Thoughts From Buckeye Nation: 3.3.12

Written March 3rd, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

With one extra day in February’s last week, let’s see what the good folks of the BBN offered up over the past seven days.

While all of our northern “friends” were shooting off guns and blowing the horns of their rusted out 83 Buicks about the “awesome recrootin” that Brady Hoke was accomplishing, Urban’s staff was doing what they do- quietly, methodically going about hand selecting members of another top class.  SYR filled us in on the decision made by Ohio’s top offensive lineman candidate to stay close to home:

Evan Lisle is a 6’6″ 265 lbs 4* OT from Centerville, Ohio. He committed to OSU today via phone cal to Coach Meyer and the news was broke by Marc Givler of Evan Lisle is a huge OT recruit and ranked in the top 5 of Ohio recruits by Scouts. He is an ESPNU 150 recruit and ranked as the 83rd best recruit by Rivals. Evan fills a need at position we lack depth at and has the size and agility to play either right or left tackle.


A little chance to toot our own horn this week; Joe leads us off with a look at the 2013 running back targets-

Once again, it has been said that players are being told Ohio State will only take one. If true, that gives Meyer plenty of flexibility to send out feeler offers and continue to go after the best of the best.

Going by talent alone, my top three wish list would be Ty Issac, Derrick Green, and  Ezekiel Elliot. I think we land one of Smith/Green- if not both, and we take Issac or another national stud that can be more of a speed guy with the ability to play receiver.

Honestly, it looks like there are going to be some guys that we could land that Ohio State is going to be forced to say no to. All I can say is that Meyer isn’t recruiting a five-star or two and then some okay recruits; this offer list is a who’s who of running backs in the country and each one will have their pick of schools.

Also, WVaBuckeye continues to dream big, and wonders who else should be honored by the University’s new decision to stop retiring numbers, but acknowledge great parts of Buckeye history:

This brings us to quite a difficult place in the decision-making that will go behind who is chosen for the rafters. There have been several members that have expressed an interest to be on a selection committee with THE Ohio State University. If allowed, they would help discuss a great format that allows special players their spot in the rafters, or in an Ohio Stadium “Ring of Honor” for football.


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Thoughts From Buckeye Nation: 2.25.12

Written February 25th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Our weekly look around the rest of the Buckeye Bloggers Network, with highlights from the best damn sites in the land

If you’re not already reading all of the BBN’s sites, you can also stay up to date with the RSS feed that we’ve placed over in the right column.

Coming off of the loss to Michigan and Michigan State in hoops had a lot of Ohio State fans at a loss to understand what had happened to a team that was favored to win the conference and make a run at a title. Dave at TSB took a look at several possibilities, including-

Lack of an inside enforcer.  I admit that I failed to truly appreciate Dallas Lauderdale.  I called him “stone hands” and used to get frustrated at how often he had the ball slide between his big mitts.  But he did two things this year’s team really misses: 1) He provided an inside force defensively who could block shots when players were beat off the ball.  This year, when someone bursts by a Buckeye defender they usually have an open lane to the hoop.  Big D played some ferocious D and that is greatly missed; 2) He occupied space in the lane on offense, allowing Sully more freedom to roam.  Dallas not only set screens but forced the opponent’s big man to guard him or surrender uncontested dunks.  That helped Sully more than we realized.

Ah, Illinois. Nothing like a little revenge in the form of a massive, home court blowout to make things all better. Take a look at Scott’s review of the game- it was just what the Scarlet and Gray doctor ordered;

The handwringing among Buckeye Nation regarding both Buford’s recent woes and the lack of playing time for the bench can stop, at least for a day. Despite the audible groans when Buford missed an open three and turned it over in first half, the senior was greeted with an overall warm reception and had one of his best shooting games of the year (7-9 from the field, 2-3 from three).

In other news, in honor of the 50th anniversary of John Glenn’s trip to space, Sam Thompson put on an anti-gravity display with an early dunk and a couple of high-flying blocks.

Speaking of Buford, BHC’s newest author got us ready for his final game in the Schott with a look at his legacy at Ohio State;

But of all his basketball statistics, there is one intangible quality that supersedes all others. It is a quality that all of us share … something that binds all of us together and pulls us through tough times. It’s a love … it’s a passion … it’s beyond words … it’s Buckeye Pride! “[Buckeye Pride] comes from the people before us. We just try to keep that thing going. It’s not about us. It’s about the school. The school is bigger than us.” Now THAT is spoken like a true Buckeye! It is easy for us as fans to get caught up in the performance of one or two games, but on this weekend, let us honor a true Buckeye as he wears our school’s colors for the last time at home. He has earned the respect of all of Buckeye Nation.

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Thoughts From Buckeye Nation: 02.18.12

Written February 18th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

A quick glance back around the BBN as you prepare your venom for today’s game against the skunkweasels.

