Ohio State News And Notes: Silver Bullet Points 9.24.13

Written September 24th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

And now, things get B1G

Buckeye 411

  • Awards Aplenty- Kenny G’s record setting day half was good enough to win him B1G Offensive Player of the Week award, as well as the Earl Campbell Award. Guiton finished second for the latter after Cal; the award is given for the best performance of the week from a player from a Texas High School.
  • Receiving Praise- Coach Zach Smith was first on the dias Monday, as Coach Meyer was attending the funeral for Dom Tiberi’s daughter. During his time, he talked about how the team feels more comfortable attacking Wisconsin’s defense this year than last due to the emergence of a number of players at receiver and tight end.
  • All In The Plan- Coach Smith also talked about the scheme against FAMU, and that they wanted to get more “live reps” during the contest in an area that Ohio State has worked hard to develop this off-season.
  • Speed AND Precision- Devin Smith can “take the lid off”, according to Smith, but has really excelled at his route running and willingness to do the little things that help the team be successful.
  • Injury Update- Coach Smith said James Clark is done for the year; it’s likely that he will seek a medical redshirt. Coach Meyer said that Braxton would start if cleared to play- Cory Linsley said that Miller looked good in practice and was “back”, and ESPN reported that he had been cleared to play officially.  Coach Meyer said that Adolphus Washington was “probable”, and that they were still trying to be cautious with him. Michael Bennett is 100% and will play against the Badgers.
  • Scarlet And Redshirt- Coach Smith essentially confirmed that Corey Smith and Mike Thomas will be redshirting this season; Coach Fickell mentioned a similar fact about linebacker Mike Mitchell.
  • In The Trenches- No surprise, but Coach Fickell expects the Wisconsin game to come down to the Ohio State front’s ability to control the line of scrimmage. It’s the type of game that makes the Buckeyes’ depth at linebacker a concern, especially given the strength and speed of the Badger running back corps.
  • High Stakes- Coach Meyer spoke with high regard for Wisconsin, calling them the “King” of the B1g following their three straight Rose Bowl appearances. He said that the preparation needed to be flawless, as these matchups often came down to one or two series or one or two plays.
  • No Controversy- Coach Meyer said that the decision to hold Braxton out against the Rattlers was made by both parties, but that the coaches were really hoping to get him out there on Saturday. There was speculation that there was a “heated discussion” between Coach and QB during pre-game, but it seems as if this wasn’t significant enough to warrant a comment on Monday
  • Persistence- One of the concerns that the coaching staff mentioned on Monday was the ability to play a full game- to “flip the switch” in the fourth quarter when necessary. Given that the first four games have been well in hand in the second half, the challenge will certainly be present on Saturday.
  • Old Friends- When asked if he missed former Badger Bret Bielema, Urban replied, “No. I’m fine with Gary.” Coach Andersen was on Meyer’s staff at Utah, this will be the first time that the two face other since their time in Salt Lake City. Read More

FAMU Redux: A Pointed Silver Bullet

Written September 23rd, 2013 by Ken

I’m talking to you..

Well, that was a somewhat interesting game on Saturday, wasn’t it? I’ve noticed there’s been the usual beefing, complaining and angst about Ohio State scheduling an FCS team like Florida A&M University. These feelings have come in the guise of articles and their comments. I can understand that; demolishing a clearly inferior opponent 76-0 doesn’t prompt me to don my Buckeye garb and proudly puff up my chest.

The articles that I’ve read are well thought out and generally have the theme of “Oh, Gene, why did you do this?” or something similar. Good sentiment, but quite a few major programs schedule this way, for various reasons.

The general tone of some commenters was it was a classless example of running up the score on a clearly overmatched opponent. I want to address the comments that I’ve seen that take Urban Meyer, personally, to task for his team’s rout of FAMU.

