written June 8th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Part three of our attempt to process the “Memorial Day Melee“… it should be noted that all of these responses came before yesterday’s news regarding Terelle Pryor; as such, opinions may have changed.

Today’s question: Several groups of people are calling for Smith and Gee to be fired as well- what’s your take on it?

Jim- Gee, as evidenced by many of his quotes, is largely clueless concerning the goings on of the athletic department and he should be above all of this.

The tie that binds?

Smith is certainly getting a bad rap at the moment with many calling for him to follow Tressel, and it is hard to argue that he didn’t botch his handling of this situation at least a little bit. At the same time, I am willing to give him until the hearing on August 12th before passing final judgment on him and his job status. However, if the compliance department is found to be at fault, that is entirely on him and I think he should be held accountable.

Jay- While Smith leaving would probably be a good move, for perception if nothing else, losing Gee would not be a good thing.  While football is a big thing at Ohio State, the strength of the overall university is a bigger issue, and I think that Ohio State with Gee right now is a good match.  Firing him seems like it would really be putting football above the rest of the school.

Robby- Initially, I was impressed to see both were going to stand by Tress through the mess he was going through. After hearing about Jim’s resignation, I knew they forced him out with what was to come. That reason alone isn’t enough to fire both Smith and Gee, but how do the Athletic Director and school President not know about what the head football coach is doing behind closed doors? Those two were elected to keep the school and it’s administrators in line and they failed. I think that alone is enough to proof to fire both of them, and Smith’s stupid response over YouTube. If he was a real man, he’d have gone on ESPN or something like that to send out his response to the situation.

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Silver Bullet Points Gives You The Info

Written June 1st, 2011 by MaliBuckeye
In case you were a DIY type

Unfortunately, the “here’s today’s updates” is going to become a regular feature here at tBBC. It is what it is.  That being said, we’re looking for a picture/logo or even a new title to help distinguish this from the “normal” SBP updates- leave your recommendations in the comments!

NCAA InVESTigation

  • According to several sources, folks from the University and the NCAA team met individually with the players named in the SI report today.
  • Additionally, according to 97.1, the NCAA will also meet with Dohrmann’s source, “Ellis”. Speculation abounds as to the important aspect of their conversation.

Other Buckeye News

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Strength Of Schedule, Continued

Written December 2nd, 2010 by MaliBuckeye

Quick follow up on President Gee’s comments last week regarding TCU and Southern Idaho State’s schedule; particularly that schools outside of the Big Ten and SEC don’t have the same week to week challenges as their “bigger” brothers.

President Gee has stepped away from those comments somewhat, saying

What do I know about college football? I look like Orville Redenbacher. I have no business talking about college football.

God, I love that guy. He also talked about upcoming announcements regarding future schedules that Buckeye fans should be excited about, and about reaching out to the real “Little Sisters Of The Poor” to give them the respect they deserved.

Elsewheres, Ken Gordon at the Dispatch has a great article today looking more closely at the schedule strength, and compares not only overall schedules, but the competition in and out of conferences. While you’ve probably read that Ohio State and Boise’s schedule strengths are pretty close this year, what Ken points out is that… Read More

Bad timing, superior credibility.

First, the quote by Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee heard round the college football world:

…[H]aving been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it’s like murderer’s row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day. So I think until a university runs through that gantlet that there’s some reason to believe that they not be the best teams to [be] in the big ballgame.

TCU’s athletic director, Chris Del Conte, had this to say in response:

Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere,” he said. “Buckeyes against the Horned Frogs. Tee it up. Let’s go.

Oh really, because  TCU declined to play Ohio State within the past three years. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere could have been last year if TCU had wanted it.

In late December of 2007, Ohio State said it had reached a deal to open the 2009 season at home against TCU. Army had recently backed out of a planned series, and the Horned Frogs, coming off an 8-5 season, were set for a one-game trip to Columbus. According to Ohio State, the game had been agreed to but the contract wasn’t yet signed.

And remember, this story was written a year ago, before all of this hullabaloo about Gee’s quote hit the airwaves, so it’s not like OSU made those statements in response to the Del Conte’s boasting and chest thumping.

And Boise State? Their president Bob Kustra seems to think their schedule is as tough as any school, Ohio State or otherwise. Read More