You know that friend of yours that’s got a ton of crazy ideas, and often goes off half cocked when he gets excited? Well, The Buckeye Blog has a friend like that, and he had access to a typewriter this week;

I’ll tell you, PacMan, now known as Adam Jones (formerly from West Virginia Mountaineers, Tennessee Titans, others, and Cincinnati Bengal felon, roommate of Cedric Besnon) after 17 infractions with the law, in one year decided to fly to Reno, buy a gun and shoot up a strip club. Pure genius. For anyone with “Maff Skillz,” that’s more than once a month that this player awakens to his alarm clock, puts on his pants and shoes, then proceeds to go “F something up!” It’s Groundhog Day for serial mental case, Puxutuwany PacMan. I’d hate to be Cedric and PacMan’s manservant. Worse, if one of their wives burnt the toast. Good heavens.

The Price was right for Sylvester Yon-Rambo, who celebrated the first of two 2013 verbals that Ohio State received this past week;

After losing out on a top rated WR recruit on Friday Night Ohio States Coach Meyer and his staff went into complete hibernation and depressed mode….. NOT. They had a huge weekend lined up with Sunday being a one of many Junior Days that will occur this year. Some of those in attendance had already been offered and some walked away with fresh offers. One though came away very impressed and chose to end his recruitment early and committed to Ohio State.

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The Drive To Retire Dennis Hopson’s Jersey Number

Written February 15th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Fox Sports Ohio was gracious enough to invite us to write a bit about the #Hop2theRafters movement, and published the following article yesterday.

In an era defined by highlights, by “Oh! Did you see that!!” tweets and texts to friends, every fan is convinced that the others they know need to recognized the greatness of their favorite star or team.

2096 for #32

But, as quickly as the excitement builds, it also dissipates; athletes who are all over today’s timeline or emailed YouTube clips are soon out of the public conscious as “Next!” becomes “Now.”

Sure, there are those who transcend the sport – the hall of famers, the heroes of a championship team, the persons responsible for iconic moments in a franchise or team history — those names are readily offered up by the fanatics and casual fans.

Most, though, end up in the “Hey, what happened to?” file, the “I remember that guy…” area of conversations between people who are deeply knowledgeable about the sport, or the discussions where followers of an earlier area are defending their favorites against the young guns of the modern day.

What does it take to be recognized, though, by the institution itself?  For some Ohio State basketball fans, that question has been answered in their quest to have the University retire the number of the career scoring leader, Dennis Hopson. Read More

Thoughts From Buckeye Nation: 2.11.12

Written February 11th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Welcome to the Saturday Morning Funhouse from the gang at the BBN- the “best of” from the best in the biz

In case you missed it earlier this week, we dove deeper into the shootyhoops victory against Purdue and took a look at the play of each starter and the coaching mindset exhibited. Check out the coverage as you get ready for today’s MSU game:

Grant and Andrew got a bit offensive this week, first with a diagnosis of “Bert” Bielema’s personality and then with a look at how the 2012 offense hopes to compare to the 2011 edition:

Success in college football is dependant on coaches’ development of their players. On that count, and many others, Jim Bollman failed his charges, who don’t deserve to be punished for their coach’s ineptitude.

In the end, blue-chip talent came in and a sub-MAC product came out. But there’s good news. In art terms, the Buckeyes offense was the football equivalent of a Jackson Pollack. Now, the Buckeyes are staring at a blank canvas. Urban Meyer will have his chance to fill it in September. For now, the best we can do is to speculate.

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Thoughts From Buckeye Nation: 2.3.12

Written February 4th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Taking a look back at the best in this week’s offerings from the Buckeye Blogger Network…

We haven’t done this as of yet, but let us toot our horn just a bit and point you back to a highlight from tBBC this week. As exciting as NLOID was for 2012, the fact that the 2013 class has gotten off to an amazing start can’t be overlooked. Remember, Coach Meyer said in Sports Illustrated that “We already know the ’13 class. Done.”, and the fact that Jalin Marshall gave his verbal as the second member of the cohort testifies that this is accurate. Joe introduced him to us, saying,

At 6’0” 200 lbs., Jalin ran a 4.42 40 yard dash last year at the Ohio State summer camp. With that speed, combined with his superior vision, agility and elusiveness in the open field, it is easy to see why Meyer has been targeting such an amazing talent for his offense. Jalin is the type of player that the defense will need to key on at all times. He could lineup at QB, RB, WR, or KR/PR and take the ball to the house from anywhere on the field.

