tBBC Game Preview: Wisconsin Badgers

Written September 25th, 2013 by Ken

Not as tough as he looks.

After rolling the overmatched FAMU Rattlers last week, things get a bit tougher this Saturday night as Ohio State hosts B1G/Leaders leader Wisconsin in an 8:00 PM game. The Buckeyes (4-0, 0-0) look to move into 1st place in the Leaders Division by shutting down the Badgers (3-1, 1-0).

First year Badgers Head Coach Gary Andersen was defensive line coach at Utah in 2004, Urban Meyer’s last year as Utah head coach, so there is familiarity between the two gentlemen. After a 4 year stint as Utah State’s head coach, Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez hired Andersen to replace the departed Bret Bielema, who was banished to coach at Arkansas.

I’m going to gloss over most of the season-to-date statistics for both teams because I don’t think those numbers are relevant for this game. Wisconsin’s wins and “numbers’ were racked up against University of Massachusetts (MAC) who has won 1 of its last 16 games, FCS school Tennessee Tech (2-2) and a not very good Purdue team.  Unfortunately, Ohio State’s schedule is pretty similar.

Here are two tables that summarize both teams’ offensive and defensive performances so far this season. As I mentioned above, with both teams having sketchy schedules, use these numbers more for a general indication of performance. The first table, is relative offensive performances comparison between Wisconsin and Ohio State.

Offense YPG Rush Points
Wisc 547 350 41
OSU 529 311 52

Yep, a lot of yards and points against so-so competition.

Here’s the defensive comparison; it’s looks similar.

Defense YPG Rush Points
Wisc 243 76 10.5
OSU 280 80 15.3

Now that we really know that Wisconsin and Ohio State took care of their early season opponents, we move on to the game at hand.

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tBBC Radio Hour: Wisconsin Preview

Written September 25th, 2013 by Joe Dexter

You know it’s hate week when we are dropping F-bombs and wishing everything but the best to our opponent. And that my friends, is what this week’s episode of the Radio Hour is all about!tbbc Radio Hour itunes

With Wisconsin on the mind, there was only one person to bring in to remind us of the hatred we have for Bucky. It was great to have my main man, Eric back on the show to break down Saturday’s showdown with #24 Wisconsin.

Eric is the Rodney Dangerfield of the site. Cause that dude’s got no respect — no respect for the Badgers. Eric and I look at Saturday night’s game from an Ohio State perspective and also break down the latest from the department of Idiocy.

Better known as the NCAA.

Eric and I discuss OSU’s defense against the run, the “QB controversy,” whether Wisconsin is a true rival, Urban Meyers’ “King of the Big Ten” comments and much much more.

And could Urban’s horses run with two QBs on the field Saturday? Eric shares his thoughts on the possibility.

We then get the Wisconsin viewpoint from Bleacher Report’s Andy Coppens.  Coppens breaks it down Badger style (that’s a scary visual image) and gives us his thoughts on the three headed rushing attack, Joel Stave’s wonderment and the best defense in the B1G. Thanks to Andy and the staff at Mad Town Badgers for the great collaboration over the week. You can also find Andy’s work on the Big Ten over at Bleacher Report’s B1g Blog.

And finally, we get the view of a Wisconsin fan’s daydream during hate week. You’re not going to want to miss this!

Thanks for listening in this week and of course, you can always find us on Itunes!

Ohio State Dismantles Florida A&M 76-0

Written September 21st, 2013 by Eric
Carlos Hyde saw his first playing time today.

Carlos Hyde saw his first playing time today.

For the first time since 2008, the Ohio State Buckeyes welcomed an FCS school into the confines of Ohio Stadium. Not surprisingly, Florida A&M was in no position to handle the Buckeyes and fell 76-0 in a game that was over by the end of the first quarter. Kenny Guiton again had an excellent game throwing the football, completing 24 of 34 passes for 215 yards and 6 touchdowns with only a single interception. Damien Fleming was solid but not spectacular for the Rattlers, going 10/16 for 30 yards and a pick.

The Buckeye Running game was spread around fairly evenly among 8 different backs, all who gained 364 yards on 42 carries. The sole exception was Ezekiel Elliott who got the balance of the yards in the second half and wracked up 162 yards and 2 TDs on 14 carries. The passing game was similarly distributed with 5 different receivers catching touchdown passes, and 10 catching passes. The receivers picked up 215 yards on 24 receptions, including 6 receptions for 70 yards for the tight ends. All of the passing yards came in the first half, as OSU stuck to the running game in the second.

