What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Florida A&M

Written September 20th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

Another week, another victim, and another round of wishes:

Mr. Popular


  1. Duel Threat –   Carlos Hyde and Jordan Hall w 100 yards. Want to see Hyde get in there w the 1 O line and run over people.
  2. Less Penalties –  Penalties are killing this team and 75% of them are of the stupid variety.
  3. A special teams TD
  4. One Half - Braxton to play a half, just to knock the rust off.
  5. Mix It Up - A good mixture of Wilson and Elliot late in the game.
  1. Tackling - I still believe that one day this hope will come true.
  2. Did We Mention One Half? –   No more than one half for Braxton and at least one quarter for Cardale – this is going to be a blowout so get Braxton out there long enough to shake off some rust and then get him back on the sideline, personally I’d prefer him only in for a quarter. Give Kenny one quarter or so and then bring on Cardale and the 3rd team.
  3. Touchdown? - A defense or special teams score
  4. No stupid penalties
  5. Focus – Consistent focus from the team, no looking ahead to next week
  1. Figure It Out –  Have it figured out what Kenny G will do in the regular offense. Hyde may be in dire straights because of his and Halls performances. My favorite quote from analysts is the offense is more efficient with Kenny G at the helm
  2. Leave Bosa Alone –  Kid is going to be an AA defensive end. Turn him loose and find somewhere for Washington.
  3. To that remark –  Play ALL of the twos and threes in this game. Would like to see Cardale take snaps finally Read More

What Do You Want to See On Saturday? Cal

Written September 13th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

This week marks the Buckeyes’ first road game of the campaign so let’s see what our staff wishlist look like:

Moar Please


  1. Run the Ball – Cal is giving up 5.75 YPC. And it will keep Cal  below their 90-95 plays per game target.
  2. Pressure on their QB –  Come at Goff via stunts, blitzes, whatever. They want to throw and we should break them of this habit.
  3. Mix Up Play Calling with Play Action – Cal’s D is young and relatively inexperienced. They can be had; let’s have them.
  4. No Injuries
  5. A Win
  1. Poll Rising – Score 60-70 points so we stop falling in the polls.


  1. Ball Control – Want to see what ball control offense really looks like prior to Hyde returning. Feed Hall/Wilson/Smith/Ball the rock. Pass when we need to.
  2. Electricity – Simple. Electrify and quiet the stadium at the same time with a KO return for TD by Wilson.
  3. QB Controversy? – Even if Braxton is healthy. We may have a QB semi-controversy   Kenny G deserves playing time but maybe not at the expense of a rolling O under Braxton’s command. If they stumble a little lets see what Kenny does. He’s earned it. Read More

What Do You Want to See On Saturday? San Diego State

Written September 6th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

The Aztecs from San Diego State come to THE SHOE this weekend and here’s our wish list:


  • Scrambled Legs -  I’m OK with Braxton not needing to scramble, but on the cases where he feels pressure let’s see him work some magic
  • Swinging Gate - We saw two options off of the XP formation.. might there be more?
  • Roby – 1 – Kenobi - Welcome back, Bradley… time to earn your jersey number.
  • Tight Ends - A couple of great checkdowns against Buffalo, but let’s get the big(ger) fellas involved in the offense?
  • Reading Rainbow - Braxton is still learning the reads and keys on the option play, and seemed to struggle a bit against Buffalo’s three man front. SDSU will bring even more unique looks- how will he respond?


  • Improved Blocking - While we were starting some new guys on the line, the pressure that Buffalo got when they put their minds to it was a little much. Hopefully a week of work will have improved some of the footwork and given us the leverage to help Braxton out.
  • No Turnovers - The two turnovers we committed against the Bulls were two too many, and both were caused by poor decisions (getting fancy on a run, and getting tunnel-vision on the screen). Let’s not put our defense in a hole again this week.
  • Attacking Defense - In the same vein, lets force a few additional turnovers by getting some serious pressure on QB Adam Dingwell.  Eastern Illinois forced him into 4 interceptions (granted on 63 passes), so hopefully the Buckeyes can do something similar.
  • More EzE – I was disappointed to only see Ezekiel play as few possessions as he did.  Get that boy the ball and let’s see what he can do.

What Do You Want to See on Saturday? Buffalo

Written August 30th, 2013 by Gary Russell II

And here we go… the first edition of our weekly staff wishlist!


  1. Juice - Game starts at noon, and the students will probably be hung over/asleep… but this needs to be a high octane start to an amazing year. Ohio State excelled in the second and third quarters last year… it would be great to get a fast start to the season.
  2. Front Seven - We’ve got the secondary on lockdown (we hope), but the pre-season talk has been about the linebackers and the young front. Start of the season with the kind of play that will make B1G offensive coordinators stay awake at night.
  3. Special Teams - While I’d be OK if Bryce and Cameron never get out on the field, I’m looking forward to a unit completely under the guidance of Kerry Coombs.
  4. That One Thing - Won’t say it, won’t jinx it. And if the OL is successful, I won’t mention it next week.


