Silver Bullet Points Fingers

Written September 12th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

As you’re reading this, I’m prepping for the drive from Los Angeles to the Bay Area with the Mrs. for Saturday’s game. Given that we got engaged on the Marin Headlands, this song by one of her favorite performers is the obvious choice for this week’s soundtrack. Gonna’ warn you, though… this week’s reflection is… uh… verbose.


Buckeye 411

  • Injury Update- The question that everyone’s been asking hasn’t yet been answered, as Coach Meyer said that Braxton threw a bit on Wednesday before leaving practice to get more treatment on his knee. Coach commented that the issue isn’t pain, but seems to be “stability”, and that Braxton is adjusting to his knee brace. It would not be surprising to see Kenny G start and be relieved by Miller, nor would it be a shock to have them split time at the position. Both will travel, Coach Meyer indicated that they would know more after Thursday’s practice and that he remained optimistic.
  • Two Thoughts- 1) The last time Braxton was held out of play in a game he returned to action and performed pretty well. 2) That being said, if Ohio State feels that they can win the game with Smooth Jazz and give Braxton a week (or two) to recover, I wholeheartedly support that decision. Long term goals here, peeps.
  • Also- Adolphus Washington did not practice on Wednesday, but is expected to travel. His is a bit of a different situation, as the injury is something that can linger. Also, as amazing as Washington is on the field, the Young Bucks are doing good work under Coach Vrable’s direction.
  • Good News- Corey Linsley is scheduled to play the entire game this week at center, having gotten the clearance to do so from the medical staff after his foot injury has significantly healed
  • Red, Not Scarlet- A couple of older “back ups” that many are surprised have not gotten the playing time they were expected to were discussed on Wednesday, and Coach Meyer said that it’s a possibility that Bri’onte Dunn and Michael Thomas may end up redshirting if they aren’t going to be a part of the planning this season. He also discussed how he felt that they were “wasted” by the coaches last year, and didn’t want to make the same mistake moving forward.
  • Getting Defensive- Ryan Shazier talked about the Silver Bullets’ excitement to play Cal, and that they were working diligently to ensure that the Bears didn’t have the success necessary to string together drives and run 100 plays a game. He also spoke about the need to maintain leverage on Cal’s running back Brendan Bigelow, as his ability to get to the edge is a strength that created issues for Oho State last year. However, Shazier mentioned that Bigelow’s talents were helped by a number of small mistakes that the young defense made last season.
  • Getting Ready- Playing the role of Bigelow this week in practice? Carlos “I’ll be back next week” Hyde. Not too shabby.
  • Stripes Lost- I guess we’re still doing that now, as Cameron Johnston, Tyquan Lewis, and Trey Johnson all had their black stripes removed today. Woot!
  • Honors- This week’s Sammy Silverman graphics, for your enjoyment Read More

Silver Bullet Points Gets Some R&R

Written November 7th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

It’s the bye week, and there’s only one song for the occasion. Well, two… something for everyone.


Buckeye 411

  •  Injury Update- Tuesday, Coach Meyer said that it was better than 50/50 for Etienne Sabino to return for the Wisconsin game, something that will add a much needed boost to the Ohio State linebacker corps. No other injury news was given, so it’s safe to assume that Reid Fragel and Orhian Johnson are both OK following their leaving the Illinois game.
  • Freaking Flyer Miles- There’s no rest for the Buckeye coaching staff, who are traveling the nation reconnecting with current verbal commitments and starting to reach out to some new names.  Joe will have an update later this afternoon, but we do know that the coaches are hitting Ohio harder than the presidential candidates as well as canvassing Texas, the DC area, and renewing connections in the south (Carolinas, Louisiana, Florida). They’re doing some bye week fishing, and with a much wider net than we’ve seen in the past… we’ve even got 2015 and 2016 offers starting to go out.
  • Stiffarm Trophy? In spite of the fact that his coach has been a bit closed mouth about it until recently, Braxton Miller has emerged as a candidate for the Heisman.  He talked briefly with the media about this opportunity yesterday- check out The Sporting News’ coverage of the conversation.
  • Other Awards- Monday also saw Bri’onte Dunn named the B1G Freshman Of The Week for his work in the fourth quarter of the Illinois game.  Defensively, Ryan Shazier was named B1G Player Of The Week for the second straight game… see Sammy Silverman’s tribute after the jump.
  • Yeah, But… Urban Meyer in the B1G teleconference on Tuesday said that the Illinois game wasn’t Ryan’s best as a Buckeye, and he left a lot of opportunities on the field.  Remember, folks- he’s only a sophomore…
  • Meyer’s Musings- Coach also mentioned that there’s a two edged sword in dealing with bye weeks; it gives you the chance to get healthy, but it can also lead to a lack of focus and momentum. He spoke briefly about Reid Fragel as well, and said that it was the senior’s work that was evident in how well that he was playing- that when he didn’t apply and push himself, he was only “average”.
  • Rumblin’, Bumblin’, Fumbling? The fumbles were not an issue for Rod and Bri’onte, in Coach Meyer’s mind; they are something to work on, but not something to take away from their playing time.  Additionally, much to the nightmares of B1G defensive coordinators, Coach Meyer said that the two back look that Ohio State thrived from on Saturday would be something that Ohio State would continue to utilize, given the production and development of all of his running back corps.
  • Help Us Help You?  Hey- if you’re on the ol’ Twitter, your favorite bunch of miscreants is trying to get to 2002 followers by the November 24 game against That Team Up North. Yup, the one where they’re paying tribute to the 2002 national championship team… see what we’re doing there? Oh, and if you’re the Fake Jim Mora, nevermind. Read More