In case you’ve forgotten, there are hoops to be shot this weekend. Oh, and it’s our old pals from Wisconsin who are surely on their best behavior as Ohio State travels to the Kohl Center to meet with Bo Ryan and pals. Michael gets you ready for today’s clash with Mortimer Duke and wisdom such as,

Ohio State wins if: it plays well for 40 minutes (meaning very limited turnovers, a good shooting percentage—probably above 50—and lock-down defense) and gets offensive contributions beyond Sullinger, Buford and DeShaun Thomas. The Buckeyes need Aaron Craft, Lenzelle Smith Jr., or someone off the bench to provide some unexpected points to survive the Kohl. That building has been a house of horrors for Ohio State and I’m honestly not expecting a win the way Wisconsin has been playing defense, but a victory is possible if the Buckeyes play hard throughout and execute on both ends of the floor. This means they can’t afford to waste possessions. If pressed for one guy who can turn the tide, I’d say Lenzelle Smith Jr. has to have a big game for Ohio State to win it.

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BBN: Three Questions From Ohio State’s 2012 Signing Day

Written February 2nd, 2012 by MaliBuckeye
Following an epic National Letter of Intent Day at Ohio State, several of the Buckeye Blogs wanted to take a closer look at how this will all play out for the future. Be sure to check out the work at The Buckeye Blog, Buckeye House Call, Men of the Scarlet and Gray, Our Honor Defend, and The Silver Bullet for their responses to the round table questions and all things NLOID related.

Marion. But of course.

It’s Groundhog Day; February 2, 2012. While it might be tempting to channel our inner Ned Ryerson, reliving the epic signing day yesterday over and over and over again wouldn’t be all that productive (unless you’re Bret Bielema’s therapist). Nope, it’s time to embrace the other side of the festive event and recognize that yesterday was a sign that the seasons were changing. The long, dismal, self inflicted winter of Buckeye Nation’s discontent is moving on, and the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train.

No, Urban Meyer didn’t look for his shadow as he emerged from the Ohio State War Room on Monday, but you can bet that his presence has cast a shadow across the hearts of B1G fans as certainly as it brought sunlight to Columbus and beyond. A new day was here- a day where most of the B1G took yet another step strengthening their position against signing day abuses; a day where the most egregious oversigners had to change their habits and make decisions on NLOID; heck, a day where James Patrick Tressel may have even found a home.

But for Buckeye fans, little of that mattered. Most of them celebrated by quoting the great Mark Twain in reflection of their favorite squadron- “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” As we all know, though, they don’t hand out crystal footballs on signing day so the work continues for the OSU staff and student athletes.  And for those of us who follow and report and reflect on their decisions, there are always questions to be answered.

Who are you most excited to see in the Scarlet and Gray?

Eric- Hands down, I’m the most excited to see what Brionte Dunn can bring to the fold.  Reportedly, Dunn is a bruising power back that will harken back to the days of yore for the Buckeyes. 

Many people have made a big deal about how Dunn won’t fit into Urban Meyer’s system.  That statement couldn’t be further from the truth.  Recall that Tim Tebow was often used in lieu of a power back, being used to plow ahead for yardage.  Florida is not a state known for it’s big bruisers, being better known for it’s speedsters of course, and Urban Meyer was simply not able to get the kinds of running backs he prefers – the big kinds.

Meyer will easily integrate Dunn into the offense, and it should be fun to watch unfold.  As a bonus, Bill Greene commented during his Q&A liveblog yesterday that he believed Dunn would be the starting running back for the Buckeyes next season.  Just as an FYI. Read More

Thoughts From Buckeye Nation: 1.28.12

Written January 28th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

It’s Saturday morning- what better way to enjoy your cup of special coffee before attacking the weekend’s tasks than by looking back at the “best of” from great Buckeye blogs?


In all the hype and excitement about the next crop of Buckeyes, TSB looks at the “stars” who shone on the field and not in someone’s recruiting class rankings.

Golf!! Women’s golf!! Women’s Buckeye golf!!

Dave looks into his crystal ball and makes some really early predictions for 2012′s football team.

Most people expect the starters to be Norwell, Mewhort, Bobek, Linsley and Fragel.  Outside of Hall the only other guy with any experience is Underwood.  Factor in possible attrition and injuries, and I have a sneaking suspicion that at some point deep into the B1G conference schedule, a newcomer will be needed to start a game or two.  My best guess would be Taylor Decker, although Joey O’Connor is another possibility.

Grant continues to do the Lord’s work to get Hop2theRafters, and compares #32′s season to the national player of the year- David Robinson.

Meanwhile Dennis Hopson was lighting up the old St. John Arena night after night, averaging 29.1 points-per-game – ranking him second in the nation and first among all Big Ten players – while also leading Ohio State in ten statistical categories. He broke the Ohio State record for most points in a season (958) while becoming the University’s all-time leading scorer with 2,096 points. Twenty-five years later both records still stand. And who watched his beyond-spectacular 1986-87 senior season? Just us.

Things are different in the WHAC in many ways, but none more important that under the influence of new assistant athletic director for football sports performance Mickey Marriotti. Andrew tells us why.

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