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Shots From the Shoe: FAMU

Written September 22nd, 2013 by WVaBuckeye
Win the toss, three and out. Long day

Win the toss, three and out. Long day

I like noon games about half as much as Coach Meyer does, which seems to be none at all! First and foremost it is probably very difficult to get up and get prepared for a noon game, even at home in #TheShoe, but the fans have issues as well. Most of the tailgating on the day lasted longer than the game itself and most fans came late and left early.

About the only thing that went right for FAMU was the coin toss. They called it and won and chose to receive the football. I am guessing they maybe thought momentum was on their side after this monumental victory.

As everybody knows, the game was a blow out from the start and the “ol right hander” stole the show yet again by setting a new school record for TD passes in a game with six.

Kenny Guiton took the opportunity to hone up on his targeting skills and even found a wide open(by 90 yards one fan tweeted) Evan Spencer in the back of the end zone.

While the fans were leaving and headed back to their tailgating, TBDBITL took the opportunity to hone up on their swag skills. Read More

Ohio State Dismantles Florida A&M 76-0

Written September 21st, 2013 by Eric
Carlos Hyde saw his first playing time today.

Carlos Hyde saw his first playing time today.

For the first time since 2008, the Ohio State Buckeyes welcomed an FCS school into the confines of Ohio Stadium. Not surprisingly, Florida A&M was in no position to handle the Buckeyes and fell 76-0 in a game that was over by the end of the first quarter. Kenny Guiton again had an excellent game throwing the football, completing 24 of 34 passes for 215 yards and 6 touchdowns with only a single interception. Damien Fleming was solid but not spectacular for the Rattlers, going 10/16 for 30 yards and a pick.

The Buckeye Running game was spread around fairly evenly among 8 different backs, all who gained 364 yards on 42 carries. The sole exception was Ezekiel Elliott who got the balance of the yards in the second half and wracked up 162 yards and 2 TDs on 14 carries. The passing game was similarly distributed with 5 different receivers catching touchdown passes, and 10 catching passes. The receivers picked up 215 yards on 24 receptions, including 6 receptions for 70 yards for the tight ends. All of the passing yards came in the first half, as OSU stuck to the running game in the second.

Florida A&M was chosen for rather unusual reasons. While the Buckeyes have never shown a hesitation to play an FCS school (recall Youngstown State), but typically OSU has done it to spread the money around to other schools in the state. FAMU was asked to play a game at Ohio State so that they could show of their famous marching band – the Marching 100. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the band was suspended and not allowed to travel to Columbus.

Kenny Guiton earned the second start of his career, with Braxton Miller still recovering from his MCL sprain sustained against San Diego State. After FAMU shanked a punt following a three and out on their first drive, the Bucks had excellent field position with which to work. Guiton came out and threw 4 straight passes, getting the Buckeyes to the two yard line, and throwing an interception in the endzone. Thankfully for the OSU offense, the Rattler defender made a poor decision by running the football out of the endzone in the midst of traffic and fumbled away the turnover. Jordan Hall plowed the ball into the endzone on the resulting play for the first score of the game.
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What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Florida A&M

Written September 20th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Another week, another victim, and another round of wishes:

Mr. Popular


  1. Duel Threat –   Carlos Hyde and Jordan Hall w 100 yards. Want to see Hyde get in there w the 1 O line and run over people.
  2. Less Penalties –  Penalties are killing this team and 75% of them are of the stupid variety.
  3. A special teams TD
  4. One Half - Braxton to play a half, just to knock the rust off.
  5. Mix It Up - A good mixture of Wilson and Elliot late in the game.
  1. Tackling - I still believe that one day this hope will come true.
  2. Did We Mention One Half? –   No more than one half for Braxton and at least one quarter for Cardale – this is going to be a blowout so get Braxton out there long enough to shake off some rust and then get him back on the sideline, personally I’d prefer him only in for a quarter. Give Kenny one quarter or so and then bring on Cardale and the 3rd team.
  3. Touchdown? - A defense or special teams score
  4. No stupid penalties
  5. Focus – Consistent focus from the team, no looking ahead to next week
  1. Figure It Out –  Have it figured out what Kenny G will do in the regular offense. Hyde may be in dire straights because of his and Halls performances. My favorite quote from analysts is the offense is more efficient with Kenny G at the helm
  2. Leave Bosa Alone –  Kid is going to be an AA defensive end. Turn him loose and find somewhere for Washington.
  3. To that remark –  Play ALL of the twos and threes in this game. Would like to see Cardale take snaps finally Read More