Silver Bullet Points Might As Well Jump

Written February 29th, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Happy Leap Day!! Today’s the day our female readers can finally propose to that guy they’ve been chasin’ around.

Buckeye Bullet, Ready for Leap Day

Buckeye 411… Sort of

B1G News

Silver Bullet Points Locked And Loaded

Written August 31st, 2011 by MaliBuckeye


Ready... aim...

It’s finally here… the first SBP of the 2011 season. No more preseason talk, no more countdowns- it’s time to squeeze the trigger. Let’s do this.

Buckeye 411

  • Injury update- Word is that the Buckeyes are healthy, with the exception of Jamaal Berry (nursing a hamstring). Tyler Moeller and Etienne Sabino have been practicing at full strength, and are part of the lineup for Saturday.
  • Fickell Speaks- The head coach of the Buckeyes held his first presser of the season, and the initial reaction was how different it was than the previous administration- a lot more openness in the Q&A, which went for about half an hour. Missing, though, were the “as so forth”s… it’s up to us to continue the legacy. Great quote from the new boss-

Come Sunday morning, the first thing I do when I come in is I put on the special teams reel and I’m going to put on the fourth quarter. I want to see what your body language is like, your competitive nature is like. I don’t care if you’re a third team, a first team guy. If you’re on special teams, I want to see how you compete. I want to see your body language looks like in the fourth quarter whether you’re up 35 or down 35, whether it’s a tie ball game or not. Those are the things we want to see. Read More

What we know: The Allegations

Written June 29th, 2011 by Eric

Yea, this picture pretty well sums up the last 6 months.

UPDATE- We’ve put all of this information into a table for those who prefer getting their information that way (and read USA Today). Check it out here, or under the Media Table at the top right of the site.

We’ll also work to update it as necessary, should more evidence emerge either supporting or refuting these concerns.

Update 2 – It has come to our attention that not all of the information presented was sourced properly.  The article has been modified to be more clear.

It’s been a hectic couple of months to be a Buckeye fan.  The first half of the year has felt like every media organization in the nation, including our own home base news sources, have been giving our favorite university the third degree.

One constant in these media investigations is that the national news sources never return to the scene of the crime to report on what they got right and what they got wrong.  To be honest, who really cares?  People love dirty laundry, after all.

So we here at the BBC have decided to compile a list of every allegation leveled at Ohio State University and its Football Program in the last couple months.  Of course, this idea may seem familiar to you.  Admittedly, the Ozone (and seemingly everyone else) beat us to the punch, but we thought we could be more thorough.

We are going to do a blow by blow account of everything anyone said or suggested about OSU, as a resource for you when these things take on a life of their own. We’ll also give you the information regarding which of these have been refuted, so you can refer back as you’re bringing truth to the water-coolers around the country.

The time frames reference when we learned about the accusation, not when the violation (or accused violation) occurred.  Also, anything after “Effect” on each point is writers opinion only, and not to be taken as fact unless linked as such. Read More

Buckeye Battlecry Roundtable: Sports Illustrated Reactions

Written June 7th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

How deep into our psyches, that is

Part two of our week long attempt to reach catharsis. Today’s topic: After reading the Sports Illustrated article, what did you think? Is there a larger problem at Ohio State?

Jim- I thought that I had just read over two pages of fluff with about two paragraphs of actual new information that was worth digesting. With the families Storm Klein and John Simon apparently preparing to fight the allegations leveled against them in the article, it now seems that of those two paragraphs of actual news, only a part of it was (possibly) factual.