Florida A&M was chosen for rather unusual reasons. While the Buckeyes have never shown a hesitation to play an FCS school (recall Youngstown State), but typically OSU has done it to spread the money around to other schools in the state. FAMU was asked to play a game at Ohio State so that they could show of their famous marching band – the Marching 100. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the band was suspended and not allowed to travel to Columbus.

Kenny Guiton earned the second start of his career, with Braxton Miller still recovering from his MCL sprain sustained against San Diego State. After FAMU shanked a punt following a three and out on their first drive, the Bucks had excellent field position with which to work. Guiton came out and threw 4 straight passes, getting the Buckeyes to the two yard line, and throwing an interception in the endzone. Thankfully for the OSU offense, the Rattler defender made a poor decision by running the football out of the endzone in the midst of traffic and fumbled away the turnover. Jordan Hall plowed the ball into the endzone on the resulting play for the first score of the game.
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Ohio State Outraces California to 52-34 Victory

Written September 14th, 2013 by Eric
Devin Smith catches his first of two touchdowns.

Devin Smith catches his first of two touchdowns.

In a surprisingly friendly environment, that was at worst 50% Buckeye fans, the Ohio State Buckeyes met the California Golden Bears in California Memorial Stadium. In a game best described as “frenetic”, both teams put up 1112 total yards of offense en route to a 52-34 final score. Kenny Guiton finished the game 21/32 for 276 yards and 4 touchdowns, while his counterpart, Cal QB Jared Goff, notched 31/52 for 373 yards, 3 touchdowns and an interception. Jordan Hall and an impressive day on the ground with 168 yards on 28 carries for 3 touchdowns, and Devin Smith picked up 149 yards on 3 receptions for 2 touchdowns.

As has been typical for the Buckeyes this year, they started on the defensive side of the ball. On the first play of the game, Joey Bosa made a huge tackle to celebrate his first start of his career. The defense as a whole executed extremely well, wrapping up better than we’ve seen all season, and performing smart, aggressive tackles. And while Cal was able to get some yardage on their first couple possessions, it wasn’t enough to sustain a drive.

Kenny Guiton got his first career start in this game, with Braxton Miller’s MCL still a concern to the coaching staff. It didn’t take him long, only the second play of the first OSU possession, to make his own mark on this game. Devin Smith broke open on a deep route on the right side of the field, and Guiton hit him with a 90 yard touchdown strike. The pass hit Smith nearly in stride and allowed him to run away from the defender with ease. It was reportedly the longest play from scrimmage in OSU football history, beating out Gene Fekete’s 89 yard play against Pitt in 1942.

The offense didn’t let up either. Guiton hit another long pass play to Smith on the next possession. He followed that with a 4th and goal strike to Chris Fields, which came after OSU forced Cal QB Jared Goff into a fumble. All in all, OSU scored 21 points and racked up 190 yards of total offense in the first *six minutes of play*. It was an offensive showcase in every way imaginable.
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Silver Bullet Points Fingers

Written September 12th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

As you’re reading this, I’m prepping for the drive from Los Angeles to the Bay Area with the Mrs. for Saturday’s game. Given that we got engaged on the Marin Headlands, this song by one of her favorite performers is the obvious choice for this week’s soundtrack. Gonna’ warn you, though… this week’s reflection is… uh… verbose.


Buckeye 411

  • Injury Update- The question that everyone’s been asking hasn’t yet been answered, as Coach Meyer said that Braxton threw a bit on Wednesday before leaving practice to get more treatment on his knee. Coach commented that the issue isn’t pain, but seems to be “stability”, and that Braxton is adjusting to his knee brace. It would not be surprising to see Kenny G start and be relieved by Miller, nor would it be a shock to have them split time at the position. Both will travel, Coach Meyer indicated that they would know more after Thursday’s practice and that he remained optimistic.
  • Two Thoughts- 1) The last time Braxton was held out of play in a game he returned to action and performed pretty well. 2) That being said, if Ohio State feels that they can win the game with Smooth Jazz and give Braxton a week (or two) to recover, I wholeheartedly support that decision. Long term goals here, peeps.
  • Also- Adolphus Washington did not practice on Wednesday, but is expected to travel. His is a bit of a different situation, as the injury is something that can linger. Also, as amazing as Washington is on the field, the Young Bucks are doing good work under Coach Vrable’s direction.
  • Good News- Corey Linsley is scheduled to play the entire game this week at center, having gotten the clearance to do so from the medical staff after his foot injury has significantly healed
  • Red, Not Scarlet- A couple of older “back ups” that many are surprised have not gotten the playing time they were expected to were discussed on Wednesday, and Coach Meyer said that it’s a possibility that Bri’onte Dunn and Michael Thomas may end up redshirting if they aren’t going to be a part of the planning this season. He also discussed how he felt that they were “wasted” by the coaches last year, and didn’t want to make the same mistake moving forward.
  • Getting Defensive- Ryan Shazier talked about the Silver Bullets’ excitement to play Cal, and that they were working diligently to ensure that the Bears didn’t have the success necessary to string together drives and run 100 plays a game. He also spoke about the need to maintain leverage on Cal’s running back Brendan Bigelow, as his ability to get to the edge is a strength that created issues for Oho State last year. However, Shazier mentioned that Bigelow’s talents were helped by a number of small mistakes that the young defense made last season.
  • Getting Ready- Playing the role of Bigelow this week in practice? Carlos “I’ll be back next week” Hyde. Not too shabby.
  • Stripes Lost- I guess we’re still doing that now, as Cameron Johnston, Tyquan Lewis, and Trey Johnson all had their black stripes removed today. Woot!
  • Honors- This week’s Sammy Silverman graphics, for your enjoyment Read More