tBBC Game Preview: Florida A&M Rattlers

Written September 19th, 2013 by Ken


The Buckeyes return home from a successful Left Coast trip to play an FCS opponent out of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC), the Rattlers of Florida A&M University (FAMU).  The Buckeyes (3-0) are coming off an exciting, yet convincing, win over Cali-Berkeley (52-34), while the Rattlers (1-2) lost to Samford (27-20).

This is OSU’s last game before Conference play begins, so it will be a good opportunity to take care of a few loose ends. False starts and tackling techniques come to mind. Even though, to Jason’s chagrin, this is a noon start, the weather forecast is for low 70’s, cloudy and 30% chance of rain. This is no time to “go Cal” and not show up until well into the game. We’re fortunate to have a really good football team; be there to support them.

Ohio State on Offense

This will be a good game to get a couple quarterbacks some playing time before conference play; Braxton Miller and Cardale Jones. I think that Ken Guiton has proved his capability and reliability. Braxton probably needs some fine tuning after missing the last two games, and Cardale needs some ‘live fire’ experience, just in case.


He’s baaaack..

Oh, and the Buckeyes get starting (last year, anyway) running back Carlos Hyde back, although how much playing time he gets is up in the air. I anticipate Dontre Wilson to get more involved with the offense, and possibly even some Ezekiel Elliot.  However, the bulk of the non-Jordan Hall carries will be Hyde’s

FAMU’s defense is giving up 321 yards per game, good for 70th in the country if they were FBS. I think that pending too much experimentation on Urban’s part, OSU will find this defense a bit less challenging than last week. The bright spot for FAMU is that against Samford, they did come up with 2 pick-6’s.

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Silver Bullet Points Ain’t Rattled

Written September 19th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

After an exciting week in Berkeley, the Bucks return home in a final warmup before B1G season. As the Rattlers come to town, there’s only one choice for the soundtrack this week.