  1. No injuries
  2. Offensively, crisp execution with running and passing games
  3. Defensively, fundamentally sound tackling
  4. A win

Unleash The Cannon


  1. The New Braxton Miller Show - It would be nice to see if his passing game has improved as much as has been reported. Lets hope for about 200 yards passing from him for the game.
  2. Ryan Shazier Murderin’ QBs - This better be something that occurs all season long
  3. OSU with at least double Buffalo’s Yardage - This could mean many things, but should ultimately mean good things from both offense and defense.
  4. Young guy playing time - Let’s have the starters on the bench in the second half. Read More

What Do You Want To See On Saturday?: Spring Game 2013

Written April 12th, 2013 by MaliBuckeye

A bit of a different version of WDYWTSOS, since we all want to see the same thing- Awesomeness and no injuries.

So, we’ve polled our staff of experts for their predictions on the following aspects for “Getting Down At Paul Brown”- let’s see how much everyone’s been paying attention to the Spring Practice Updates:

Bombs Away

What player scores the first points of the game?

WVa: Braxton Miller will score first and it will be on a long run. 

Ken: Devin Smith on a long pass play from The Brax

Jason: Rod Smith. My bet is they limit Hyde and with Brax wearing the black shirt his running is cut out.

Janelle: Devin Smith on a deep ball from Braxton

Eric: Might as well ask what your favorite color of M&M is based on the taste.  I’ll go with Michael Thomas on a nice Brax pass.

Dexter: I’m going to go with Evan Spencer on a Bomb downfield from Braxton Miller. That is my favorite color M&M.

Charles: To be a bit different, I’ll go with Drew Basil

Mali: The obvious answer is Drew Basil.

Who’s the offensive MVP? Read More

What Do You Want To See On Saturday? Penn State

Written October 26th, 2012 by Eric

Smooth Jazz Kenny G continues to get some love.


Kenny G. We talk about this a lot; implying that Ohio State should be ahead enough to get the backup some time. However, after Saturday’s performance, the “old right-hander” has deserved a series or two… mmmm, smooth jazz.

Pick Six U. It’s a legacy for the Lions, and even something McGloin has been a part of. PSU loves to work the short passing game, it would be amazing to continue this part of the “curse” that we have on their season.

Silence. OK, you can’t really “see” silence, but taking the crowd out of this game will be important.

Poise. Maybe if I write it this way, the offense will focus enough to not have any you know whats.

Linebacker? You. On the first play Saturday, Ohio State’s LB corps put them in a difficult hole with poor play. The Lions run a no-huddle offense that looks to get a lot of plays on the board- over ninety for the past two weeks. Having the players at this position step up and own it will go a long way to slowing down PSU’s short passing game.


Fast Start. Hit the ground running and do not look back. This team has started slow in virtually every game this year. Let’s put it all together from the beginning.

Silence the Crowd. Nothing more obnoxious than 106,000 PSU fans all dressed in white…and I’ll be right there in Beaver Stadium among them proudly wearing scarlet and gray. Take them out of the game early, please.

Pick Six University. I’d hate to see such a wonderful tradition come to an end, so let’s not let it. Looking at you, secondary. Don’t let me down.

Just win, baby! Most of you know that I have a personal aversion to Penn State, and I’m going to be in Happy Valley for the game this weekend as I said. I don’t care if it’s by one point, by ten, or if it’s a blowout (although I’d really enjoy seeing a blowout), just WIN.

Read More

What Do You Want To See On… Monday?

Written January 2nd, 2012 by MaliBuckeye

Happy 2012!  Here’s our version of the weekly wish list for the Gator Bowl… the last Buckeye bowl game for a while.


Wishing for a great halftime band.

A Will To Win - This is the first time since 2004 that Ohio State isn’t in a BCS bowl…. With a whole new fold in place for the upcoming season, it’s important to go out and play like you want to win this meaningless bowl. It just sets up momentum heading into the spring and leaves a lasting mark.

Seniors and Juniors Play their Best - Seniors and Juniors, this is the last time you will ever compete in a bowl situation ever again. Cherish it. Enjoy it. Play your heart out like your life depended on it. It might just be another bowl to everyone else, but for you guys– it’s your last chance to compete in the “post-season.”

Run it Up the Gut - As much as everyone is looking forward to new Urban Meyer folds in the offense, I want to see a game like the Illinois contest, where Ohio State runs it a heavy amount. Okay, not that much, but still I’d love to see two 100 yard rushers and some secondary scorers out of the backfield.

Ebner Strike - The Bo Rein most inspirational player on the squad deserves a BIG day on special teams. Here’s to hoping that he gets that against Florida. Read More

What Do You Want To See On Christmas?

Written December 24th, 2011 by MaliBuckeye

Even with the damper that Tuesday brought to the Christmas holiday season, there’s still reason to hope. We remembered to send our list in a bit earlier this year, but thought it’d still be something that we could share with Buckeye Nation… although, to be honest, we already opened our mostestest awesomest present earlier this month.

God Bless Us, Every One...


Basketball National Championships - I’m extremely impressed with the way the OSU basketball teams have developed of late. I would love nothing more than to see Jared Sullinger and Samantha Prahalis pick up the hardware for the Buckeyes. This goes double for the women’s team so that Jim Foster gets the credit he deserves for the excellent work he’s put in.

Continued positive news from the football team – This last year was a serious emotional drain with the sheer quantity of negative news. I want to see the turnaround we’ve experienced in the news cycle continue unabated from here on out.

The development of official university Curling and Cricket teams – Ok, this is my guilty little pleasure, and I would totally watch them if they were aired on TV. I greatly enjoy both of these games and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. Obviously the Title 9 advantage of these sports is that they’re gender neutral. Men’s and Women’s teams would be easy to create. Seems like the university should get on the bandwagon for this immediately!

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