tBBC Fans Interact: Buffalo

Written September 4th, 2013 by WVaBuckeye

This past weekend as the Buckeyes faced the Bulls, we started a new feature here at tBBC. Each week we will feature some hash-tags on twitter and feature your responses to those in a weekly article. While we are at it, we will feature a former Buckeye each week to give their two-cents worth as well and see how you stack up to their thoughts.

This week we’re bringing the “Juice” and featuring Mekka Don! His new Buckeye song hit the skies this past Saturday to a great response in The Shoe.

Juice, Juice, Juice Thank you Mekka!

Juice, Juice, Juice
Thank you Mekka!

#BufTopPlay  Braxton Miller 47 yard TD to Devin Smith. Great throw and great adjustment by Devin.

#BufOMVP Jordan Hall. He ran his butt off today.  Big holes but also showed burst and agility.

#BufDMVP Noah Spence

#BufSTMVP Dontre Wilson. Great kick return!

#BufOUnsung Offensive Line.  They were creating huge holes and giving Braxton (and Kenny) time to throw for the most part.

#BufDUnsung Ryan Shazier.  Despite the injury he was still effective.

#BufMorePT Dontre Wilson, Jalin Marshall, Ezekiel Elliot, Warren Ball. Can’t wait to see what these guys can do!

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What Do You Want to See on Saturday? Buffalo

Written August 30th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

And here we go… the first edition of our weekly staff wishlist!


  1. Juice - Game starts at noon, and the students will probably be hung over/asleep… but this needs to be a high octane start to an amazing year. Ohio State excelled in the second and third quarters last year… it would be great to get a fast start to the season.
  2. Front Seven - We’ve got the secondary on lockdown (we hope), but the pre-season talk has been about the linebackers and the young front. Start of the season with the kind of play that will make B1G offensive coordinators stay awake at night.
  3. Special Teams - While I’d be OK if Bryce and Cameron never get out on the field, I’m looking forward to a unit completely under the guidance of Kerry Coombs.
  4. That One Thing - Won’t say it, won’t jinx it. And if the OL is successful, I won’t mention it next week.


  1. No injuries
  2. Offensively, crisp execution with running and passing games
  3. Defensively, fundamentally sound tackling
  4. A win

Unleash The Cannon


  1. The New Braxton Miller Show - It would be nice to see if his passing game has improved as much as has been reported. Lets hope for about 200 yards passing from him for the game.
  2. Ryan Shazier Murderin’ QBs - This better be something that occurs all season long
  3. OSU with at least double Buffalo’s Yardage - This could mean many things, but should ultimately mean good things from both offense and defense.
  4. Young guy playing time - Let’s have the starters on the bench in the second half. Read More

tBBC’s Game Preview: University of Buffalo Bulls

Written August 29th, 2013 by Ken
Welcome to tBBC’s inaugural football game preview for the 2013 season. We plan to do these each week right up through the National Championship Game. Yes, we are an optimistic group this season.The format of the series will generally be: “Introduction” (some comments in general to set the context for that week’s opponent), “Ohio State on Offense” (my thoughts on OSU’s match-up against opposing defense), “Ohio State on Defense” (my thoughts on OSU’s match-up against opposing offense) and “Wrap Up” (a catch all for any other thoughts/comments and how I see the game playing out).This week’s comments will be a bit longer than usual, since the Bulls are the “name” NCAA team here in Buffalo. And, my wife and I live 4 miles from their stadium, so that’s pretty local.



Ohio State opens up the 2013 season against a Mid-American Conference member by hosting “The State University of New York at Buffalo” Bulls. Evidently their new Athletic Director sees fit, in an effort of rebranding, to come up with this unwieldy name. For the remainder of the article, I‘ll refer to them as either “University of Buffalo”, Bulls or UB.