Trophy Hunting

Buckeye 411

  • Injury Update- The plan is for Braxton to play some on Saturday; reports from practice had him wearing a brace but with no noticeable limp. That’s the good news.  The “not yet” news is that Adolphus Washington will miss the FAMU visit to Columbus, as the Buckeyes try to ensure that he’ll be healthy for B1G play. Coach Meyer said several times this week that he would be “probable” for Wisconsin.
  • Good Problem To Have- Meyer seemed most optimistic about the play of the defensive line, and praised Coach Vrable’s work with the “young pups”. Given the pressure that they’ve been able to apply minus Adolphus and Tommy Schutt, you’ve got to think that something is going right in the trenches for the Scarlet and Gray.
  • And Then- There’s the linebackers, who still have some question marks in place for Ohio State. Meyer emphasized again that the depth is not what it needs to be given some of the “misses” in recruiting in the last four years; fans will remember that several key stars either haven’t panned out as of yet or have left the program altogether. At this point, the ‘Backers haven’t been tested, but with conference play coming up that’s sure to change.
  • Seeking Hyde- Carlos is back after his three game suspension, but won’t immediately fall into the starting lineup on Saturday. Not only is the current lineup firing on all cylinders, it will take a bit to find a “fit” for Carlos’ game within the offense.  In addition, it wouldn’t be fair, according to the coaches, to sit Jordan Hall given the work results that have been produced over the past three weeks.
  • For The Sake Of Argument- Gene Smith helped schedule this week’s FAMU game in part to bring their amazing band to The Shoe. However, as an FCS school (and not a great one, at that), the game certainly won’t help Ohio State’s “strength of schedule” perception. On the off chance that three or more schools finish undefeated (Alabama, Clemson, Oregon, tOSU), this game might cost the Buckeyes a chance at the Crystal Trophy… Or, as a friend of mine put it, “Gene Smith will have cost the Buckeyes two consecutive chances to play for a national championship”.  Discuss.
  • Smooth- The same goes for Kenny Guiton, who will certainly have a large number of opportunities behind center moving forward. Again, he’s certainly earned the right to do so.
  • Remember When- Ohio State fans used to envy schools like Southern Cal for their full stable of tailbacks and five star QBs? Pretty nice living, ain’t it?
  • Young’uns- There’s a lot of anticipation that some of the newer faces for Ohio State will see action this week; Corey (Pittsburgh) Brown spoke at length regarding Eli Apple, Cam Burroughs, and Vonn Bell’s work in practice. Here’s hoping they get to showcase on Saturday.
  • Jazz Brings The Swoons- Or is it that folks Swoon for Jazz? Either way… this photo does both.
  • Bitter Bear Face- If you hadn’t already, you should read this article about how Cal’s football program has higher ideals in mind than Ohio State. Then, you should remember that Cal’s APR from 2012 would put them dead last in the Big Ten…  16 points behind the team at the bottom (hint: The Harvard Of The West).
  • New Threads- Sounds as if this year’s Nike uniforms for The Game will be a white version of the ones we saw in last year’s win.
  • Four Times The Awesome- Sammy Silverman had a well deserved extra design this week: Read More

Wednesday Night Rumble: Speed Spread

Written September 18th, 2013 by Jason

The Buckeyes took their show out west and came away with a convincing win over the California Golden Bears. Kenny Guiton had a whale of a game through the air along with he and the Buckeye running backs chewing up big gain after big gain on the ground. The Silver Bullets played reasonably well considering the attack that Cal brings offensively. We’ll talk about it all and look ahead to the Florida A&M Rattlers. It’s Wednesday, let’s rumble!

Smooth Jazz

Kenny Guiton and the boys are fired up

Kenny Guiton and the boys are fired up

What can I honestly say about Kenny Guiton that hasn’t already been said? We learned about an hour before kickoff that he would start the game and that Braxton Miller was a scratch, dressing in street clothes. The week long starter question had been answered and now we were about to see how Guiton would respond. When you add in that it is on the road against a PAC-12 opponent, we were looking at really good barometer on where we stand should Miller need to come out of a game later in the season or have to miss one. Kenny didn’t disappoint.

What I am happiest about is that after the fact there really are no questions to be asked. Saturday brought about a rather simple conclusion: Yes, Kenny Guiton can play and can be counted on if needed in a pinch, which we knew, and now we know he can pick up the reigns and lead the troops if called on to start.  It makes me happy because let’s be honest, the worst thing that could have happened would have been to wake up Sunday morning still not sure if Guiton can fill the role of starter. Ok, so it would have been worse to wake up Sunday and know undoubtedly that he couldn’t do the job, but you get my point.

How about the actual play?

I like Guiton’s game, and we finally now know what his game is: Braxton Miller Lite. I loved his touch the early touchdown throws. His decision making on whether to keep the ball or take it from the back was excellent all night. He seems to have pretty good vision in picking lanes and watching the defense react to his movements then capitalizing off them. He runs hard, too. Charles Davis brought that up a few times during the television broadcast and I thought he was spot-on. Guiton is no pushover at the point of collision.

Maybe the only real question about his performance that I have is his accuracy. Now, I mentioned above how he was putting great touch on the ball early. He was leading his receivers almost perfectly. But as the game wore on, that came and went. Maybe it was just mental fatigue from the overwhelming nature of the situation and some throws just got away from him. Maybe he got lucky on the early throws. The only way to really know is to have him start more games.

Who gets the call this week? Read More