Who would have guessed that basing your entire article on hearsay from employees who worked for a drug trafficker would result in a less than accurate final product?

I think SI cashed in on the negative national reputation of Ohio State and the article will certainly add to the negative reputation and have people up in arms for Brutus’ head on a pike, facts and common sense be damned.

People hate Ohio State based on articles like the one SI wrote. People accept articles like the one SI wrote without thinking twice about it because they hate Ohio State. It is a vicious cycle, and I absolutely hate this saying, but… haters gonna hate.

For the more skeptical among us, I think it can be viewed as a fluff piece with little or no hard evidence to support any of its claims.

The truth, as always, is likely somewhere in the middle.

Eric- I’m going to preface this by saying that what follows is based off what we thought when the article came out.  I’m going to neglect the comments that have come out recently from Larry James and the football players’ families.

To be honest, I haven’t read it the whole way through in one sitting.  I’ve read bits and pieces, and collected whatever I missed from the chatter on the interwebs.  There’s just a point where I can’t stand reading horrifically negative tripe – and that’s exactly what that article is.  I was never able to read the USC scandal stuff all the way through either; it just makes me physically ill – both that someone would write it, and that people could do these things without a thought for what they signed up for.

After reading the article I had one very clear thought about the current situation, which has borne out strongly over the last several days.

There is not a larger problem at Ohio State.

If anything, I believed that this was a problem that simply escaped the notice of compliance and Jim Tressel.  Six compliance staffers and the head coach are not a lot of people to keep track of the goings-on in a football program larger than 85 players strong (scholarship + walkons).  That’s particularly true when the compliance guys are being forced to watch 30+ athletic programs.  There’s only so much that they’re going to be able to pick up on.  We’ve seen that very fact bear out in the Terrelle Pryor car saga.  While it’s been demonstrated that nothing was done that violated NCAA rules, clearly Compliance did not know every single detail of what was going on.

That fact is already being remedied, as compliance is hiring 2 new positions.  Granted 8 is not a lot better than 6, but it’s an improvement.

The reason I can be so certain that there is not a larger problem at Ohio State is simple.  While Jim Tressel lied (and he did, there’s no question about that) his actions were his alone, and not perpetrated by anyone else.  What was done with the tattoo parlor was a fairly isolated set of incidences, even if 28 former and current players were involved!

It is clear, even from the audit done in November of the compliance department, that compliance works very very hard to run a clean ship.  While they weren’t tracking down every single lead, they still investigated the car situation and (correctly) gave it approval.  That is nothing more than a sign that OSU is doing things right overall.

As for the raffle business, I’ll wait to see some hard evidence before I believe it.  I cannot believe that Tressel has it in his character to do that.  Hurting kids, even if it does gain him a recruiting advantage?  Has Tressel ever hurt anyone in his life?  Seriously?

We neither know the identity of the person who made that claim, nor do we have any proof that it was done.  Until that time, I will take the information with a grain of salt.

Which brings up one last point – I find Dohrman’s choice of interview subjects to be fairly suspect.  The best you can do is a guy in prison?  Seriously?  That sure makes me trust the integrity of what he says.

Robby- I thought it was poor journalism and left a lot of doors open without closing them. Way too many anonymous sources and allegations without concrete evidence. Way too much ‘he said, she said’ quoting and interviewing for a Sports Illustrated investigative piece.

But there definitely is a larger problem that could open up a massive Pandora’s box at Ohio State. Since The Ohio State University is all about football, that affects EVERYTHING in Columbus. If it hurts the football team, it hurts the school and everything around it. That makes it a larger problem for the University.

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Sports Illustrated: How Tressel Lost Ohio State

Written May 30th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye
Really? That’s your title?

After much speculation and rumors, the article that possibly expedited the end of the Ohio State careers of Jim Tressel (and Terrelle Pryor?) went online at Sports Illustrated this evening.

In it, author George Dohrmann raps up a six week investigation into Ohio State football and other aspects of life in the WHAC.  As you can imagine, it’s not flattering.

Sports Illustrated is alleging that the number of student athletes who have exchanged memorabilia for tattoos is actually 28, and not the 6 that were originally named.  After interviewing former employees at two Columbus area tattoo parlors, this number also includes nine Buckeyes currently with the program- Jamaal Berry, C.J. Barnett, Bo DeLande, Dorian Bell, Zach Domicone, John Simon, Storm Klein, Etienne Sabino, and Nathan Williams

Also in the piece, SI alleges that some of the exchanges of memorabilia was for marijuana, and that players often partook while they were at the various tattoo establishments.

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