In 2012, the Bulls, finished 4th in the MAC East (3-4, 4-8). Under 4th year coach Jeff Quinn have made small, incremental improvements in its results since Quinn’s arrival. The Bulls made a late season quarterback change (more below) and finished the season winning 3 of their last 4 games to end the season on a bit of an up note.

Despite the woeful records of previous years, there is a high level of energy and interest in the UB football program this year. Since I’m been in Buffalo, this is the highest level of coverage the team has received from the local newspaper, The Buffalo News. Their sports staff is doing a great job with coverage, and hopefully will generate more community enthusiasm.

Ohio State on Offense

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked if Ohio State’s suspension of their top two RB’s would have any effect on the game. I told him, “Probably not”. The Buckeyes bring a wealth of talent at the skill positions into this game. After averaging 37 points per game last year, I expect it to improve in 2013, and this week’s game is a good place to start.

The Bulls, under Defensive Coordinator Lou Tepper (remember him from Illinois?) finished 2nd in the MAC in total defense in 2012, allowing 364 YPG, utilizing a base 3-3 alignment. They bring an experienced, ball-hawking Secondary (4th in MAC, 13 interceptions) to Columbus, led by DB’s Naija Johnson (1st in MAC, 5 INT’s) and Cortney Lester (2nd in MAC, 4 INTs).

The key to UB’s defense is Senior LB Khalil Mack (6’3”, 248) who is on the watch lists for the Butkus, Chuck Bednarik and Lombardi Awards and the Nagurski Trophy. This young man is the real deal. Here is a highlight clip and interview, from a year ago:

Fortunately for Ohio State, one of the team’s strengths is its offensive line. And depth, both at line and at running back. The Buckeyes are in a position to roll in fresh, talented players as often as needed on Saturday. This will be a game of attrition.

Ohio State on Defense

I’m a bit less concerned about UB’s offensive match up against OSU. The Bulls will start sophomore QB Joe Licata, who engineered the late season surge last year, and behind him are some pretty good RB’s;  Brandon Oliver (5’8”, 208) and Youngstown OH native Devin Campbell (5’11”, 205). Although he missed 5 games last year, Oliver still rushed for over 800 yards, so he knows how to run. Notice his patience and low running style.

One interesting match-up will be the line play. The Bulls return quality experience at C, LG and LT, but the right side is “under construction”. The Buckeyes bring inexperience, in terms of game-time, but impressive talent across their D-line and LB’s. I’m guessing that when UB gets in a “must have” running situation, they run to their experienced, their left side. I’m also guessing that Ryan Shazier will be locked on Brandon Oliver. He’d better be.

The Bulls may find some early success with their passing game. Licata has limited, but big game experience under his belt, and he has three really capable targets in WR Alex Neutz (6’3” 205) and TE’s Jimmy Gordon (6’5”, 255) and Mason Schreck (6’5”, 229). With Schreck, think Jake Stoneburner type of player. Alex Neutz is on the Biletnikoff watch list, so he brings skills and performance to the game. Don’t be surprised if we see some double tight end formations, or some plays with Schreck as a wide out. With this set of receivers, OSU’s red zone defense could be interesting.

Wrap Up

I expect that the Bulls will come out fired up, ready to earn their million dollar payday and possibly make a statement regarding themselves for this season. I expect the Buckeyes to need a couple offensive series to get synchronized to appropriate game speed. I expect this to be well in hand by halftime. As a local, there are really a lot of things to like about this UB team, and I think they’ll do well in the MAC in 2013, but at some point on Saturday the talent differential will show. To be honest, if the Buckeyes were coached by any of several previous coaches, I’d by mildly concerned that the game would be “closer than expected/wanted”. With Meyer at the helm, I don’t have that issue. I think he has OSU playing at a different level of aggressiveness and tempo that what we’re used to seeing.

According to Certain Professionals, for informational purposes only, Ohio State is favored by 36 points and the O/U is 55.5. Thus the CP’s expect this game to end up in the vicinity of 46-10, or so. I hope they’re right. I think OSU will begin to dominate sometime in the 2nd quarter and build momentum from there. The only thing that I see will keep it closer is if Meyer decides to pull the plug early and give 2nd and 3rd teamers substantial game time.

On a related note, the Bulls’ stadium seats 29,000 and last year the attendance averaged 13,246. Yes, you read both of those numbers correctly. Playing in front of over 105,000 fans, most of whom will not be supportive, will be a very different experience for the Bulls.

Bonus Trivia: According to our neighbor, while both were in high school, UB’s quarterback was her younger daughter’s boyfriend. It’s his loss, on both accounts.